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This style runs large, recommended to order one whole size down. Convenient lace-less design. Slip On. Hidden elastic gore. Raised square toe box. Darker toe accent. Also available in Black Slip-On & Black Lace-Up. Notice the difference. Feel the confidence. Enjoy the compliments! Weight: 17 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies.* Heel height: 1 1/2". Shaft height: 5 1/2". Elegantly stitched for extra durability and style. Dress Style height increasing footwear. Full grain high quality leather upper. Rubberized bottom. Made of highest quality leather and with best care. Stylish & Comfort (Satisfaction Guaranteed) Every pair of our Elevation Shoes is wrapped w/ the Fashion Retail Boxes Quality meets comfort. Imported.
Our "Personalized 11x13 Bamboo Cutting Boards" are absolutely stunning. Hand-crafted from solid bamboo and laser engraved, these cutting boards will be the show-piece of your kitchen. Choose from 11 designs including "Jenson", "Harrison", "Anderson", "Grayson", "Nielson", "Carter", "Fletcher", "Hamilton", "Robertson", "Southard" and "Thomas". It will add the perfect balance of beauty and sophistication to your home, whether on display or in use! They are also perfect gifts for any time of the year.Bamboo cutting boards are environmentally friendly as they come from a replenishable source, and are one of the most durable and best types of wood for cutting boards. One side of the cutting board is personalized for display and the other side is used for food preparation. Board measures 11" x 13" (3/4" thick).DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of wood products, the actual shade and color of our engraving may vary slightly from lighter to darker than shown in the example photos.
Keep your golden glow from fading too fast with the Maui Babe After Sun Browning Lotion. With all-natural ingredients to heal and seal in a darker tan, this is a swim season must! Ingredients: Water (Purified)Hawaiian, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel ,
Maui Babe
Our Misty Leaves dinnerware set depicts leafy branches just as you'd see them in nature. Some of the gray leaves are darker, as if bathed in sunlight. Others are shadowy wisps of gray, as if viewed through a fine mist. While the pattern is undeniably delicate, the dinnerware itself is sturdy enough for everyday use.
UPC: 071160105669
Open and airy conifer (cone bearing) with light green foliage turning darker with age. One of the best know trees from the South Pacific. Will tolerate warm temperatures and does not even object to dryness, although it does not like glaring sunshine. Decorates well for any holiday or season. Very easy indoor care.
Rest easy knowing vintage quality lasts! Reclaimed oak wine barrel staves 1' thick fixed to a hand-forged steel frame. As rugged sturdy and long-lasting as a stool can be. Not to mention handsome. 5-stave seat 3-stave back. Dimensions: Seat Height: 24'H Back Height: 37-3/4'H Seat Size: 16'L x 13-1/4'W Back Size: 17-1/2'L x 9'W Please note the color of stools will vary. The staves are used from reclaimed wine barrels. Colors can range from a lighter oak to a darker red/cherry
Celebrated and multi award-winning Navajo artist Lonn Parker pairs a traditional Hopi-style overlay technique and Navajo channel inlays to create this stunning Navajo Lonn Parker Sterling Silver and Gemstone Inlay Twist-Style Bracelet. A kiva step motif (symbolizing the ladder steps into the kiva, or ceremonial chamber) is cut into sterling silver, buffed, polished, then laid atop a second sheet of darker oxidized silver. Graduated inlays of Sugilite, Spiny Oyster Shell, Coral, and New Lander Nevada Royal Web turquoise (highly prized for its soft green color, intense matrices, clarity, and depth) create gorgeous contrasts to the linear overlay motifs. Lonn Parker stamped on the back. Sterling Silver. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. Naturally occurring spiny oyster, sugilite, coral and New Lander Royal Web turquoise and individually crafted designs and settings assure each bracelet is one-of-a-kind. DO NOT BEND. 5.5". — About the Artist — Lonn Parker, Navajo jewelry artist, is originally from Denver, Colorado. Noted for his commissioned pieces for former President George W. Bush, his interest in jewelry began at an early age when he was hired as a buffer for a trading company. There, he observed the silversmiths at work, and would practice his craft with scrap silver. Self taught in Tufa and overlay, Lonn often uses symbols of the Navajo culture that represent strength, creation, and prosperity.
Smithsonian P/N: 48443
There are two ways to read Alice in Wonderland: one is as a child's whimsical fantasy, the perfect bedtime story; the other way, which is our personal favorite, is as a rogue dream-a bit of dark mystery, where nothing is quite as it should be. Intriguing, no?This Halloween, you're looking to unlock a bit of your darker side. We're not talking all-out blood-sucking vampires, but we heard that you're seeking a look just a bit more devious than your usual go-to getups. Might we suggest this Dark Mad Hatter Wig? It will allow you to delve deep into fantasy land while still upholding your pledge to play on the wild side. So go ahead, top your costume in this black wig and prepare to circle the party, asking everyone (menacingly even, if it suits you) why a raven is like a writing desk. We think it’ may just feel good to be a little bad.
UPC: 845636032687
Fun Costumes P/N: FUN0223-ST
Real Madrid Sunglasses -Red - JuniorPOLARIZED LENSWhen light reflects off a shiny surface such as sand, water or snow, it becomes concentrated horizontally and causes glare. Glare reduces visibility and makes it uncomfortable, painful and dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing or even just sunbathing. While non-polarized lenses just make things look darker, Real Madrid polarized sunglasses block virtually all glare. Light is made up of waves travelling in all directions.Upon reflection on certain surfaces, light travels in two main directions, vertically and horizontally. Vertical light is useful to the human eye: it helps us see. Horizontal light, however, simply creates glare. The horizontally-stretched polarizing layer inside every Real Madrid lens does not allow horizontal light to pass through. Lenses used in Real Madrid sunglasses allow only useful light to pass and have no shape-shifting side effects so there's less squinting and strain for the eyes all day.Thanks to the extra scratch-resistant layer, the lenses can take everyday knocks and look good as new. They're also less likely to break due to their flexibility.TR90A nylon-based, translucent, ultra-lightweight and hypoallergenic material that is co-polyamide. Approximately 20% lighter than standard plastics and offer superior comfort, durability and flexibility. Injected plastics should always use a cold insert. frame adjustments can be made after lens insertion using slight heat, not to exceed 40C/104F
UPC: 5053464559183
AM GROUP PLUS SP. Z.O.O P/N: RMS50007A/One Size Only
Buy Java Latte Toro by Drew Estate OnlineThe Java Latte Toro is the brainchild of two renowned cigar makers Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. While Rocky Patel is revered for the top-notch quality he maintains Drew Estate garner a cult-like following for their other famous brands. The Latte Toro’s Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is thicker and darker than the usual Connecticut broadleaf. Silky in appearance and oily to the touch this wrapper encloses a bold Nicaraguan blend of aged fillers. Measuring.
Ragdoll Kittens Personal Checks feature 4 portraits of these adorable and cuddly kittens. Ragdolls are characterized by their blue eyes and colorpoint coats (meaning their extremities are a darker color than the rest of their coat). They got their name because the original breeding stock often went limp when someone picked them up, thus they were like rag dolls.
Dermatologist developed for blemish-prone skins to clean where you need it most. Just 1 minute, 2 times per day. Lifts makeup, dirt and oil. Specialized bristles deep-clean skins prone to breakouts. Gently cleanses to unclog pores, keep them clear. Gentle sonic action helps skin look fresh, healthy that hand washing may miss. Anti-microbial bristles. We suggest you begin by using the Cleansing Brush once daily. Remove makeup before use. Apply cleanser to moistened skin or brush head. Massage in a circular motion on cheek area using lighter blue bristles. To clean the T-Zone, tilt brush head to use the darker blue bristles. Rinse and pat dry. Exfoliate and moisturize. After each use, clean with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.
UPC: 020714732417
Award Winner! Uniform petunia violet standards nicely complement the darker purple falls. Double and triple-socketed buds produce 9-12 flowers per stalk. Blooms late mid-season. 36" tall.
The new PGI-29 LUCIA Pigment Inks are approximately 155% larger than previous Canon PIXMA Pro Printer ink tanks, and almost 40% larger than the ink tanks used by select competitors. Larger individual ink tanks provide greater value as less time is required replacing inks, that way more time can be spent printing. The 12-color LUCIA Pigment Ink system expands the color gamut with improved saturation of colors and darker, deeper blacks. This system allows the professional p.
UPC: 013803130133
Canon P/N: 4879B002
Purchase a GoPro HERO5 Black or GoPro HERO6 Black and get a $50 rebate. Go to vzw.com/DigitalRebateCenter and enter promo code GOPRO50. Complete the online form and have your purchase receipt and product barcode label ready to upload. Submit within 30 days of purchase date. Rebate will be paid with a Prepaid Mastercard® within 4 weeks after receipt of claim. Offer valid 10.19.2017 through 11.22.2017 Share your next journey with the world using the GoPro HER06 Black. With its GP1 chip, the HERO6 makes it even easier to record breathtaking imagery. And using QuikStories, you can personalize your footage with the music and effects it takes to make it shine.* Capture footage like a pro. Get crystal–clear image quality from a GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture. Your videos come out smooth whether your GoPro is handheld or mounted to your gear thanks to the HERO6’s next–level video stabilization. And even when the day begins to get darker, you’ll be able to get great videos and pictures using improved low–light recording. Share your adventures using QuikStories. Send your footage to your phone with the press of a button. From there, you can add text, change the style and put in an awesome soundtrack. With QuikStories, it's easy to add your personalized creations on Facebook, Instagram and more.* Know your location. Record your progress by setting your GoPro to track GPS, speed, elevation gain and more. Easily share your stats with friends and family by adding them to your videos on the Quik desktop app.† *Quikstories requires the GoPro and Quik mobile apps, available free for iOS® and Android™. To create a Quikstory, your HERO6 Black must be connected to the GoPro app. † The Quik desktop app is required to add GPS data overlays to your video.
This set of four island inspired hexagon planters (with two contrasting patterns) is perfect for any decor. Enjoy the vibrant burgundy and earth colored cross hatching set next to the light charcoal colored flower pattern framed against a darker background while separated with dark segmented trim. All resting under a ring of thick reddish brown bamboo panels! Absolutely perfect for holding our tropical-inspired arrangements, or to admire on their own.
Nearly Natural
The Guilty Black lovers bring out the most scandalous sides of each other: alone they are magnificent, together irrepressible. Fearless in their passion, they are brazen, shameless, unpredictable c ready for each and every explosive encounter. Their attraction is instinctive: they go where they scent danger and each other. Too much is never enough for our young hedonists, who drive each other to stray ever darker. Life is thrilling and meant to be lived to the fullest. Again and again, they give in to pleasure and the excitement of breaking the rules. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme is a daring aromatique fougere, inviting you to indulge in your deepest desires.Notes: Lavender, Coriander, Orange Flower and Patchouli.
UPC: 737052626383
Celestron 1.25" UHC/LPR Filter Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The Celestron UHC/LPR Filter 1.25" is designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of artificial light like mercury vapor, high & low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light produced by neutral oxygen emission. The UHC/LPR filter has improved contrast over the typical broadband filters that gives darker background skies and remarkably improved contrast of emission nebulae. The astronomy filter features advanced technology coatings that enable the filter to achieve an outstanding transmission of over 97 across the entire bandpass, with total blockage of prominent light pollution lines. The multi-layer dielectric coatings are plasma assisted and Ionbeam hardened that yields supreme durability. The improved transmission translates to maximum image brightness and contrast. UHC/LPR Filter Features: Product # 94123, 1.25" UHC/LPR Filter, Improved Contrast, Over 97 Transmission, Multi-Layer Dielectric Coatings - Plasma Assisted - Ionbeam Hardened, Eliminates Unwanted Bandwidths of Light, Sharp Cutoffs, 60nm Passband, Compatible With The Following Models: 11007 11008 11009 11036 11049 11068 11069 11073-XLT 11074-XLT 11075-XLT 11076 11084 12026 12031 12046 12067 12079 12090 12091 12092 12096 21088 21090 22020 22050 22051 22054 22087 22096 22097 22150 22151 22152 22201 22202 22203 22401 22402 22403 31057 31145 31150 31151 31153 32054 32062
UPC: 050234941235
Celestron P/N: 94123
Pentel Ain Stein Tube Mechanical Pencil Leads Compatible Devices Pentel Ain Stein Mechanical Pencil LeadDurable Mechanical Pencil LeadPentel is a pioneer of graphite lead research, and Ain Stein is their most recent lead innovation. As leads get softer and darker, they often get weaker; conversely, as they get harder they often become scratchy and difficult to write with. But not so with Ain Stein. Thanks to an innovative molecular ceramic frame which holds the lead together firmly from the inside, these leads are now about 10% stronger than Pentel's original refill leads, and still just as smooth to write and draw with, even the harder grades. The leads are supplied in handy plastic swivel-top tubes and are suitable for all Pentel mechanical pencils. 92% recycled content 40 refill lead per tube It is standard lead used in all automatic pencils Ceramic cell structure is 10% stronger than other Pentel leads The lead has achieved dramatic improvement in strength and smoothness
Light 16” crash cymbal from Emotion series that produces a soft, dry and darker sound and is mainly suitable for jazz drummers. It is made of B20 Plus alloy that consists of 80% brass and 20% tin, with Regular finish.
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