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The Endless Space: Gold Edition contains: Endless Space: Emperor Special Edition Endless Space: Disharmony This galaxy is ancient, and its first intelligent life was the civilization we call the Endless. Long before our eyes gazed upon the stars they flew between them, though all that remains of this people is what we call Dust. A substance found scattered, or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors. The galaxy will belong to the faction that can take control of the Dust and uncover its secrets…A BORN LEADERGuide one of eight civilizations as you strive for galactic domination. Control the entire galaxy through subtle trade and diplomacy. Explore every corner of the universe to find powerful artifacts and resources. Overwhelm other civilizations with your advanced technologies. Destroy your enemies with massive armadas. ENDLESS DISCOVERIESExplore hundreds of star systems and master the mysteries beneath the Dust. Exploit different planet types, luxuries and strategic resources. Confront a host of strange scientific phenomena. Hire heroes to become fleet admirals or system governors. Discover five hero classes and their unique ability trees and specializations. SPACE OPERAExperience Endless Space with state-of-the-art graphics and interface. Switch between strategic battle decisions and long-term planning. Optimize each fleet for epic battles around contested stars. Create the perfect combinations from dozens of unique ships per civilization. Customize your ships with modules, armament, engines and special mods. TAKE ON THE UNIVERSEPlay against up to seven opponents and build up - or break - alliances at will. Discover an innovative and dynamic simultaneous turnbased gameplay. Permit instant jump-in for your ongoing online games. Define your own custom civilizations and confront the ones created by your friends. ENDLESS REPLAYABILITYControl every new game’s scope, from a quick match-up to an endless war. Generate an infinity of galaxies where every start begins a new adventure. Modify the size, shape, density, age and a lot more to create your ideal galaxy. Choose from different victory conditions and adapt your strategy on the fly. Endless Space: Disharmony The Endless Space: Disharmony expansion will bring many enhancements and additions for Endless Space players. A tenth faction, known as “The Harmony”, basically consisting of living rock, will make its appearance, along with its unique play style and objectives. Space battles have never been more intense, with the addition of fighters and bombers, battle formations, a new targeting system, a redesigned weapon system and enhanced planet invasion mechanics. Revamped AI opponents will now offer vastly more unpredictable and cunning behaviour to make the Endless Space even more dangerous. FEATURESA brand new Faction called “the Harmony” with a single objectivein mind, annihilate Dust! New fighters and bomber units that will completely change the shape of combat Introduction of new Battle Formation and Targeting systems for more battle controlA complete rework of the Ship Design Interface for an improved Weapon System that includes family types for modules (short, medium and long range) New Invasion mechanics: Prepare your population for bombardments, sieges and land invasions! Expect to face a real challenge when playing against AI opponents with the ‘New Adaptive Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence System’ (AMAS)New Rally Points feature for newly built ships, to reduce micromanagement Four new Heroes and the option to Disable Exchange of Technologies, as per the community requests NOTICE: Product offered subject to your acceptance of the Steam Subscriber Agreement (“SSA”). You must activate this product via the Internet by registering for a Steam account and accepting the SSA. Please see www.steampowered.com/ agreement to view the SSA prior to purchase. If you do not agree with the provisions of the SS
USB-host & USB-device connections, 1277 voices. Includes effect section, 5 external inputs, high-class sounds from DTXtreme and Motif Series, 12 dynamic Pads (stick, 64MB wave memory, hand & finger mode), 200 user & 50 preset drum kits, includes Cubase AI. dimensions: 345 x 96 x 319mm (WxHxD). Weight: 3.3kg
“Starward Rogue is easily the best arcade roguelike since Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.” 4.5/5 – Hardcore Gamer“I've had a hoot of a time playing this game so far.” Scott Manley“The Flame Tank I saw and instantaneously went "Yep, that's my guy!"” SplatterCatRoguelite catacombs that evolve and expand with each of your successes.Hundreds of items, enemies and rooms, and dozens of epic boss fights.Fully playable with keyboard+mouse or gamepad.5 difficulty levels range from "Relatively Easy" to "Nigh Impossible."Play as a "head in a mech" harvested from the neck of everyone's favorite Hydral.Find secrets of The Megalith, a giant structure lodged in a star, as you lose many heads.Figure out what happened to Rodney, an AI redshirt of uncertain motives.Over-the-top mod support. Detailed wiki: create enemies, items, weapons, and rooms.Secrets! Among them "incredibilities" that massively change the way the game plays.Varied mech suits: dipole magnetism, time control, and more.Upgrade during each "run" via EXP/Perks, shops, and items found while exploring.
Arcen Games
Product8.4V 1600m Ah NiMH Butterfly Battery Make Made of 7 Tenergy 2/3A cells, AK-Stick Type Connector Mini Tamiya connector assembled with 75mm long 16 AWG wire Fit Models Most Airsoft Mini AK series, upgraded and/or modified AEG'sFeature Rapidly charge ande had a long life cycle span Weight6.3 OzDimensions20 mm (Diameter)and117 mm (Length)20 mm (Diameter)and90 mm (Length) Use attention Set charging current to 1.0A when chargingwith the above charger
Tenergy P/N: 11350
manufacturer-number: AI0,25-6BU - Cable end sleeve 0,25mm² insulated Construction type Standard, Nominal cross section 0,25mm², Sleeve length 6mm, Insulated, Insulation material Polypropylene, Colour Blue, Material Copper, Surface treatment Tinned Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - AI 0,25- 6 BU
UPC: 4046356012997
Phoenix P/N: AI 0,25- 6 BU
Bilingual magazine Italian/English The most complete specialized magazine dedicated to fashion for children from age 4 to 14. The latest fashion shows from Italy, France, Spain and Germany. 2 issues per year. La rivista specializzata più completa dedicata alla moda per i bambini dai 4 ai 14 anni. Tutte le sfilate da Italia, Francia, Spagna e Germania. 2 edizioni l’anno.
Experience a truly wireless and hands–free performance with The Dash Pro by Bragi, complete with a beautiful waterproof design.* Progressive AI features allow you to take a phone call or skip a song on your playlist with a simple head gesture. Comfortable to wear but secure enough for strenuous activities, these earbuds stream music and track your workouts without slowing you down. Audio Transparency. Keep aware of your surroundings and listen in without having to take out your earbuds. With The Dash Pro’s Audio Transparency option, you can choose to keep listening to your music while also hearing traffic, voices and announcements around you. Made for convenience. Forget about tangled wires tripping you up while you're exercising. The Dash Pro uses one–touch Bluetooth® setup for outstanding wireless performance. Stay protected from everyday splashes, spills, and light rain thanks to its waterproof design.* Keep listening. Stream music from your Android, Apple or Window device, or store up to 1,000 of your favorite songs. Jam through your workout with a 30h battery that last up to five hours during continuous playtime and 30 hours on the go.† Fitness-friendly. Monitor your running, cycling and swimming activities with The Dash Pro’s AI activity tracking. Record your heart rate, track your calories burned and stay motivated with real–time feedback. Take phone calls or skip songs with a simple head gesture. The Dash Pro is lightweight and ergonomic, but also securely fits in your ears. Hear and be heard. Hold hands-free, HD phone conversations even in noisy environments. Advanced voice technology intelligently filters out distractions so you can concentrate on what matters. *IPX7 waterproof rating. Can be immersed in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. (Insert waterproof disclaimer) †Usage based on average user profile. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.
HGH-PRO focuses solely on elevating HGH levels in the body using the highest extracts of ingredients available, while other GH products fall short.
UPC: 804879228035
AI Sports Nutrition
Play as any nation from 1936 to 1948, more than 150 countries to choose from. Control the oceans with aircraft carriers, submarines and battleships and use your air force to defend your skies, support your naval and ground forces, and to bomb your enemies Thousands of historically accurate real-world military commanders and politicians. Realistic military command AI with unprecedented levels of interaction In-depth diplomatic and political system. Historical accuracy combined with an unparalleled level of freedom of choice
This BIC® AI™ is a mechanical pencil with a built-in eraser and stylish design This BIC® AI™ is great for everyday writing. The comfortable cushioned grip gives you a steady hand for a slip-free writing experience, ensuring clean and smooth writing. This pencil uses a unique system which allows you to advance the lead in 3 ways: by Mechanical pencil Unique system allows you to advance the lead in 3 different ways Comfortable grip for easy writing Stylish design Tip size: 0.5 mm Pocket clip for added portability Eraser on end Box of 12.
UPC: 3086123175600
AI ACUK862 American Int'l 1999-2003 Acura Mounting Kit - Manufacturer: Saitek - Mfg Part Number: ACUK862 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail
UPC: 012339008626
Saitek P/N: ACUK862
Northern California Approach and Departure is one of the busiest airspace of the world. Feelthere introduced the sector with three included airports, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland International Airport. FeaturesAdvanced artificial intelligence (AI) pilots follow complex tower commands when they fly their SID/STAR tracksFull voice control possible using Microsoft's speech SDK voice recognition technology **Dynamic weather simulationComplex simulation allow you to experience the real life.
Feelthere, Inc
Our white tee reads: If they DON'T have CHOCOLATE in HEAVEN. I Ain't Going! 100% cotton. Imported.
La Roche Posay La Roche Posay Effaclar AI is a targeted breakout corrector formulated with La Roche Posay patented Thermal Spring Water. Powerful local treatment to resorbe all impurities, accelerate healing and diminish scars.
BABYSTYLE Wózek Oyster Zero – LimitedEdition BlackOpis:Wózek Oyster Zero to gorąca nowość marki Oyster na sezon 2017!Oyster Zero to lekki wózek, który z łatwością poradzi sobie z każdymrodzajem podłoża. Dzięki gondoli i uniwersalnym adapterom, które pasująprawie do wszystkich fotelików z grupy 0+, jest odpowiedni do używania odnarodzenia.Oyster Zero stanie się idealną limuzyną Twojego malucha – spełniawszystkie obecne trendy i życzenia wymagających rodziców pod względemwielkości i funkcji wózka!Odpowiedni od narodzenia z gondolą Oyster (z użyciemadapterów) ai z fotelikami z grupy 0+:CybexMaxi-CosiBe-safeRecaro Privia (z użyciem uniwersalnych adapterów do fotelików –kupowane osobno)Właściwości:Szybkie składanie za pomocą paska w siedziskuKompaktowe rozmiary po złożeniuDługa budka ze zintegrowaną osłoną przeciwsłonecznąWiele pozycji oparcia pleców – aż do pozycji leżeniaRegulowanie oparcia na nóżkiPrzestronny kosz pod siedziskiemMożliwość zablokowania przednich kół do jazdy na wprostBlokada kół wózka w dolnej części ramyFolia przeciwdeszczowa w zestawieRękojeść z uchwytami pokrytymi imitacją skóry, co dodajewózkowi styluLekkie i amortyzowane koła przednie i tylne pozwalające na jazdępraktycznie w każdym terenieIdealny stosunek ceny do jakości – Oyster Zero służy odnarodzin aż do późnego wieku dzieckaKoła wykonane są z miękkiego poliuretanu zapewniają komfortową jazdęporównywalną z kołami dmuchanymiMożna łączyć z gondolą Oyster w czarnym kolorze oraz kolorowymidodatkami (Colour pack, w którym znajduje się budka i śpiworek na nóżki).Gondola mocowana za pomocą adapterów, które należy zakupić osobno.Parametry techniczne:Ciężar: 7,9 kgWewnętrzne wymiary siedziska: 41 cm (szerokość) x 91 cm (długość doleżenia) x 24 cm (głębokość)Wysokość oparcia pleców: 49 cmOparcie nóg: 18 cmWymiary po złożeniu bez tylnych kół: 46 × 66 × 36 cmWymiary po złożeniu z tylnymi kołami: 58 × 70 × 36 cm
UPC: 5060427627759
Ai Small White Leather Tote Bag crafted in natural grained leather has a versatile yet modern design that converts from spacious shopper to triangular handbag and transitions from office to evening. Featuring open compartment closure corner fold with twist-lock close detail double leather handles internal zip and cell phone drop pocket internal zip pouch and silver tone hardware. Akris collection.
Plustek OpticFilm high resolution film and slide scanners are used by professional photographers, amateur photographers, graphic designers, photo labs and schools worldwide. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai is a powerful scanner with 7200 dpi resolution. Its sharp optical system produces excellent detail in shadow areas and remarkable tonal range. A built-in infrared channel helps users remove dust and scratches on the original negatives and slides without additional post-processing. With the included IT 8 calibration slide, this powerful scanner consistently delivers accurate colors and detail. The well-designed hardware features of the OpticFilm 8200i Ai combine perfectly with the professional scanner software SilverFast from LaserSoft Imaging. SilverFast Multi-Exposure® increases dynamic range, reduces noise and increases picture details. SilverFast iSRD® for dust and scratch removal can save images from dust and scratches and optimize images. SilverFast Auto IT8 Calibration® color calibrates the scanner device in just 2 minutes. - The Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai scanner is bundled with the newest version of LaserSoft Imaging's acclaimed scanner software - SilverFast 8. The WorkflowPilot® guides users through all scanning and processing steps. SilverFast 8's new graphical user interface reduces the learning curve, and the preview mode allows users to immediately see the results of any adjustments made, even the results of complex functions. SilverFast 8 supports Multi-Tasking and the latest 64-bit hardware and is extremely fast and efficient. The Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai gets professional quality results from any photographic original. It is used by professional photographers, amateur photographers, graphic designers, image enthusiasts, and those who highly demand image quality on photo enlargements.
UPC: 4042485365331
The Optoma HD73 is a native 720p home theater projector that offers amazing performance and picture quality. Based on Texas Instruments? Dark Chip3? DLP? chipset, the HD73 also features the latest color processing technologies that deliver higher brightness and more vibrant colors to the projecting image. At 1100 lumens and a 6000:1 contrast ratio, with Image AI, the Optoma HD73 takes the high-definition home theater projector to a higher level. Features: Dark Chip3 DLP technology 1100 lumens w.
UPC: 796435219963
Optoma P/N: HD73
The Phottix Adapter Ring: Nikon AI Lens (except G series) Lens to Micro 4/3 Camera connects Nikon AI lenses except G series lenses to any Micro 4/3 camera (Olympus PEN & OM-D Panasonic Lumix G etc.). Durable all-metal construction. Manual focus only.
UPC: 5901054636052
Plano rifle case Molded handle Secure latches High-density foam Thick wall construction Lockable Ai
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