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High quality C Size rechargeable NiCd battery. Flat Top. Provides long use time per charge with this very high 3500 mAh capacity. Designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as emergence lighting, portable devices, power tools. Trusted "Tenergy" Battery Brand for performance and reliability. Excellent quality and best price. Technical Specifications Capacity3500m Ah Voltage1.2V Dimensions (Diameter x Height) 26 x 48 mm Weight2.5 oz
Tenergy P/N: 20401
NP-30 3.7v ;600m Ah Lithium Replacment battery for Fuji Finepix F440 and F450
UPC: 021331351715
Sakar P/N: BPN30CL
2600m Ah battery pack for micro USB compatible phones With this portable charger you can keep your battery life up whilst you are on the go. Charge phones, tables and other USB enabled products. Great for people who use their electrical products a lot or products that do not have long lasting battery lives Built in USB plug This product has a 2600m Ah capacity Comes with 5V at 1A output Charged via micro USBCompact and lightweight.
UPC: 4029948026206
Monoprice® Marker Cable Tie 8 inch 50LBS, 100pcs/Pack, Black Compatible Devices Monoprice® Marker Cable Tie 8 inch 50LBS, 100pcs/Pack, Black Ah, the zip tie. It is such a simple device, yet it has so many uses. It is great in just about any application where you need to bind two or more things together. Use them to organize cable clutter, strap things to your bike, hold together some PVC pipes, etc. Organize that tangled mess behind your computer desk, home theatre rack or whatever else you can come up with with these simple zip cords. Just zip and snip. Easy and economical. Marker ties have tabs that make them easy to label and identify bundles of cables or anything you would like to easily tag. It features a small tab, which can be written on using a felt tip marker or to which a sticker can be affixed. They are great for identifying individual cables or cable bundles. Each ties is rated to hold up to 50 lbs of weight. Each order includes 100 pieces.
Ah. the classic rose! No other flower best symbolizes love and romance. Our Fancy Rose Arrangement adds to the timeless classic with a thick, brightly colored collection of forever lasting roses. The message is clear: Love will also last forever. Standing 31 inches high and set in a clear vase with liquid illusion, this time honored classic is perfect for projecting the warmth of true love - anywhere!
Nearly Natural
AT&T 2422 / 23402 / GE-TL26145 / CPH-403D (2 Pack), Replacement Battery For The Following AT&T Phone Models 1165 1177 1187 1445 1465 1475 1477 1487 4128 4200 4210 4225 E1802 E1803 E1812 E1813 E1814 E1828 E5802 E5804 E5811 E5812 E5813 E5814 E5827 E5828, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), 3 2/3 AA Cells, 3.6V / 400m Ah, Universal Plug
AT&T P/N: Battery for AT&T 2422 (2-Pack)
Ah, my Lord, may we bend your ear for a tip? You seem like a merry fellow, and we would be remiss if we did not point out a small thing before you head off to the local Reniassaince Faire to join in the merry-making! Tis’ a wonderful thing, the Faire - a fine way to spend a day of your short life before you are killed by a common cold or some other pestilence that could easily be avoided with proper waste management! But no matter that, now…we can see that you are excited for a days of festivities - large mugs of ale and mead, a few horse sports, voluptuous and comely wenches as far as the eye can se, and an array of fine merchants, selling exotic spices and seasonings from across the sea! Twat a wonderful day it twill be!But we must warn you, sir - if you go to the Faire without this Black Satin Sash, your white billowing shirt will blow around in the wind, causing you to look uncouth and not worthy of good company! Seems like a silly thing indeed, for a brawny man like you to wear a Sash, but we ensure you, that is how it was done back when the nobility basically ruled a serf's life and could make them do their bidding without recourse or representation from a court of law! And you, sir, seem like a noble sort, so play the part of the gent by complimenting your costume with this touch of black. And don't forget your sword, a pair boots, and a jaunty hat! Now tarry on, good sir!
UPC: 845636000709
Fun Costumes P/N: FUN0048-ST
Share the music, wonderful sound.
Polar M460 is a GPS bike computer with advanced power meter compatibility, Strava Live Segments and Polar Smart Coaching. Packed with plenty of essential cycling features, it's a great value companion for both road cycling and mountain biking. Features: Advanced Power Meter Compatibility: Polar M460 is compatible with several Bluetooth Smart power meters. Strava Live Segments: Make your rides more fun with Strava Live Segments. Your M460 alerts you when you approach one of your starred Strava segments, gives you real-time data on your performance and shows your results after you finish the segment. GPS & Barometer: Track your speed, distance, altitude and gradient with GPS and barometer. Heart Rate Guidance: Hook up Polar M460 with Polar H10 heart rate sensor and discover the benefits of heart rate training. Heart rate is the most reliable indicator of how hard your body is working — monitoring your heart rate helps you train more effectively. Long Battery Life: Polar M460 has a battery life of up to 16 hours of training. Smart Notifications: Keep connected during your rides with smart notifications from your phone. Safety: Polar M460 looks after your safety with a front LED light. Designed To Endure: Polar M460 has a sleek, clear-cut design and carbon fiber style finish. The side buttons are textured to make them easy to find and press. Specifications: Tech: Splash proof (IPX7) High precision barometer Sensitive and accurate GPS 64 Mb flash memory Up to 70 hours of recording time (35h with HR and GPS) Rechargeable 385m Ah battery Battery duration up to 16 hours of training with heart rate and GPS on Connectivity: Easy wireless sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart Micro-USB connectivity for charging and data sync with PC or Mac via Polar Flow Sync Polar Flow web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and PC Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. GPS satellite pre-loading Compatible with Bluetooth power meters (Check third-party compatibility) Updatable software UI languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian Measurements: Weight: 50 g Thickness: 14,0 mm (19,4 mm with mount) Display size: 34,65 mm x 34, 65 mm
UPC: 725882039305
Polar P/N: 90064757
The Xtreme 2600m Ah metallic power bank with carabiner can supply power when you need it to increase your time for voice calls, internet browsing, music and video playback, and more. This supplemental battery pack features a glow-in-the-dark top tip and includes a carabiner. Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
UPC: 805106891336
Ah, France. If you've fallen in love with Paris too, then our Eiffel Tower Tie will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. This blue tie features a sketch of the Eiffel Tower in all its glory. C'est la vie. Imported.
Wild Ties
Interstate Valve regulated sealed lead acid battery offers voltage rating of 6 Volts with the capacity of 8 Ah. Replacement battery provides 250 Inch faston spade termination for convenience. It measures 2.1100 Inch x 5.47 Inch x 5.47 Inch. Battery provides pure lead incredible power density with fast recharging capabilities. It is valve regulated that makes impossible to spill. It is compatible with ADI/Ademco, Dual Lite battery, Briggs & Stratton LM6, Universal Power Group, etc.
Eaton Corporation PW9130i1500T-XL - UPS - AC 230 V - 1.35 kW - 1500 VA 9 Ah - RS-232 USB - output connectors: (PW9130I1500T-XL)
UPC: 790341000370
Eaton Corporation P/N: 8539
Ah, Coca-Cola! Where would we be without you? Have you ever tried ordering a big bucket of popcorn at a movie theater WITHOUT ordering a Coke? That's just plain madness. Now, you can show your appreciation of the sweet, fizzy beverage with this Coke Lock-Top Tin. With a classic style based on the soda, it's a great reminder of how to keep refreshed no matter where you are!
Tin Box P/N: TB669337B-ST
UPC: 5053491733464
MU RAML Limited
manufacturer-number: SU/S30.640.1 - Power supply for bus system 640mA produces and monitors the EIB system voltage, with an integrated choke as well as a reset button, the power supply is connected to the bus line via a bus connection terminal, up to two 12 V sealed lead acid batteries can be connected as a back-up energy supply for the EIB system voltage in the event of mains failures, power supply 230 V AC, nominal current 640 mA, mounted on 35 mm mounting rail, type of protection: IP 20 photographed by EIB3D.COM Uninterruptible EIB Power Supply, 640 mA, MDRC The Uninterruptible EIB Power Supply produces and monitors the EIB system voltage. The bus line is decoupled from the power supply with the integrated choke. The power supply is connected to the bus line with a bus connection terminal. A reset is triggered by pressing the reset push button and lasts for 20 seconds (regardless of the duration of the push button action). The bus line is disconnected from the power supply and the bus devices connected to this bus line are returned to their initial state. If the line should be disconnected for a longer period, the bus connection terminal must be removed from the power supply. Up to two 12 V sealed lead acid batteries can be connected as a back-up energy supply for the EIB system voltage in the event of mains failures. The batteries are charged via the SU/S 30.640.1 during normal operation. The charging voltage is temperature-controlled using a temperature sensor. If a mains failure occurrs, the SU/S 30.640.1 is then supplied by the batteries. The temperature sensor must always be connected to ensure that the battery is charged correctly! A fault in the Uninterruptible EIB Power Supply is reported and stored via a potential-free changeover contact. The following faults cause a switching operation at the changeover contact: mains failure, battery fault, overvoltage and overload or short circuit. Technical data Power supply: 230 V AC +10/-15%, 45 . 65 Hz Power consumption: Power loss: EIB output: - Number 1 line with integrated choke - Output voltage: 30 V DC +1/-2 V, SELV - Nominal current: 640 mA, short circuit proof - Sustained short-circuit current: - Mains failure back-up time 200 ms (without connected battery) Battery back-up: - Battery type: Sealed lead acid battery - Number: max. 2 in parallel - Nominal voltage: 12 V DC - Battery capacity: preferably 1 Ah, 7 Ah, 12 Ah, 17 Ah - Mains failure back-up time: dependent on battery capacity Type of protection: IP 20, EN 60 529 Housing, colour: Plastic housing, grey Mounting: on 35 mm mounting rail, DIN EN 50 022 Dimensions: 90 x 144 x 64 mm (H x W x D) Mounting depth/width: 68 mm/ 8 modules at 18 mm Weight: 0.5 kg Certification: EIB-certified CE norm: in accordance with the EMC guideline and the low voltage guideline© by EIB3D.COM
UPC: 4016779514774
ABB P/N: SU/S 30.640.1
DEWALT DCK285C2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Hammer Drill and Impact Combo KitDEWALTs DCK285C2 20-volt max lithium-ion compact 1.5 Ah hammer drill and impact driver combo kit combines the fast performance of the DCD785 1/2-inch hammer drill and the compact power of the DCF885 1/4-inch impact driver to provide a well-rounded pair of tools that help everyone from steel stud framers and contractors to cabinetmakers and plumbers work their way through a variety of applications.Strength Defies SizeDEWALT.
UPC: 885911236102
Yeah, after I've had a chance to think about it a little bit, I'm thinking those where the droids we were looking for. Ah, it can't be that big a deal right? With the size of the Empire, two droids seem pretty insignificant.
UPC: 654563273366
Fifth Sun P/N: FSSTRW0641-S
This wicked Animated Lunging Haggard Witch has gnarled hands, stringy gray hair and a tattered costume and hat and is holding onto her skull-topped staff. This wiccan has glowing light-up eyes and lunges forward while saying one of four phrases (listed below). Made of iron, PVC, polyester and cotton Measures over 6' tall to the top of her hat UL power adapter included - steady-on, infrared sensor or step-here pad activation Infrared sensor works up to 6 1/2' away and in all lighting conditions Volume control Assembly required Sayings include: "Well hellooo! You don't happen to have some candy for a sweet little old lady do you? Give it to me!! You're too fast for me, but I'll get it next time, ah haha haha ha. "Do you not fear ugly witches? Perhaps you should, since one poisonous touch from me will wither your soul- Gotcha! ah hahahaha! Ah, you escaped my grasp, for now!" "Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, I get to turn you into a Toad! Abra Cadabra! Ooh, drat! Judging by the speed you jumped back, perhaps you are part Toad already! He he he!" "Excuse me, can you help a sweet old lady find her cauldron? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I GOT YA!! Ooh, he he he! Oh, if you weren't so fast, You'd be in my cauldron right now!"
UPC: 841493021956
Eaton Ellipse PRO 650 - UPS - CA 230 V - 400 vatios - 650 VA 7 Ah - USB - 4 conector(es) de salida - 2U - 19"
UPC: 743172437266
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