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decided, decidedly  
deciding  deciduous  
decimator  decimus  
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Owning a workshop manual for your classic (or modern) machine is not only useful for such mundane matters as how much fork oil to add, tyre pressure and other maintenance tips, it also completes your machine and can even add value when you deci.
If you reward your children for doing their homework, they will usually respond by getting it done. But is this the most effective method of motivation? No, says psychologist Edward L. Deci, who challenges traditional thinking and shows that this method actually works "against" performance. The best way to motivate people-at school, at work, or at home-is to support their sense of autonomy. Explaining the reasons why a task is important and then allowing as much personnel freedom as possible in carrying out the task will stimulate interest and commitment, and is a much more effective approach than the standard system of reward and punishment. We are all inherently interested in the world, argues Deci, so why not nurture that interest in each other? Instead of asking, "How can I motivate people?" we should be asking, "How can I create the conditions within which people will motivate themselves?" "An insightful and provocative meditation on how people can become more genuinely engaged and successful in pursuing their goals." -Publisher's Weekly
ISBN: 0-14-025526-5
Extremely bright: 10 LEDs with two brightness settings for perfect illumination Flexible, fast setup at the workplace due to powerful magnet, carabiner and hook Adjustable angle of up to 200°Compatible with Bosch tripods (3/4")Robust and efficient due to LED as light source Compatible with all Bosch 10.8-V-LI batteries
UPC: 3165140741750
Bosch Professional P/N: 06014A0000
Results 1 - 3 for deci 
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