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Perimeter Infrared Intrusion Security Alert The Perimeter Infrared Intrusion Security Alert is a low cost, simple, safe and effective perimeter alarm system. On today's modern battlefield, there is simply too high a risk of collateral damage to use kinetic perimeter defenses. The Perimeter Infrared Intrusion Security Alert allows soldiers to quickly and quietly set up a perimeter detection system that features a 135 decibel alarm as well as strobing infrared light when tripped. The non-lethal Perimeter Infrared Intrusion Security Alert allows constant and effective perimeter security that cannot be easily defeated once activated. The PIISA is a force multiplier, requiring fewer soldiers to operate than command detonated defenses, increasing unit effectiveness while eliminating the chance of civilian casualties. The unit weighs just 15ounces and is easily packaged for rapid deployment. 1X 135dB Audible Alarm With Red Lens Flashlight IR Side Flashing LED's 2X 10 Meter Trip Wire 2X Infrared APALS 2X Nylon Zip Ties 1X 4" Adhesive Mounting Tape
Take security further, with the Netgear Arlo Pro. This set of two cameras is completely wire–free, with a rechargeable battery that lasts for months* and Wi–Fi support, so you can easily move them around or even take them with you. The weatherproof design boasts an IP–65 resistance rating against dust and rain, suitable for use indoors and out. Night vision lets it see, even in the dark of night, so you can rest easy. Feel secure, even when you're away. Arlo Pro lets you monitor what matters most. Set motion and sound detection routines, and get alerts sent right to your phone when something is out of the ordinary. A loud 100+ decibel alarm comes built–in to alert you of disturbances and deter intruders. Rain or shine. Day or night. Set up in seconds, almost anywhere. Arlo Pro works indoors and out, even when the weather isn’t perfect. It's IP65–rated weatherproof, able to stand up to rain and dust. Even in darkness, Arlo Pro can see with night vision. View live stream video or recordings. Use the free Arlo app to stream live HD views* of your home and business, or review your saved recordings to see what you may have missed. View it all in incredibly sharp, high–definition video. Two–way voice communication makes keeping in touch easy, perfect for helping the kids, or just checking in. Free cloud storage. The Arlo app lets you save recorded video, so you can archive important clips, or store footage to review later. Store up to seven days video to Arlo’s cloud storage and access it remotely.
Unleashing a new level of style and value the EuroCave Premiere Line of Wine Cellars will impress with their sleek modern design and economical energy efficiency. EuroCave Premiere Cellars help to create the climate of a natural deep French wine cave providing an ideal long term storage aging environment. With advanced features such as precise temperature setting capability visual and audible alarms increased overall energy efficiency and nearly silent decibel levels the Premiere cellars have everything you would expect from EuroCave. Enjoy the illuminating detachable display lighting which will showcase your entire collection or allow you to closely examine every label in your EuroCave cellar. Available in various attractive door styles all with a discretely concealed handle and robust locking system the new line of Premiere Wine Cellars welcomes you to take your first step to discover all that EuroCave has to offer. EuroCave Premiere Core Features: Digital Control Panel with Alarm Notifications Sophisticated and sleek control panel offers sensitive touch buttons and along with a visual alarm system. Improved Energy Consumption and Acoustic Levels Improved Energy Consumption and Acoustic Levels.Stylish Door Styling with Integrated Handle and Locking System With an integrated handle concealed in the side and top of the door along with a robust full locking mechanism these cellar provide style security and stability.Detachable Cellar Lighting System You can showcase your entire collection or read a specific label on that special bottle from your collection the choice is yours. MDS Adjustable Shelving System Main du Sommelier ('Hand of the Sommelier') shelving features 12 adjustable 'hands' that cradle your bottles individually and securely just as a restaurant sommelier would. Each individual hand is a slightly concave bottle-holder lined with rubber insets to prevent bottles from rolling rattling or clinking together when sliding the shelf (in or out).
Specification: Designed to set in an amp rack to view your decibel level Creates a great light show in your rack Display progresses from blue thorough green to red Sensitivity adjustment on both left and right channels 2 separate modes: dot and bar Built in power adaptor (no need for special plug; uses standard power cable) Line Inputs: Left & Right RCA Line Outputs: Left & Right RCA Rack Space 1/2U Range: 5dB-140dB Dimensions: 19 inch w x 1 inch h x 5.5 inch d Weight: 2 lbs 110-220V .
UPC: 859789003739
Technical Pro P/N: dB-S28
Protect your home or business from costly flood damage with this Dual Sensor Water Alarm which sounds an alert when a water leak is detected.
UPC: 028814008029
Sonin P/N: 00802
Boom Mat acoustical products unique ability to filtering sound quality by absorbing the unwanted noise and sound waves drastically improves the enhancement of audio sound performance, eliminating both road and engine noise while also dampening the vibrations that tunnel and surround audio output. Boom Mat acoustical products aid in filtering the distortion caused by audio waves from both low and high decibel frequencies or from bass vibrations, road rattle and engine noise disrupts the sound waves we would rather hear. 11-Current Wrangler JK, 4-Door;White;Peel and stick application;Insulate interior from heat and cold;1 thick marine grade acoustic foam;Mold and mildew resistant;Includes both side window insulation;Has fabric inside over the foam insulation
Design Engineering Inc P/N: 050151
NSI Surface mechanical horn in dawn mist color has steel material construction for long lasting durability. It has resonant grille design for producing high sound output. It measures 4.437 Inch x 4.437 Inch x 0.687 Inch. It has a voltage rating of 24 VDC and current rating of 0.035 Amps for optimum performance. It is suitable to produce a loud tone with typical decibel output of 103 dB. It draws low current that allows to reduce the power supply and wiring costs. It has wide input voltage rating
UPC: 786261976871
Digital Sound Pressure tester Level Meter 30~130dB Decibel Noise Logger Handheld Measure Compatible Devices Digital Sound Pressure Tester This db meter has the ability to show minimum and maximum readings.A perfect decibel meter logger for measuring noise levels in home, factories, offices, theaters and audio systems to give you accurate readings. It measuring level range from 40 to 130dBA,+/-1.5dB, frequencies between 31.5Hz - 8kHz accuracy with 0.1dB resolution.Press the Min/Max button it will hold a reading until it gets quieter, and then will display the new reading. Press the button again, and it will work the same way, but will record the highest reading Our noise level monitor provides instantaneous readings and data hold function. The screen is backlit which is handy for darker environments. It will automatically turn itself off without any operation or manual shutoff by pressing the power button for two seconds."OL" is show when input is out of range. The sound meter is made from a very hard plastic and has rubber grips at the bottom of the meter on the left and right hand side and they are both ridged so you can get a good grip of the meter while you are using it.Comes with 1pc 9V Battery.
100 decibel horn Small size makes it easy to install in any car motorcycle truck or RV .
WOLO P/N: 260-2T
: WENSN WS1361 Digital Sound Pressure Tester Level Meter Decibel Noise Measurement This equipemnt has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of safety engineers, health, industrial environment, which include factory, traffic, family baby's living room, wind farms, sports stadium, airport, urban, city noises and audio system. It is an advance environmental noise monitoring system, monitors environment noise from a singal station to a multiple stations. features : 100% brand new and high quality conformed to the iec651 type2 and ansis1.4 type 2 standards accuracy : ±1.5db measuring range : 30-130dba or 35-130dbc frequency weighting : A and C time weighting : fast & slow ac and dc output for frequency analyzer level recorder, fft analyzer, graphic, graphic recorder etc. the meter can be connected pc with usb. Notice : below 2000 meter in height operating condition : 0°;C~40°;C, 10~80%rh use dry cloth to clean the unit, but never with any solvent. specification : frequency range : 3.5hz~8.5khz level range : 30~80db, 40~90db, 50~100db, 60~110db, 70~120db, 80~130db, 30~130db linearity weighting : 50db frequency weighting : a/c digital display : 4 digits resolution : 0.1db sample rate : 2times/second bar graph : 50db scale 1db step for monitoring current sound pressure level display sample rate : 20 times/second over indication : over/under ac output : 0.707vrms at fs output impedance approx 600ohm dc output : 10mv/db, output impedance approx 100ohm time weight : fast/slow microphone : ½ inch eletret condenser microphone max : max power life : about 30 hours(alkaline battery) self calibration : 4s operating condition : 0°;C~40°;C, 10~80%rh storage condition : -10~50°;C, 10~80%rh Package included : 1 x Professional sound level meter 1 x Sponge ball 1 x Usb cable 1 x Software cd 1 x English user manual Details pictures :
An all-in-one perfumed cleanser for men Helps gently yet thoroughly cleanse skin & hair Contains hydrating & nurturing ingredients Infused with a delicate scent that soothes senses Leaves skin & hair soft fresh & comfortable
UPC: 3351500970056
Loris Azzaro
UPC: 9990000899036
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Protect your childs growing ears and let them listen freely with these tough wireless Bluetooth HeadFoams. Built to take the twisting and bending of curious tiny hands, they can even be stepped on and still survive; Designed with your childs safety in mind, there are no moving plastic or metal parts. No need to worry about your kids listening to their music too loudly, the 85 decibel feature limits the sound level of headfoams to what doctors consider safe. Foam ear pieces. 30mm driver. Rechargeable battery (included) .
UPC: 5037395740018
headfoams P/N: 5788138
This exciting, educational kit teaches Sound and its many elements with relative ease. Build, record, play, and explore sound vibrations. Build your very own Edison Phonograph that will record and playback your own sound recordings. Measure sound with a decibel meter, use an audiometer to test your sensitivity to sound, make a kazoo, a banjo and even play a tune on water glasses. Discover whether fish have ears, what dogs can hear, and how dolphins, whales, and bats can use sound. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).
UPC: 630227078072
ScienceWiz Products
Azzaro Decibel deo-stik za moške 75 ml . Azzaro Decibel najboljša cena. Azzaro kupite zdaj.
Geemarc Ampli600 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Geemarc Ampli600 amplfied emergency response corded phone is telephone system that alerts up to six members of the family or friends during an emergency with a simple push of a button. If there is no response after 30 seconds or the line is busy, the phone automatically dials the next preprogrammed phone number. It will cycle thorough the emergency numbers twice. It has a 50 decibel incoming amplification that allows the emergency contact to speak with you via speakerphone. The two small wrist transmitters allows you to use the emergency system from virtually any room of your home (within 66 feet). This phone is ideal for the elderly who want be independent while staying safe or for anyone who likes the added security of knowing someone will be contacted during an emergency. Amplified Emergency Connect, Automatic Dialer In Emergency Situations - Alerts Up To 6 People - Dials Pre-Programmed Emergency Phone Number Every 30 Seconds - 2 Number Of Attempts To Dial Emergency Numbers - Plays Pre-Recorded Emergency Message to Each Number - Allows Parties Called to Speak / Listen to Caller, Waterproof Wrist-Watch Style Remote Control Transmitter - Transmitter Requires One 12V Battery Ampli600 Features: Emergency Help Button Connects To Most Standard Mobile / Cordless / Cellular Phones With 2.5mm Headset Jack Anonymous Call Rejection Amplified Corded Phone Amplified Volume - Up To 50dB Tone Control Lets You Customize The Amplifier For Optimum Clarity Enhanced Ringer Up to 95dB Amplification Visual Ringer Indicator Vibrating Handset Hearing Aid T-Coil Compatible Speakerphone3 One-Touch Emergency Buttons Adjustable Screen Contrast On-Hook Dialing99 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory99 Station Phone Directory / Dialer6 One-Touch Memory Buttons Visual Ringer Wall Mountable/Mount Included Boosts Outgoing Speech Up To 12 dB 3.5mm Audio Out Jack3.5mm Bed Shaker Jack
Geemarc P/N: Ampli600
Arachnophobia is an incredibly common fear, especially among the little ones. They think of a spider and are pretty much ready to scream at a decibel and pitch level that science has not yet figured out how to register. And, let’s be honest, about half of we adults are ready to join in the same song of terror. But, those spiders are part of the ecosystem for a reason. They’re helpful and they’re not nearly as spooky as we give them credit for. Fortunately, the world of comic books has given us a bit of a way to alleviate our unending fears through one of the most upbeat and quirky heroes out there. Who can still find a spider to be an evil threat when Peter Parker is the one wearing the mask!? Of course, he does have spider powers that most of us lack. That said, we can compromise and help your tyke overcome those fears with these officially licensed child Spider-Man Gloves. They’re lovely to look at with the red and black web pattern and will not doubt ease those spider fears… if for no other reason than the fact they don’t have to touch them with gloves on!
UPC: 082686356312
Rubies Costume Co. Inc P/N: RU35631-ST
Decibel rating: 31 dB Tapered end for easy insertion Shapes to fit even the smallest ear canals
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