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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body charged with operational and policy authority over the Domain Name System (DNS), is developing a set of criteria to expand the internet communities power to name and design its own domains. This initiative presents an opportunity to clarify policy on some contentious issues, including the treatment of geographic names. However, it is by no means clear whether the possibility of recourse to geographical names is compatible with international law. Is it lawful and possible to allocate domain names named after continents, regions, countries, cities and other geographic areas? Who is entitled to use these denominations? Offering a comprehensive analysis of a fie
ISBN: 90-411-4682-2
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Phoenix Passive interface module with screw connection is designed for assembly on 14-position DIN rail NS 35/7.5. It is rated with a nominal voltage less than 50 VAC/60 VDC and has 1 Amp maximum current carrying capacity per branch. It measures 59 mm x 50 mm x 45 mm. Module is feasible to operate at -20 to 50°C and to store/ transport at -20 to 70°C.Module has test voltage input/output of 500 VAC at 50 Hz and comes under surge voltage category-II. It offers M3 screw thread connection fo
UPC: 012596000005
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TK033 Free shipping 2pieces H7 HID Xenon Bulb Adapters For new Sagi* -tar, MAGO* -TAN, Exc* -elle XT, BM* 520LI. ,M**B C180,For *d Fie* -sta
Results 1 - 3 for fie 
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