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Sourwood trees bloom late in June through August and need copious sunshine and rain to produce enough flowers to yield a honey crop, so this Southern Appalachian favorite is a rarity indeed. When harvested, Sourwood honey has beautiful lavender hues that slowly darken to a dusky straw color as it ages. This award-winning honey is big and complex with hints of maple and spice. Sourwood honey boasts huge flavor and it's bright enough for basting grilled chicken or pork tenderloin. For a real Southern treat, drizzle some warm Sourwood honey on pancakes or french toast. Your gift will arrive in a 20 ounce bottle, carefully sealed by hand-dipping in Sourwood beeswax. Labeled with a Savannah Bee wax seal, each bottle is hand-numbered to show its unique place in this limited edition line of Sourwood honey bottles. Included in this Gift One Bottle of Limited Edition Gold Reserve Sourwood Honey. Accompanying long stemmed serving spoon. Presentation Your gift is securely wrapped to safeguard the shipping process and arrives presentation ready. A complimentary card with your personal message is included with your gift. Dimensions Gift Box Measures 4" x 14''. About Savannah Bee Company Savannah Bee Company grew out of Beekeeper Ted Dennard's passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Based in Savannah, Georgia, their specialty certified kosher honey is the result of 35 years cultivating and perfecting the world's best honey.
Why use your home lighting simply for illumination, when its potential is so much more. With the Philips Hue White Ambiance BR30 Single Bulb, a flood light that's part of the Philips Hue ecosystem, light can be used to transform your home environment or create experiences, while helping save money on your energy costs. Show your home in its best light. The Hue BR30 Single Bulb replaces traditional incandescent bulbs and is perfectly suited for recessed ceiling fixtures. It works with the Philips Hue bridge † in conjunction with the Philips Hue lighting system (available separately) to provide soft, white, dimmable downlight that's ideal for general room lighting. The bulb has a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours. There is no rewiring, electrician or installation needed. Flexible control. Turn your Hue lights on or off using the standard light switch. Or for more lighting options and extended control, use the Philips Hue app on your tablet or smartphone. Use the app to dim lights, choose different light settings for "Home" or "Away", set your lights to wake you gently with soft light that gradually brightens or gradually darken your room to lull you to sleep, and more.
The Saturn Fire Pit reminds us of its name sake planet Saturn with the spectacular ring feature in the night sky. The fire pit ring is a convenient resting spot for a beverage or as a foot rest as the embers glow under a full moon. This original design is made to order by Tennessee craftsman in the heartland of America. They are constructed from heavy duty 1/4' thick mild carbon steel and are the most durable steel fire pit made anywhere. The inner bowl has a high temperature resistant coating and comes with a 1- 1/2' diameter rain drain. The outer iron oxide patina is maintenance free and the fire pit can be left outside in all weather conditions. The outer dimension is 40' with an inner dimension of 28'. Over time and use the patina will mature and darken a few shades and then remain permanent forever. Each unique fire pit is individually numbered by the artist on an attached brass plaque. The Saturn lid may be used as a table top or fire snuffer. Dimensions: 14' H X 40' Dia Unpack-aged Weight: 150 Lbs.
These handcrafted wood Soap Dispensers can be used for dispensing liquid soaps or lotions. Overall dimensions are approximately 5 inches high and 3 inches square, which will hold a 6 oz. plastic bottle that can easily be removed from the bottom. Choose from solid cherry with contrasting black walnut top; solid black walnut with contrasting cherry top; or solid red oak with contrasting black walnut top. A daisy design has been cut into two sides of the wood box with a solid brass insert representing the flower's center. Please note that no stain is used on any of our wood pieces. All woods are shown in their natural colors and are finished with a clear lacquer. The lacquer does not change the natural color of the wood. Cherry will naturally darken with age and become a deeper red. Walnut is a deep brown, and red oak is a light tan. Please take time to look at the photos, which illustrate the natural colors of the various woods.
SHIPS IN FALL Striped like a tiger. White standards and falls are peppered with blue-violet stripes that darken towards the outside. Reblooms. 34''
To experience LG's 3D technology you need a 2010 LG 3D-ready TV and LG's 3D Active Shutter Glasses. The wireless glasses communicate seamlessly with the TV via a built in emitter. The glasses themselves contain special liquid crystal lenses, which actively lighten and darken with the 3D content. The full 3D effect is created when each eye sees a slightly different image. The result is a beautiful, full HD 1080p 3D experience that brings you closer to the action from the c.
UPC: 719192581609
LG P/N: AG-F220
Dymo 45013 Compatible Label Machine Tape, 1/2 In, Black on White, Replaces 43113 / 45113 Compatible Devices Dymo 45013 1/2" Black On White D1 Tape, 23' long tape cartridge. Unique slit-back backing for easy use. Scratch and chemical resistant. Scratch and chemical resistant. Self-adhesive poly-coated DYMO D1 tape with unique easy-peel split-backing for easy use. Semi-permanent - won't leave residue behind when peeled off (on most surfaces). Both Dymo label tape color and adhesive are UV-resistant meaning label will neither darken nor fall off over time. Holds up for items in household refrigerator/freezer 1/2" (12mm) x 23 feet Black Print on White Label 1 label cartridge per pack Replace Dymo 45113 and the Dymo 43113 starter tape.
Bolle Vortex Green Edge Shiny Green w/ Rose Emerald oleo Lens Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 11733 (Green Edge Shiny White w/ Rose Emerald oleo Lens) Product # 11734 (Green Edge Shiny Green w/ Rose Emerald oleo Lens) Product # 11411 (Shiny White w/ Rose Blue oleo Lens) Product # 11486 (Neon Yellow w/ Photo Amber oleo Lens) Product # 11414 (TT Silver w/ TNS oleo Lens) Product # 11413 (Shiny Black w/ Photo Rose oleo Lens) Product # 11412 (Shiny Black w/ Photo Amber oleo Lens) Product # 11410 (Crystal Smoke w/ Photo Rose Gun oleo Lens) Product # 11409 (Shiny Black w/ Photo Clear Grey oleo Lens) The Bolle Vortex sunglasses are the classic oversized design made for medium and large faces. B-Clear lenses deliver crystal clear vision with self-rejuvenating anti-fog technology, oleo and hydro-phobic coatings to repel dirt and water. Optics Control System is an interchangeable lens system that allows you to swap out the lenses of your Vortex for different lighting conditions. These sunglasses feature a B88™ frame, made of finest grade of nylon providing you with advantage of lightweight and extra strength. With Bolle Photochromic Technology, the Vortex sunglasses automatically lighten and darken according to the conditions and always protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The Bolle Vortex sunglasses are available in a rainbow of stylish colors, each accented with a Bolle logo on the temples. Vortex Features: Medium /Large Fit Sunglasses, B-Clear Lenses - Improve Hand-Eye Coordination - Light in Weight, Precision Optics, Anti-Impact - Remarakable Impact Resistance & Protection, B88™ Nylon Frames - Strong, Lightweight & Flexible, Photochromic Technology - Automatically Lighten and Darken According to Conditions - Protects From Harmful UV Rays, Optics Control System - Interchangeable Lens System - Swap Your Lenses For Different Lighting Conditions, Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Treatment - Protection Against Dirt, Grease & Waterspots, Sport Optical System - Inserts Prescription Adapter Lenses Into Frames, Thermogrip Material Temple Tips, Nose Pads & Nosepiece - Moisture Absorbing Hydrophilic Material, Adjustable Nosepieces, Exceeds ANSI Standards
UPC: 054917293130
Bolle P/N: Vortex Green Edge Shiny Green-Rose Emerald oleo
Recapture younger-looking skin with the de-aging power of fresh, potent Vitamin C. Refresh and renew with this Clinique 7-day de-aging system containing:- 7 single-use packettes of Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C, and- one 7-day vial of Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%This simple, two-step system contains pure Vitamin C, one of the most powerful de-aging vitamins. From the first application, experience brighter, more radiant skin. With continued use, see transformative de-aging results: skin that's noticeably firmer, more even-toned, smoother, with visibly diminished lines and wrinkles and a radiant, youthful glow. Fresh means powerful. Pure Vitamin C naturally degrades when exposed to oxygen, so it's most powerful when fresh. Stay-fresh packaging isolates the pure Vitamin C until activation, maintaining its freshness and full power for maximum results. Cleanser: Use in AM to jump-start skin's natural cellular renewal process.1. Pour powder into wet hand.2. Add water and work into lather. 3. Gently massage over skin, avoiding eye area.4. Leave on for 1 minute to capture the potency of pure Vitamin C.5. Rinse well. Booster:1. Leave cap on. Remove foil.2. Firmly press inner bulb twice to release Vitamin C powder into the soothing emulsion.3. Shake 15 seconds, and before each use.4. Remove cap.5. Mix 2 drops with your moisturizer AM and PM to power up your regular routine. Avoid eye area. Shake before each use. For full potency, use within 7 days then discard. Note: once activated, Booster retains full power for 7 days but may darken due to normal Vitamin C oxidation.
UPC: 020714850975
Specification : Size: 3m x 50cm / 9.84ft x 1.64ft Color: Black 5% Light Transmission Limo Black 99% Ultra Violet Block 20% Infrared Rejected 20% Light Transmission Medium Smoke 95% Ultra Violet Block 20% Infrared Rejected 35% Light Transmission Light Smoke 90% Ultra Violet Block 20% Infrared Rejected 50% Light Transmission Ultra Light 90% Ultra Violet Block 20% Infrared Rejected 70% Light Transmission Ultra Light 90% Ultra Violet Block 20% Infrared Rejected Benefits : -Tint rear windows in your vehicle to protect pets from sunlight. -Use as a security measure to conceal contents of your van or boot space. -Darken the car interior for clearer viewing of rear DVD screens. -Prevents windows from shattering in event of an accident. -Increase Comfort - The film reflects the sun's heat. -Protects Your Vehicle - The films UV radiation blocking action slows down fading of interior fabrics and plastics, helping to keep your vehicle interior looking new for years. Enhances your vehicle appearance. -Reduce glare - enhance driving safety. Fitment : Apply windows on cars, campers, vans and boats, conservatories houses, any other buildings. Fitting Instruction : you need to : 1.degrease windows, 2.cut film roughly to window size (a little bigger), 3.remove protective film from tint - stick tape on both sides of corner and pull, 4.apply tint with sticky side to the window using water, 5.remove outstanding water and air, 6.cut properly to window size. Note : Road Legal - Only if window are not factory tinted Tint is fitted on inside part of window. Package includes: 1 x Roll Windows Tint
Enjoy full weather protection for a broad range of items with Cascade Designs dependable E-CaseT protective cases. These featherweight, fully waterproof cases are built tough using RF-welded seams and a SealLockT zipper to eliminate worry when the skies darken. Plus, they ensure full Touch, Talk & ListenT use of your device and all of your favorite travel and entertainment apps while providing full water protection. Travel worry free with the Hummingbird E-Case!
Cascade Designs P/N: 05376 GRAY
Sometimes the costume can be absolutely gorgeous or sexy to the point of perfection but it just needs something a little more especially when you're on your way to the next big Mardi Gras celebration or masquerade ball. These two parties coming from very similar origins revel in the mystery and intrigue that only they can really lay claim to. It's this exclusive interest that makes the outfits worn there just so much classier. Spark your own elusive intrigue with your own beautiful mask and it to any costume that goes with the colors pink and black. Add a little black eye shadow and liner to darken the view even further and everyone will be left wondering and wishing they could have found out just who that mystifying beauty really was. The world may never know. It can be our little secret. There isn't even a strap needed for this mask. It just wraps around the ears with clear plastic parts (like eyeglasses) that are hardly visible.
UPC: 721773701177
Forum Novelties, Inc P/N: FO70117-ST
A long-lasting twist-up pencil eyeliner Boasts a super-resistant formula to oil sweats & tears Features a silky creamy texture that glides across lash line without feathering or smudging Enriched with moisturizing serum ingredients to deliver nutrients from the roots of lashes Provides highly pigmented shades that darken with every layer & dry to a matte finish The soft pencil lead renders smooth application Effortlessly draws an ultra-thin line to define the eyes Provides 24 hours lasting effect
UPC: 4903335130465
Rigid Industries presents the Midnight Edition?: Legacy product lines with a dark twist. The patented classic Hybrid Spot optic was treated with a transparent black enamel finish to darken its appearance. Rigid designed the Midnight Edition with all black assembly hardware, a special black polymer coated circuit board and an understated embossed Rigid Industries name on the bezel for a flawless look across the entire Midnight Edition Family (D-Series, E-Series and RDS-Series). Rigid still owns the darkness. Transparent Black Enamel Coating;Black Oxide Hardware;Dark Screenprinted And Embossed Logos On Bezel;Limited Lifetime Warranty;MIL-STD-810G Vibration Compliant;IP68 Compliant;Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens;Powder Coated Aluminum Housing
Rigid Industries P/N: 110212BLK
The Waste Land, inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same name that is imbued with feelings of despair and lost innocence, puts players in the role of a fallen king who must find his way to right the wrongs caused by his own failings. Players explore a vast world across seven continents and meet memorable characters while fighting off twisted creatures to survive a hostile land - all in gorgeous 8-bit style. In The Waste Land you are the King Zyron III, ruler of all the known lands, who's actions on a an ordinary hunting trip cause a rip in the balance of nature. Creatures mutate sending your once loyal subjects into a state of fear and it is up to you to set things right. Seek out more powerful weapons and secret items to give you an edge while exploring the vast lands in your quest to take down five giant beasts to reset the balance of nature you upset.Key Features:“Metroidvania” style open world with over 15 hours of classic gameplay Find and collect hidden Upgrades, Secrets and Bonuses that boost stats and abilitiesDiscover 10 deadly weapons, 5 swords and 5 arrow types, imbued with unique properties such as the Battle Sword, Chain Sword and Katana as well as the Fire, Bomb and Cursed ArrowsSlay 5 giant twisted Bosses that include a mutated slug, colossal hornet and demented whale Encounter colorful characters in each town you discoverWatch the ominous moon rise each night as the skies darken and light with the Day/Night cycleExplore vast maps across 7 continents, each with their own challenges to overcome
The HOYA HRT CIR-PL UV filter. The Prefect filter to capture seasons. This filter uses a newly developed High-Rate Transparency film that passes more visible light through the filter while still filtering the same amount of polarized light. The HOYA HRT circular polarizer filter transmits as much as 25% more light through the polarizing film giving the photographer about 1/3 stop more light than a standard circular polarizer. This new polarizing film is also used in the latest HD LCD TVs. The glass of the HOYA HRT filter also has UV absorbing properties making the HRT a combination UV/circular polarizing filter. The most common use for a circular polarizer filter is to darken bright blue skies on outdoor photography, but they also can reduce or eliminate reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water. By rotating the outer ring of the filter the change of effect can be seen by looking though the filter or through the viewfinder if it is mounted on a camera.
Remote Control for Your PowerPoint or KeynoteThe Targus Laser Presentation Remote gives you complete control over your presentation with a button panel that mirrors the most important slide show functions of Keynote and PowerPoint. Easily maneuver thorough slides, switch applications, darken screen, and resume the presentation. A large central laser pointer button is easy to find without looking down, so you can maintain eye contact with your audience while directing their attention to the most important content in your presentation. Get Started Quickly with Plug-and-Play USBDon't waste valuable presentation time with driver installation or complicated software setup. When you plug the USB into your computer, the Targus Wireless Presentation Remote finds the receiver, so you can get your presentation up and running quickly. Wireless Connectivity Up to 50 FeetSet the pace of your presentation from up to 50 feet away with this remote's 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Wireless connectivity means you're not tied to a desk or stuck behind a computer screen, so you can move while you present for a more natural, professional presentation. If the lights are dimmed in the presentation room, the backlit button panel ensures that you don't lose any remote functionality even if you're far away from a light source. Compact, Ergonomic DesignThe wireless presentation remote's USB receiver slips into the battery compartment so you don't have to worry about keeping track of it. Package ContentsTargus laser presentation remote, USB receiver, AAA battery, and user guide. 2.4 GHz wireless radio frequency maintains control to 50 feet away Laser pointer draws attention to the most important content
1. Protect your privacy from wandering eyes beside you! 2. Reminder: Please turn up the brightness on your display, as Privacy Screen Protector will darken the image on your phone. 3. Ultra 99% Transparent, 99% Accurate 4.Dust-free and fingerprint-free 5. High Definition, Hassle-free, bubble-free installation 6. Long lasting protection against scratches. 7.No sticky residue when removed 8. Touch Screen: Delicate Touch, Sensitive Response.
The book of the popular movie STARRING GAEL GARCIA BERNAL NOW A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The young Che Guevara's lively and highly entertaining travel diary, now a popular movie and a New York Times bestseller. This new, expanded edition features exclusive, unpublished photos taken by the 23-year-old Ernesto on his journey across a continent, and a tender preface by Aleida Guevara, offering an insightful perspective on the man and the icon. "A journey, a number of journeys. Ernesto Guevara in search of adventure, Ernesto Guevara in search of America, Ernesto Guevara in search of Che. On this journey of journeys, solitude found solidarity, 'I' turned into 'we'." -Eduardo Galeano "When I read these notes for the first time, I was quite young myself and I immediately identified with this man who narrated his adventures in such a spontaneous manner. To tell you the truth, the more I read, the more I was in love with the boy my father had been." -Aleida Guevara "Our film is about a young man, Che, falling in love with a continent and finding his place in it." -Walter Salles, director of "The Motorcycle Diaries." "As his journey progresses, Guevara's voice seems to deepen, to darken, colored by what he witnesses in his travels. He is still poetic, but now he comments on what he sees, through still poetically, with a new awareness of the social and political ramifications of what's going on around him."-January Magazine Also available in Spanish: Notas de Viaje (978-1-920888-11-4) Features of this edition include: A preface by Che Guevara's daughter Aleida Introduction by Cintio Vintier, well-known Latin American poet Photos & maps from the original journey Postcript: Che's personnel reflections on his formative years: "A child of my environment." Published in association with the Che Guevara Studies Center, Havana
ISBN: 1-876175-70-2
Tedco 88052 Sun Art Paper Kit 8 inch X 10 inch All you need is sunshine, water and your creativity to make unique and beautiful sun art prints! Place natural objects like flowers, leaves, shells or even man-made objects on the sun-sensitive paper. Set outside on a sunny or overcast day or even indoors in a sunny window. Sit back and watch as the sun turns the paper a beautiful blue! Includes 15 sheets of paper and a clear acrylic sheet to hold your art in place. Perfect for school art project, science fair or for home schooled creative fun! Made In USA! For ages 6+. Cyanotypes are photographs sometimes known as blueprints, sunprints or sunlight prints. A photogram is a photographic image made without the use of a camera by placing objects on light-sensitized paper. Sun prints are also called shadow prints or "Rayographs" after the artist Man Ray. Cyanotype paper is a light-sensitive coated paper. Step 1 Select item(s) such as leaves, flowers or objects found around the house. Arrange a composition that will fit the size of the paper. You can even use negatives but it can take up to 2 hours for exposure. Step 2 Assemble in this order: Surface or cardboard for the bottom Sun Art Paper - blue side up (keep away from direct sunlight) Chosen item(s) Acrylic sheet which holds items in place (Peel protective coating from acrylic sheet before use) Step 3 Expose to the sunlight until Sun Art Paper turns a very light blue. Approximately 1-5 minutes, depending on sunlight. Stay away from shadows. Step 4 Once the Sun Art Paper has turned a very light blue, carefully slide the paper out from backing board and your objects. Quickly rinse the Sun Art Paper with water for about one minute. The image will turn lighter during this process. To obtain darker, more intense blue tones, simply add a few drops of lemon juice to a tray of water. Use the tray to rinse your exposed Sun Art Paper. Step 5 Place the rinsed Sun Art Paper on a flat surface or paper towels to dry. See your beautiful solar photograph darken to a richer blue as the Sun Art Paper dries. To flatten, simply place the completely dried sheet under a book for 1-2 days. Do not try to flatten your print before it is completely dry. Use only as directed. Adult supervision is recommended.
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