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Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok J Series 1-Pole Male receptacle with 3/4 Inch threaded stud in black color is made of TPE body for longer durability. Receptacle securely insulated for direct mounting to steel panels. It has a voltage rating of 600 VAC/DC. Watertight elastomeric body molded from colorfast material and color-coded for easy phase identification. Double cam principle offers a positive, vibration-proof connection for user comfort. Recessed contact protected by insulating jacket that extends beh
UPC: 662275128201
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Class III/IV Professional Trailer Hitch Class III/IV; Professional Trailer Hitch; 3500lbs.GTW/5250lb Wt. Dist;525lbs. Tongue Wt/525lb Wt. Dist.; No Drill Reqd.; XTube Concealed Beh Bmpr; Black Reese Reese Class III/IV Professional Trailer Hitch - 44665 44665 Receiver Hitches
Reese P/N: 44665
Author Name: James Rajasekar, Loo-See Beh No of Pages: 352 Pages Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
UPC: 822720714728
Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field is designed to provide a variety of exercises that engage students actively in all phases of scientific investigation, from formulating research questions thorough interpreting and presenting final results. It attempts to share the collective teaching expertise and experience of members of the Animal Behavior Society with all who are willing to benefit from their wisdom. Four types of exercises are presented: (1) traditional exercises in which students follow a pre-determined protocol to test particular hypotheses explicitly stated in the exercise, (2) traditional exercises that can easily be adapted to inquiry-based approaches, (3) combined pedagogy exercises that involve both traditional and inquiry approaches, and (4) inquiry exercises in which students first brainstorm to generate their own hypotheses, then design their own experiements to test their hypotheses. * Supports a range of pedagogical styles and texts in animal behavior with active learning experiences that engage students * Students and instructors benefit from knowledge and experience of members of the Animal Behavior Society * Flexibility of design enables students and instrucotrs to tailor the exercises to their needs * Can be used to support lab courses that are completely inquiry based as well as independent student research projects in animal behavior * Consideration of animal care guidelines provides an excellent way to address and discuss concerns about the use of animals in teaching and research * Emphasizes the hypothetico-deductive approach that students have difficulty understanding and implementing * Supporting materials make additional required texts unnecessary and link study design considerations with real studies
ISBN: 0-12-558330-3
8-part pin-wrench set made of thoroughly hardened chromium-vanadium steel. Common key sizes are kept clearly in the holder Easy and fast usage through fixed stopper point for pin wrench. TORX ball-head enables the screwing at an angle of up to 25° for all TORX-screws, which are only difficult to access. With elongated TORX-profile behind the ball head.
UPC: 4010995323943
Wiha P/N: 32394
Results 1 - 6 for beh 
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