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Duckles Duck Breast Fillets are delicious, all natural duck treats for dogs. These fillets of thin sliced duck are low in fat and high in protein. Feed them as a snack or treat! Dogs love the natural duck flavor! A Guilt- Free Pleasure You can feel good about treating your dog Duckles Duck Fillets. These fillets of duck are low in fat and will help your dog maintain a proper weight. There are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors added. Without wheat, corn or soy fillers, your dog can enjoy the natural duck flavor! Feed them as a reward or in between meals, your dog will love them anytime. Tested Safe These treats are tested safe in the USA. To ensure the safety of your pet, Chickles are treated with Irradiation, freeing them from bacteria, viruses or any other unwanted debris. The resealable bag will help keep the chunks of chicken fresh every time you serve. Chickles are ideal for adult dogs and large breeds. Duck Breast Fillets 100% Natural Duck Low Fat Treat for Dogs High Protein Wheat, Corn, and Soy Free No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives Propylene glycol free
: 10X 15X 20X 25X LED Magnifier Loupe Glasses Double Eye Jeweler Watch Repair Changeable Lens Features : 1. Install two left/ right magnifying eye patches with LED on the lens bracket, each eye patch is furnished with 4 lens barrels of different magnifications. It is advisable to choose lens barrels of appropriate magnifications according to the size of the object to be observed. If this magnifier is used for long time, you may use two lens barrels alternately visual fatigue and improve work efficiency. 2. LED light source and battery compartment are designed separately. (1) LED lamp holder and control switch battery compartment are designed separately to facilitate stabilizing light source irradiation point in time of operation. It is not required to readjust the irradiation point for repeated use. (2) Switching operation is quite easy. Rotate Switch battery cover about 40°;clockwise from the dot to lamplight mark, LED light source will be turned on; anticlockwise rotation of switch battery cover will turn off the light source. (3)It's easy to replace batteries. Press switch battery cover and rotate it about 30°;anticlockwise to make the switch battery cover pop up automatically, then take out three old LR1130 batteries and put three new LR1130 batteries inside, make sure negative poles of batteries face inwards. 3. Bracket and headband is interchangeable to each other. As for common bracket-type eye patch magnifier, eye patches will easily fall off during use because the LED light source on eye patch is relatively heavy. This product is extra installed with interchangeable headband which can effectively solve such as falling-off problem. Eye patches will not fall off despite of long working hours or too much work. 4. Eye patches can move 5mm leftwards and rightwards on the bracket. Face width and distance between left/ right eyeballs can be adjusted to adapt to the central position of eye patches between both eyes. 5. Eye patches can rotate 180°;upwards and downwards on the bracket. It' s not required to take down the whole lens bracket when the magnifier is not used temporarily and you can reuse it conveniently Specification : Size : Approx. 13cm x 19cm x 5.5cm/ 5.12" x 7.48" x 2.17" Strip Length : Approx. 26.5cm-44cm/ 10.43"-17.32"(adjustable) Lens Diameter : Approx. 2cm/ 0.79" Magnification : 10X; 15X; 20X; 25X Package includes : 2 x 10X Lens 2 x 15X Lens 2 x 20X Lens 2 x 25X Lens 1 x Microscope Magnifier Loupe 1 x Strip 1 x User's Manual Details pictures :
1000X 8 LED USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Zoom Camera Magnifier + Stand Compatible Devices 1000X 8 LED USB Digital MicroscopeHD color CMOS sensor, High speed DSP(driver freeavailable),24 bit DSP, optimum resolution 640 x 480,5 x digital zoom, compatible with USB3.0/2.0/1.0 This is a high quality electronic microscope which you can use to snap HD pictures, capture video, and measure objects.It can be use in different fields. 360° rotatable stand the angle of observation can be adjusted Aluminum lens shell High temperature resistant and cooling quickly, protect the camera, can continuously work more than 48 hours 8 durable LEDS High-quality LED lamp beads, the angle of light irradiation is larger, compensate the brightness Dust-resistant cover to avoid dust into the lens.(please remove the cover before use) Use in different fields It can used in observations of the microcosm, dentistry, veterinary, dermatology, integrated circuits, microprinting, quality control, hannered metalwork, model making.numismatics, stamp collecting, etc. Bottons
Powerful digital light weight with all inclusive 450 / 900 Wequiped with more modern technology and all up to date features! The PICCO complete the ideal compromise between smallest cabinet size and maximum power. Pleasant rich sound, wide irradiation, less feedback. The ideal system for entertainer, mobile DJ's, conference rooms and small pubs. - 1 x 300 / 600 W digit. amp for sub - 2x 75 / 150 W digit. amp for tops - 7 channel mixer - Sub: 10'' Long stroke bass speaker - Top: 2 x 4'' special Alucone speaker - Sub dimensions: 300 x 370 x 390 mm - Top dimensions: 140 x 260 x 130 mm - Sub weight: 15,8 kg - Top weight: 2,3 kg - 3 x Mic / Line Input - 1 x Line Input (Stereo) - 1 x Input Jack 3,5 mm (PC, Phones) - Tonecontrol low / mid / high - 1 x MP3 / Bluetooth Channel - Master Volume - EFX Volume - Satellite Level - Satellite Balance (L/R) - Sub Level - PC, Phones Level - MP3 / Bluetooth Level - 16 digital effects - 16 DSP sound program setting - Master Out - EFX send / return - Footswitch EFX on / off - Included: power cable, 6 m speaker cable (jack / jack) - Colour: Black.
Celestron 1.25" Moon Filter Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The Celestron Moon Filter 1.25 inch reduces the brightness of the moon and improves the contrast, so that one can view lunar surface with a greater detail. This filter has clear aperture of 21mm and the transmission is about 18 . The Celestron filter reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast thorough selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue. Celestron's filters are manufactured with high quality, solid plane parallel glass with excellent homogeneity. The Moon Filter is anti-reflection coated that prevents glaring and ghosting. This filter is mounted in a black anodized aluminum cells, and comes with a plastic case for safe storage. Moon Filter Features: Product # 94119-A, Moon Filter 1.25", 21mm Clear Aperture, 18 Transmission, Reduces Moon's Brightness & Improves Contrast, Detailed View, Works w/ The Standard 1.25-inch Telescope Eyepiece Mount, Compatible With The Following Models: 11007 11008 11009 11036 11049 11068 11069 11073-XLT 11074-XLT 11075-XLT 11076 11084 12026 12031 12046 12067 12079 12090 12091 12092 12096 21008 21009 21023 21036 21037 21039 21041 21043 21045 21048 21049 21061 21062 21063 21064 21073 21074 21079 21087 21088 21090 22020 22050 22051 22054 22065 22087 22096 22097 22100 22101 22102 22103 22150 22151 22152 22201 22202 22203 22401 22402 22403 31035 31036 31042 31045 31051 31055 31057 31145 31150 31151 31153 32054 32062
UPC: 050234941198
Celestron P/N: 94119-A
Material: Iron ;source type: LED ; The irradiation area:5-10 square meters; light Power: 5W and below ;Application of space: dining room kitchen bathroom bedroom study /other
Portable automatic headphone sanitizer Automatically and safely sanitizes headphones and other small electronic devices with UVC light irradiation Dimensions: 10.25" x 9" x 25.5
Like its companion books-the number-one bestselling "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" and the newer "Prescription for Herbal Healing"-"Prescription for Dietary Wellness" offers authoritative information that is research-based and clearly written, making it easy for the reader to quickly find the subjects in which he or she is interested and to incorporate the dietary recommendations into his or her daily life. Updates in this second edition include: a phytochemicals and antioxidants a foods that boost immunity a how to choose the most nutritious foods a "standout" healing foods a how to design a diet for your individual optimal health, taking into account special dietary needs such as those of women, children, vegetarians, and others a food combining a diet-based healing techniques such as juicing, fasting, and detoxifying a how to avoid potential dietary dangers, including threats to water safety, foodborne diseases, food additives, food irradiation, antibiotics, genetically engineered foods, and undesirable substances such as caffeine, cholesterol, and sugar. While not a cookbook, "Prescription for Dietary Wellness" also includes a number of easy, wholesome recipes and advice on cooking methods. It is a complete, practical guide to eating for good health.
ISBN: 1-58333-147-6
Sturdy and easy to operate meter for measuring the intensity of sun-beams in W/m². Thus, it gives fast and reliable control with efficiency level of a PV- or Solar-plant. Simply measure the solar irradiation per m², convert to the rated power of the PV-system and compare with the actual mains feed. Moreover, with the PL-110 SM of ideal location of a new concept can be identified.
UPC: 4016138597004
Results 1 - 9 for irradiation 
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