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Ahsoka Tano? More like Ahsoka TanAWESOME! There's no doubt this young padawan knows how to kick some serious butt whenever bad guys find themselves at the wrong end of her lightsaber. Or should we say. your lightsaber? That's right, now all of Ahsoka's power can be yours when you get this amazing ancient Jedi weapon. Give in to the temptation! Are you afraid for your safety? Use this lightsaber to cut through any droid that gets in your way. Give in to that fear, and then turn it into anger, and then use that anger to cause suff- Hmmm, you know what, this is starting to sound an awful lot like the dark side of the Force. Are you sensing that too? Maybe we should talk to Master Anakin. He would definitely know if we were close to the dark side. Besides, Anakin would never turn. hmmm, maybe we shouldn't ask Anakin. How about that sweet old Senator Palpatine? He's such a good guy, surely he'll know! And he would never dream of using the dark side to create an evil galactic Empire. May the Force be with you!
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With Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars; Twilight of the Republic Playset; engage in Jedi battle and epic Lightsaber combat with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Or call on Yoda and Obi-Wan as they battle evil and fight to stop an old enemys vengeful plot. This item is FREE delivery. Suitable for the Multi-platform. Disney infinity 3.0: play without limits now welcomes Star Wars; to the ever-growing collection of marvel, disney and disney pixar characters, stories and worlds. Together new heroes can join forces with characters from previous editions and embark on adventures as big as your imagination in the 3.0 toy box; . Disney infinity encourages you to play your way, whether you explore open-world creation in the toy box or story driven gameplay inside playsets; . For ages 7 years and over.
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The Clone Wars have exploded across the galaxy as Republic forces and Separatists struggle to gain the upper hand. But while the Jedi generals work tirelessly to defeat Count Dooku and his rebels, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is hatching his own dark plans. The Separatists have launched a sneak attack on Coruscant. Obi-Wan Kenobi, wounded in battle, insists that Anakin Skywalker and his rookie Padawan Ahsoka leave on a risky mission against General Grievous. But when Senator Bail Organa reveals explosive intelligence that could turn the tide of war in the Republic's favor, the Jedi Master agrees to accompany him to an obscure planet on the Outer Rim to verify the facts. What Obi-Wan and Bail don't realize is that they're walking into a deadly trap concocted by Palpatine and that escape may not be an option. Inspired by the full-length animated feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the brand-new TV series, this thrilling adventure is filled with provocative, never-before-revealed insights into the characters of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, Yoda, Count Dooku, and many other Star Wars favorites.
ISBN: 0-345-50901-3
Author Name: DK Publishing No. Of Pages: 32 Pages Publisher: Dk Children
Results 1 - 5 for ahsoka 
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