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Powerful, ready-to-go NAS for your high-performance life made by Western Digital Whether you're a creative hobbyist, creative professional or have an impressive media collection, you will undoubtedly have loads of digital content to store. With My Cloud Expert Series NAS, you can easily centralize and protect your valuable content from all the PC and Mac computers on your network. Plus, access it anytime, from anywhere with tablets and smartphones Powered by a strong Marvell ARMADA 1.6 GHz dual-core processor, My Cloud EX4100 gives you ultra-fast transfer speeds of 116 MB/s upload and 116 MB/s download to keep up with your high-performance needs. Now you can upload more content simultaneously, stream your HD media more smoothly, and enjoy your creative life with ease With the built-in Twonky DLNA-certified media server, you can seamlessly stream all your HD videos, photos and music stored on your My Cloud Expert Series NAS to media players, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and other DLNA-certified devices on your network. It's an easy way to enjoy your media collection on the biggest screen in your house My Cloud EX4100 keeps your irreplaceable photos, videos and files safe with multiple data protection options to secure your content from unexpected loss. Protect all the PC and Mac computers on your network using local, remote or cloud backup. Multiple RAID configurations and volume encryption add even more protection and security for all your files My Cloud EX4100 comes preconfigured to get you set up and on your way without any hassle. The intuitive dashboard guides you through the process of setting up users and shares, customizing system features and monitoring your storage. And with a tool less and tray less drive bay design, drive installation and hot swap is effortless Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for link aggregation enhances network performance giving you the best possible HD media streaming experience. It also provides for network redundancy should one of your network connections fail My Cloud EX4100 comes equipped with dual power ports offering you the option of adding a second external power supply that will take over should the first power supply fail, giving you uninterrupted access to your content With the built-in, one-touch copy button conveniently located on the front of the NAS, you can automatically copy all the photos, videos and music you have stored on an external USB or camera to the My Cloud EX4100, keeping all your media and files in one safe, central location Centralize your media and content in one safe, organized place Get power that keeps up with your passion Stream like a pro Safeguard your content with comprehensive data protection Be up and running in minutes Get enhanced media streaming and network redundancyA power supply with a backup plan Automatically copy your external USB with the touch of a button Device Type NAS server Host Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet Total Storage Capacity: 8 TBInstalled Devices / Modules Qty 2 (installed) / 4 (max) Dimensions (WxDxH:) 17 cm x 23.2 cm x 19.2 cm. Weight: 4.77 kg Localisation EMEAProcessor Marvell ARMADA 388 1.6 GHz ( Dual-Core )Storage Controller RAID - RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD, 5 hot spare Hard Drive 2 x 4 TB SATA 6Gb/s - Intelli Power, NASware technology Networking Gig EPower AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )Power Redundancy Optional System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 8, Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple OS X 10 7.5 Lion, Windows 8.1, Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Apple OS X 10 10 Yosemite Manufacturer Warranty 3 years warranty.
UPC: 718037833736
Western Digital
My Sister, My Friend by Bonnie Louise Kuchler is a charming book that conveys a beautiful message from one sister to another. Sisters are more than family members, they are lifelong friends, the irreplaceable and forever kind. Sisters will enjoy the touching text intermixed with delightful color photos.
ISBN: 1-62343-855-1
Our blue tee reads: Somewhat Useful at Work Irreplaceable at Happy Hour. 100% cotton. Imported.
100%Polyester;This Pink Floral Long Sleeve Jacquard Dress crafted in 100%Polyester non-stretchable material please hand wash cold featuring round neck design long sleeve in floral print mini dress. Casual style textured fabric perfect cut full details of the sense of design personalized and fashion. So if you ever get caught out for cocktails this day-to-night look will have you covered. Whether it is mini midi or maxi dress has its irreplaceable in the wardrobe. Please refer to size information before your payment! More information please contact us we are always at your service! Now go Choies for a mini dress!
Looking to buy up a basketball team? We think you'd be great at it! You have all the qualities necessary: a fabulous business sense, a funky sense of style, a few irreplaceable moves, and hair to rival that of a perfectly coiffed seventies-era Labradoodle.As the film Semi Pro taught us, these are the markers for success, so you don't need to run to and fro searching for a team to manage. Just slip on this licensed Jackie Moon wig and watch the pros grovel to join up with you! Everyone knows that the Flint Tropics are #1, so you'd better look the part when those teams come a-knockin’ at your door. Your hairpiece is styled in a curly mop and comes with an orange & white striped headband (not all-white as in this photo), perfect for keeping your locks out of your eyes even when you try to cage fight Dewie the bear. Everybody panic!
UPC: 791249492205
Rasta Imposta P/N: RA4922-ST
Baby lambskin Cosy, comfortable and, above all, of course, the soft lambskin are available in various sizes. The medical lambskin is ideal for your little treasure, because it has excellent thermal properties, but also cooling properties. It helps in a natural way to regulate body temperature. In the summer pleasantly cooling and in winter a cozy warming companion. Fluffy and soft toasty it donates your little sunshine much security. The many advantages and easy maintenance make it an irreplaceable companion in the toddler period. Simply universally - whether in the stroller, playpen or as a changing mat or playing mat. With a special wool shampoo (not included) is the cleaning up to 30 °C a breeze. The lambskin undergoes a special tanning process and is therefore low emissions and is constantly checked by experienced environmental institutions. Product details: * Various sizes * Temperature balancing for all seasons * can be used anywhere * Special tanning, low emissions * Easy to maintain, up to 30 °C, special wool shampoo required
UPC: 4011863681158
Kaiser P/N: 90006485
With the new LaCie Rugged, even if you go off-road, your project stays on time. With IP 54-rated resistance to the elements and blinding-fast speeds thorough Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, you don't have to compromise between durability, mobility, and speed. Get lightning-fast transfer speeds on Mac and PC thanks to the USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces. With the SSD version, the LaCie Rugged delivers up to 387 MB/s - one of the fastest bus-powered products available. The hard disk version performs at up to 122 MB/s, a 35 percent improvement over Fire Wire 800. Back up and transfer mountains of data in a fraction of the time. Enjoy noticeably more responsive photo library browsing. Don't let your project get derailed by incompatibility between your external drive and your computer. With both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces, the LaCie Rugged is a perfect match for your Mac and PC. Since USB 3.0 is backward compatible, you can connect it to any standard computer, anywhere. The integrated Thunderbolt cable also stows neatly when not in use, so that you'll never lose it. The LaCie Rugged is also fully bus powered thorough the USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt cables. Its portability and interfaces make it the must-have sidekick to a new Mac or Ultrabook. Your data is irreplaceable, so it's vital to protect it against any conceivable mishap wherever you go. That's why LaCie made the new Rugged tougher than ever. It's MIL-compliant, which means that data is protected even during accidental drops of up to two meters (6.6 feet). During transit, connect the removable cover to provide IP 54-level protection against dust and water. Whether the LaCie Rugged falls out of your backpack or gets splashed by a mud puddle, you stay confident that your data is still accessible. The SSD version goes a step further for the ultimate in resilience against vibration and shock. Both versions are tough enough to be shipped for reliable delivery to clients or partners. Included software even protects your files from prying eyes with AES 256-bit encryption. Features: Thunderbolt speeds of up to 387 MB/s USB 3.0 for universal connectivity Bus powered for complete mobility Shock, dust, and water resistant for all-terrain use Specifications: Internal Storage Media 1 TB: 1 x 5400 RPM Interface 1 x Integrated Thunderbolt 1 x USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 and UAS compatible) Internal Storage Media 1 x 5400 RPM/64 MB cache (or greater) hard disk Interface Transfer Rate Thunderbolt: 10 Gb/s USB 3.0: 5 Gb/s Performance Benchmark - Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 (reads): - 1 TB hard disk: 110 MB/s All-Terrain Resistance - Dust Water: IP 54 rated (when cover is attached) - Shock: drops of up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) (in non-operating mode) - Pressure: Run over by a 1-ton car (1000 kg / 2205 lbs) - Theft: password protection with AES 256-bit software encryption Software - LaCie Backup Assistant (easy way to set up automatic computer backups) - LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption) Dimensions (W x D x H) 89 x 140 x 24 mm / 3.5 x 5.5 x 1 in. Weight 1 TB 12.3 oz System Requirements - Computer with a Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0 port Operating system: - Thunderbolt: Latest version of Windows 7, Windows 8 (see here for drivers information) / Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later - USB 3.0: Latest version of Windows 7, Windows 8 / Mac OS X 10.6 or later - Minimum free disk space: 600 MB recommended
UPC: 093053010232
LaCie P/N: STEV1000400
"Magnesium is indeed the unsung hero and is a key nutriceutical that everybody needs to know about. This book needs to be read by any individual wishing to improve their quality of life. Dr Dean has the best credentials in bringing solutions to those suffering from the hidden magnesium disorders that affect most of us." -DR. STEPHEN T. SINATRA, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N. Author of "Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks" More than seventy-five years ago, medical scientists declared magnesium to be an essential nutrient, indispensable to life. When this mineral is part of your diet, you are guarding against-and helping to alleviate-health threats such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and asthma. But while research continues to reaffirm magnesium's irreplaceable contribution to good health, many Americans remain dangerously deficient. In "The Miracle of Magnesium," Dr. Carolyn Dean, an authority on this mineral who has used it with dramatic success in her own practice, explains the vital role that magnesium plays in the control of many serious ailments-from painful muscle spasms and bladder problems to traumatic brain injury and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Inside you will discover - How diets and lifestyles can create a dangerous magnesium deficiency - Which magnesium-rich foods keep your vital organs healthy and which to avoid - Why other nutrients, including calcium, need magnesium to become potent - What vitamins and minerals work with magnesium to treat specific ailments - Why prescription medicines, such as birth control pills, can deplete magnesium - Which magnesium supplements are best for you Whether you need help with a serious health problem or merely want to protect the good health you already enjoy, "The Miracle of Magnesium" will answer all your questions. It may even save your life.
ISBN: 0-345-49458-X
Someone once told us that there’s an old adage, “Teddy Bears have more fun.” We don’t know where this came from, and have a lot of trouble believing that it is an actual adage. But, if you think about Ted the Bear, it’s not hard to see that he has the MOST fun in any situation he finds himself in.So, if you are thinking that you want to show up and be the life of the party, then this is the way to go, without a doubt. In this Ted the Bear Costume, you’ll have no problem cranking the nightlife up and maybe even drawing in Sam J. Jones for an evening of ribald party hopping. And in this costume, everyone will instantly recognize you-yes you!-as the clear center of attention. Sure, you’ll probably, occasionally, certainly cause some trouble for your best friend, and you may even find yourself in some kind of sticky situations, but you’ll always keep your sharp and sarcastic sense of humor on point.You just may want to avoid those thunderstorms. We know how much they terrify you. And while this suit is soft and furry-perfect for comfort during a particularly bad storm-it is missing just one, all-important thing.your childhood best friend and irreplaceable thunder buddy! So make sure to grab him before you head out anywhere-not that you could ever forget your best friend. Together, the two of you will always know how to make even the most placid of nights into a crazy story.
UPC: 791249475307
Rasta Imposta P/N: RA4753-ST
The 440P is the largest and most powerful portable compressor kit available today. Rock crawlers and semi-truckers alike will find the power of this unit irreplaceable. 12-volt;Duty cycle = 33% @ 100 PSI;Max working pressure: 150 PSI;Max Amp Draw: 38 Amps;Dimensions = 13 inch L x 5.83 inch W x 6.69 inch H;Vibration-resistant diamond plate sand tray;5-in-1 Inflator/Deflator with inline 120 PSI gauge;Inflates 37 inch tires in less than 5 minutes
VIAIR P/N: 44043
Until I Have You, is a story-driven, fast-paced, retro-aesthetic platformer, engulfed in a Cyberpunk setting.Driving you to the edge of your seat as you run n' gun through enemies, the game recounts a thrilling story of regret, love and corruption, in a city that's gone haywire and just doesn't give a damn.This is the story of the ARTIST, a talented assassin, who has worked many dirty jobs in a long and successful career. Finally heeding the pleadings of his wife, he has decided it's time to quit this ugly business and live a simple and peaceful life. However the ARTIST's clients know he is irreplaceable, and are unwilling to allow the craftsman to hangup his tool belt. They send him this message by kidnapping his wife, Emily, and make it clear, retirement is not an option! The ARTIST is determined to get his wife back, and prepares himself for one last assignment. He understands to be successful he needs to go all out, and he procures a rare exoskeleton suit. Although this provides him with additional powers, it also can cause hallucinations and affect his judgment.If you could save someone, how much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice?KEY FEATURES:12 Chapters of immersive story-tellingBeautifully pixelated environmentsFast paced actionOver 60 unique Enemies and 12 Boss Fights.Rich and Diverse Settings (both in gameplay mechanisms and visuals)Fully Voiced DialoguesGritty Cyberpunk AtmosphereKeyboard & Controller Support
Wormwood Studios
Perfect for home security, this Sentry A5 chest is a fire resistant chest for protecting important and irreplaceable valuables. A robust container, this safe offers ample space for passports, money and jewellery. 30 minutes UL classified fire protection for paper and digital media such as CDs/DVDs, hard drives and memory sticks. Holds A5 paper and documents flat. Black colour. Made from plastic. Key lock only. 2 keys included. Carry handle. Internal size H9, W30, D19cm. External size H16, W36, D28cm. Capacity 5 litres. Weight 6.3kg. Manufacturers 2 year guarantee.
UPC: 049074110017
Sentry Safe P/N: 7017278
Panasonic PS-SLX1, The Panasonic PS-SLX1 Semi-Soft Camera Carrying Case is a case made to carry and provide shock protection for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1 and DMC-LX2 digital cameras. This handy carrying case is made of solid black, shock-protecting hard Polyurethane, and includes a silver accent on the front flap, as well as a silver accented zipper handle. The PS-SLX1B has a carabiner clip attached to the back of the case, and includes a carrying strap, so you have multiple options for securing it to ensure you don't lose your expensive camera or its irreplaceable pictures. PS-SLX1B Features: Semi-Soft Camera Carrying Case, Black Polyurethane Material, Touch Fastener Type Of Closure, Carabiner Clip Carrying / Transport Options, For Panasonic Lumix Digital Cameras DMC-LX1 & DMC-LX2
Panasonic P/N: PS-SLX1
Includes steamer, double boiler inserts and lid Stainless steel With such versatility, you will constantly use this irreplaceable set. The encapsulated bottom distributes evenly to prevent delicate dishes from scorching
Until I Have You, is a story-driven, fast-paced, retro-aesthetic platformer, engulfed in a Cyberpunk setting.Driving you to the edge of your seat as you run n' gun through enemies, the game recounts a thrilling story of regret, love and corruption, in a city that’s gone haywire and just doesn't give a damn.This is the story of the ARTIST, a talented assassin, who has worked many dirty jobs in a long and successful career. Finally heeding the pleadings of his wife, he has decided it's time to.
Digital Tribe Games
An engaging design and captivating style blend into each other to create a truly alluring bed that provides an ideal area for relaxing and de-stressing. Wind down in all-around beauty with the help of this absorbing bed. This bed is a truly irreplaceable addition with its smooth combination of looks and utility. Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica.
UPC: 788093073124
UPC: 084418418428
Mount your GoPro to your guitar, drums, turntables, keyboard or other instruments to capture immersive footage during practice or performance. These temporary mounts are easy to remove and feature non-damaging adhesive that's safe for most instrument surfaces. Includes three mounts and two single-use adhesive strips.· Ideal for guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards, and brass and woodwind instruments· Easy to remove—just pull the tab, no tools required· Features non-damaging adhesive that's safe for most instrument surfaces· Includes three mounts and two replacement adhesive strips· Mounts may be reused, adhesive strips are single-use only Note: Not for use on highly fragile or irreplaceable items.
UPC: 818279012040
GoPro P/N: AMRAD-001
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