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dachshund, dachshunds  
daddy, daddys  
daenerys, daemon  
daffodil, daffodils  
dagger, dagmar  
dahlia, daher  
daily, dailey  
dallas, dalimix  
damage, damien  
dance, danz  
dao  dap 
dapper, dappled  
dark, darin  
dash, dastardly  
date, datura  
daughter, daugherty  
david, davin  
dawn, dawns  
dax  day 
daytime, daycares  
dazzling, dazu  
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Accesso completo a file system Mac HFS+ da Windows - L'unica soluzione con accesso completo alle partizioni HFS+ su dischi di qualsiasi tipo (GPT, MBR) - Trasferisce file a una velocità superiore alle prestazioni del file system HFS+ nativo - Perfettamente compatibile con Windows 10
Paragon Software Group
Book and travel before 27 October 2017 and get 30% OFF on reservations.Explore the vast collection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture and frescoes at the Vatican Museums with this privileged access pass. Escape the long queues and gain exclusive entry to the museums an hour ahead of the general public. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of Michelangelos frescoes in the world famous Sistine Chapel. Enjoy an exclusive buffet dinner under the moonlight in the scenic surrounds of the Pinecone Courtyard.The English speaking expert guide will escort you through the galleries, decorated with works from the most famous names of the Renaissance, including Raphaels Rooms, the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries and the Octagonal Courtyards. You will also visit the picturesque St Peters Basilica and the patio overseeing the lovely Vatican Gardens. Your expert guide will reveal the vast artistic history of Rome, detailing the formation of pagan Roman statues and contemporary Christian art. This specially designed tour shows all Romes most famous artworks including Michelangelos Last Judgement or Leonardo da Vincis St Jerome. See Christianity in a new light and gain insight into the religious history of Vatican through these impressive pieces of art.
Multi-effect processor that features latest TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuits) technology that duplicates the distortion and tone shape of tube and vintage effect pedals, and a total of 55 effect types of which up to 8 can be used simultaneously, including 19 classic amp and pedal models with A/B channel switching and a vintage 3-band passive EQ for every amp model. Processor also provides parametric EQ with extra middle frequency sweep control for pedals, built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds, 12 cabinet models with two different modes for guitar amplifier or mixer/PA input, and built-in expression pedal that allows volume or effects parameters adjusting in real time. User can use a total of 72 presets: 36 factory + 36 user (A/B switch allows using up to 144 presets), and up to 20 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound. Processor is equipped with new generation 32-bit DSP and high-performance 24-bit/48 kHz AD/DA convertors; large backlit 160x128 TFT LCD screen for clear and easy viewing of the device’s name, parameters, tuner display etc.; and AUX IN jack for practicing along MP3, CDs and other sources. Device is powered by 9 V adaptor (included). Dimensions: 330 x 202 x 72 mm. Weight: 2.65 kg.
Imagine an entire world completely invisible to your eyes. Armed with nothing more than UV lights, your team will race through the night revealing glowing codes, ciphers and riddles in this one-of-a-kind ground-breaking adventure. Each clue will ultimately reveal the next hint, and your team, to the hidden treasure. If you like The Amazing Race, The Da Vinci Code or The Goonies, you'll love The Illuminati Hunt!
Make yourself one of the team with the NCIS Special Agent Embroidered hat. The grey hat features a patch that reads NCIS Special Agent across the front perfect for a head slap from Gibbs.
UPC: 799861173915
Das Combat Shirt von TacGear eignet sich besonders zum Tragen unter einer Schutzweste, da es sich aufgrund des dehnbaren Materials optimal der Körperform anpasst und für den notwendigen Feuchtigk.
UPC: 4051378226970
When you want to give an AWESOME gift basket, this is the right choice! Our best selling Awesome Fruit Basket contains the widest variety of fresh from the orchard fruit, cheeses, a selection of gourmet savory and sweet snacks, this gift is guaranteed to send just the right message, whatever the occasion.Includes NEW gourmet Smoked Gouda cheese and delicious Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints, and Chocolate Pretzel Bites.
If, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, ;Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,"; then the sleek World chair by Humanscale, with its mechanism-free recline action and intuitive adjustments, is surely the physical embodiment of the Less is More philosophy. Engineers tell us that when a design solves a functional problem as simply and gracefully as possible, the resulting form will be honest and timeless. The contemporary art deco styling of the World chair, which despite its slim profile can hold users up to 300 lbs., is spare enough to blend well in many areas of your home, yet stylish enough to add a touch of elegance wherever you put it.
Da Coach" knows a thing or two about great steaks and ribs. With steakhouses in both Chicago and Pittsburgh, quality is a must. Exclusively at Chicago Steak Company - now you can enjoy Coach Ditka Hall of Fame recipe for your Pork Baby Back Ribs at home! These delicious ribs are fully cooked with sauce already added. All you need to do is reheat all ribs until an internal temperature of 140 degrees F.
Chicago Steak Company
A Scientific American Brasil tem seu conteudo inteiramente adaptado aos interesses dos leitores brasileiros. Seus artigos, editados em linguagem simples e atraente, contribuem para disseminar o conhecimento cientifico e a compreensão dos fenomenos da vida e do universo
Buy Splitarillos Da Bomb Blueberry 15x3 Pack OnlineTreat yourself to the sweet flavor of delicious ripe blueberries with this pack of Splitarillos Da Bomb Blueberry Cigarillos. The notes of succulent blueberries in each puff along with a fragrant aroma of premium tobacco leaves make this a perfect smoke to commemorate special moments. The natural wrapper used to swathe these cigars give them a light taste and the trademark green hue. Crafted in Dominican Republic these cigars use only the finest.
Splitarillos P/N: SPLTBB
The ibis Salvador Rio Vermelho is a top point to enjoy nightlife in the city. Discover the tourist attractions of El Salvador. You will have easy access to Buracão Beach, the Farol da Barra Lighthouse (5.7 miles), the Pelourinho Historic Center (5.6 miles), the Lacerda Elevator (5.9 miles) and the Barra-Ondina circuit (3.7 miles), with the Salvador Carnival parade. The hotel has equipped rooms, free WIFI, restaurant, bar area and car park. The Salvador International Airport is 15.5 miles away.
Rua fonte do boi 215 P/N: 41940360
18 Wheels of Steel Pack includes: 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 218 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul18 Wheels of Steel Extreme TruckerYou ‘da Boss! Move it better and faster while staying alive. Build your reputation and your empire in the far corners of the world as you haul across the most extreme conditions and loads. Grab the wheel and hop in – is your heart pounding yet? Key Features:Haul extreme cargo - From diamonds to oil pipes - across 3 death-defying terrains.Throw your weight around - Jump behind the wheel of over 25+ unique rigs and 30+ types of loads. Extreme Caution - Feel the power and adrenaline of driving terrains that no sane trucker would take on.Extreme Locations! - Travel across 3 hair-raising terrains including ice, dry desert and gnarly jungle.Your life is on the line! - Drive terrains that don’t forgive your mistakes - do the job well or you might die trying. Extreme Loads! - Transport loads that would even scare your grandma - maximum/minimum loads, oversized loads, high risk cargo and more!These beasts don’t drive themselves! - Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition.Extreme Deadlines! - Achieve the unachievable by delivering your loads under deadline. 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2Non-Stop Extreme Driving Action!Take this Job and Love It! Build your trucking empire from a single hauler to a vast network of convoys crisscrossing the globe’s most extreme roads. Can you feel the hair on your neck raise?Key Features:The Tough Get Going! - Deliver your extreme loads under deadline all for the bottom line.Hazards Are Everywhere! - Travel across 5 hair-raising locations including ice roads, steep mountains and thin rainforest roads.The Heat is On! - Risk it all by carrying maximum/minimum loads, oversized loads, high risk cargo and more! Balls to the Wall! - Move it better and faster than your competition with 13 big rigs.Profit is King! - Build your reputation by getting the job done right. Bigger and better jobs wait for the trucker who gets'r done! 2 New locations - Montana and Bangladesh18 Wheels of Steel American Long HaulYour American Dream Starts Behind the Wheel of Your Own Big Rig! North America's open roads await! You ain't working for the Man any more!You're the owner of your own trucking business and you call the shots. Build your empire one rig at a time to dominate the roadways and outbid the competition. Can you handle the pressure? Your American Dream starts behind the wheel of your own big rig. Bid - May the best man win. Do you take what the company is bidding for a job or do you move on and lose valuable time? Remember - Profit is King! Key Features:Haul - Start behind the wheel transporting 45+ types of cargo–including livestock, chemicals, and mobile homes–cross country to bring in the big bucks.Handle - These beasts don't drive themselves! Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition.Dominate - Move it better and faster than your competition. Build your reputation coast to coast as you long haul across 48 states, Canada and now Mexico!Grow - Build your business and add rigs to your fleet. Own up to 37 mammoth machines and trailers.
MICRO G-Bike+ Light różowaOpis:Reowlucyjny jeździk z docenionym dizajnem i połowiczną wagą dziękialuminiowej konstrukcji. Wygodą jeździka jest maksymalna ruchliwośćpasażera, zachowane bezpieczeństwo i minimalna możliwa waga. Kierownicęi siodełko można dopasować wysokościowo. Gumowe rączki z boczną ochronązapobiegają zranieniu dziecka. Siedzonko jest wyprodukowane z przyjemnegomiękkiego materiału da wygody dziecka podczas siedzenia. Jeździk G-Bike Lightnie ma hamulca, tym różni się od klasycznego jeździka G-Bike+. Hamulec byłz tego modelu usunięty, ponieważ większość dzieci z niego praktycznie niekorzysta. Jeździk dzięki niskiej wadze moźna łatwo przenosić lub zawiesićna wózek. Jeździk Micro G-Bike+ Light jest wyjątkowy w – lekki, bezpiecznyjeździk o ciekawym dizajnie – wielkie, twarde koła o średnicy20 cm – dopasowywany wysokościowo.Szczegóły:Waga: 3,2 kgDługość jeździka: 76 cmWysokoć siodełka: 37–47 cmWysokość kierownicy: 51–53,5 cmŚrednica kół: 20 cmSzerokość kół: 35 mmMateriał kół: PUŁożyska: ABEC 5Materiał: ALUWiek: 2–5 latNośność: max. 20 kgHamulec: nie
UPC: 7640108565648
El micrófono de captación lateral AT4033aSM ofrece bajo ruido y circuitería simétrica sin transformador que da como resultado una excepcional respuesta a los transitorios y una señal de salida limpia. Una fuerte presencia frontal caracteriza la firma sónica de este clásico profesional de la serie 40.
UPC: 5055145715550
FEATURES of the Suunto Spartan Ultra Titanium HR Watch ADVENTURE PROOF 100 m / 300 ft water resistant Battery life of 18 h with Full Power 1sec GPS fix rate delivering best GPS accuracy Battery life of 26 h with Power Save 1sec GPS fix rate delivering good GPS accuracy Outdoor-grade color touch screen with 3 action pushers GPS / GLONASS tracking and route navigation with real-time breadcrumb trail with waypoints (coming) FusedAlti combining GPS and barometric altitude for accurate altitude information Digital tilt compensated compass SPORTS EXPERTISE Heart rate measurement with calories - Peak Training Effect and recovery time Support for over 80 sports with racing and interval modes Triathlon and multisport mode Running : real-time lap tables with pace and heart rate - FusedSpeed for accurate pace compatibility with Stryd running power Cycling : real-time lap tables with heart rate - power and speed compatibility with Suunto Bike Sensor and BLE power meters Swimming : automatic intervals in pool heart rate with memory (optional) TRAINING INSIGHTS raining load : 30-day summary on the watch long term analysis with training load trends - PTEs and HR zones in Suunto Movescount Rest and recovery : 30-day summary of day types (race - training - recovery - active and rest) on the watch (coming) long-term day type analysis in Suunto Movescount (coming) save feeling after workout in the watch (coming) long-term feeling trend in Suunto Movescount Progress : Personal Best recognition on the watch (coming) annual / all-time PB dashboard with age group comparison in Suunto Movescount (coming) 30-day progress view on the watch (coming) long-term progress analysis in Suunto Movescount (coming) Plan ahead : weekly planning tools for yourself and your coach in Suunto Movescount (coming) training plans in the watch (coming) COMMUNITY POWERED Community training insights from peer groups in Suunto Movescount (coming) Peer-to-peer coaching in Suunto Movescount (coming) Discover new routes with heatmaps and plan your own routes in Suunto Movescount - transfer to watch and navigate DAILY USE AND CONNECTIVITY Customizable watch faces 24 / 7 activity monitoring with steps and calories Mobile sync with Suunto Movescount App for iOS (Android support coming) - push notifications to watch Languages: EN - CS - DA - DE - ES - FI - FR - IT - JA - KO - NL - NO - PL - PT - RU - SV - ZH (Chinese language is only available in the China edition watches.) Suunto Spartan watches are Bluetooth Smart compatible - not compatible with ANT+ ENRICH - RELIVE AND SHARE Use Suunto Movescount App to take photos or to create a Suunto Movie of your Move with 3D map - key metrics and images Share your experience instantly to your social media networks and follow your friends via Suunto Movescount activity feed
UPC: 045235912360
Suunto P/N: SS022654000
Show your appreciation for Renaissance era art and history with this Mona Lisa Tie. This yellow tie features a depiction of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting in all its glory and is made of a fine microfiber blend. Imported.
Wild Ties
Robert's Rules of Order" is "the" book on parliamentary procedure for parliamentarians and anyone involved in an organization, association, club, or group and the authoritative guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings and assemblies. This newly revised edition is the only book on parliamentary procedure to have been updated since 1876 under the continuing program of review established by General Henry M. Robert himself, in cooperation with the official publisher of "Robert's Rules." The eleventh edition has been thoroughly revised to address common inquiries and incorporate new rules, interpretations, and procedures made necessary by the evolution of parliamentary procedure, including new material relating to electronic communication and "electronic meetings.
ISBN: 0-306-82020-X
Dual-Core Mobile Performance With the power of an Intel Pentium processor you can keep pace with daily tasks such as email, Internet, homework, and managing household budgets. Run your favorite office and educational software, stay in touch with friends thorough social networks, and enjoy PC games. Stay connected to your friends, email and favorite websites with 802.11b/g/n WiFi CERTIFIED wireless connectivity and 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN. Windows 7 Home Premium makes the things you do every da.
UPC: 886541221346
Acer P/N: LX.RR802.019
C'mon now, punk! How's da boss supposed know you mean business if you walk in wearing that gettup? You look like a clown. You gotta put on some nice threads before meeting the big cat and the rest of the crew. You know. A coat? Some slacks? Pick out a tie, for pete's sake. Something sharp, but make it snappy.Whoa now, don't tell us you were planning on leaving this joint without a good hat? That suit helps for sure, but no hat? That'd be the worst. No one's gonna take you seriously without without some formidable head wear. What about that Black Gangster Hat over there? Molded felt with a satin ribbon? That's one slick fedora, friend. Put that on, and we'll be ready to go handle our business.
UPC: 889851003954
Partytime Costume & Lingerie (Yiwu) Factory P/N: FUN0008BKAD-ST
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