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The Targus® CUCT02 BEU laptop backpack is the ideal on-the-go laptop carry solution for active professionals Ideal for casual work environments and professionals with a more active lifestyle, the Targus CUCT02 BEU laptop backpack for 15'' - 15 6'' devices is excellent for freeing up your hands when you're cycling to work, running for trains or dashing from one meeting to another. Featuring a side loading design and padded laptop compartment, your device will sit securely and protected during even the most frantic ride. The easy access pocket offers a storage compartment for keeping essentials such as charger cables, while the rugged ballistic nylon exterior material, extra-strong carry handle, large zippers and adjustable shoulder straps make it the ultimate in get-up-and-go comfort and convenience. The stylish minimalist design will keep you looking professional. Ideal for business or student use Strong laptop backpack for 15'' - 15 6'' devices External size: 34.5 x 21.5 x 51.5 cm Capacity: 16 11 lLightweight and easy to carry – only 1.6 kg Padded laptop compartment Front compartment for daily essentials Colour: Black Adjustable shoulder straps Extra-strong handle Ideal for professionals on the move Wide opening zip pockets for easy access Material: 1680D Ballistic nylon.
UPC: 5024442900600
This coursebook has been produced by Agan Tavas to meet the needs of those learning under the structure of the Languages Ladder programme of the UK Depart ment for Children, Schools and Families. Unlike some other coursebooks this book teaches Cornish in a "can-do" way, and does not expect students to know the finer points of Cornish grammar from the beginning. The course starts with the basics - which are all presented in a friendly and accessible way. This course is aimed at the Breakthrough level of the Languages Ladder. This consists of three stages and Skeul an Tavas is divided into three parts corresponding to those stages. The book contains many practical examples of natural Cornish. Students can practise adding to what they have learned by constructing further examples with the use of a dictionary. Skeul an Tavas contains a complete glossary of all the Cornish words found in the book. The illustrations will help students to learn the meaning of many Cornish words without reference to English. Skeul an Tavas will help any student to acquire Cornish as a spoken language for everyday use. The spelling used in this book follows the rules of the Standard Written Form agreed by the Cornish Language Partnership for use in education and public life. It employs the Traditional Graphs recommended for writers who wish to use more historically-based spellings. - An lyver ma re beu darbarys gans Agan Tavas rag collenwel othomow an re na usy ow tysky yn-dann framweyth "Skeul an Yethow" a Asran Flehes, Scolyow ha Teyluyow an Ruwvaneth Unys. Nyns yw an cors ma kepar ha nebes lyvrow erel, rag yma va ow tysky Kernowek yn maner hewul, heb gwaytya an studhoryon dhe wodhvos y'n kensa le pub poynt munys a ramasek an yeth. Yma an cors ow talleth gans an taclow selvenek - hag i oll yw dyskys dhe'n studhyer yn maner hegar ha sempel. Towlys yw an cors ma dhe Level Sowena Skeul an Yethow. Yma teyr rann y'n keth level na hag yma Skeul an Taves rynnys ynter try darn, pub onan anodhans ow cortheby dhe onan a'n teyr rann. Yma lies ensampel vas y'n lyver a Gernowek teythyek. Studhoryon a yll omassaya ha ledanhe a vo dyskys gansa solabrys yn unn bareusy ensamplys pella dre weres gerlyver. Yma gerva leun yn Skeul an Taves a bub ger Kernowek usys y'n lyver. An lymnansow a wra gweres an studhyoryon ow convedhes styr lies ger heb mires orth an Sowsnek kyn fe. Y fydh Skeul an Taves a brow bras dhe neb unn studhyer a garsa dysky Kernowek avel taves cowsys pub dedh oll. Yma spellyans an lyver ma ow sewya rewlys an Furv Savonek Scrifys, acordys gans Keskowethyans an Taves Kernowek rag bos usys y'n adhyscans hag y'n bewnans poblek. Yma lytherennans an lyver ma ow tevnydhya "Grafow Hengovek" comendys rag scriforyon a vo whensys dhe usya spellyans tradycyonal dhe dhysqwedhes certan sonyow.
ISBN: 1-901409-12-0
Waterproof to 5 metres - even in sea water; Shockproof up to 1.50 metres drop height; Dustproof - also against sand ; Temperature-stable up to -10° celsius; Battery run time for Full HD recordings up to 5 hours
UPC: 4975769447167
Results 1 - 3 for beu 
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