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In Takenoko, the players will cultivate land plots, irrigate them, and grow one of the three species of bamboo (Green, Yellow and Pink) with the help of the Imperial gardener to maintain this bamboo garden. They will have to bear with the immoderate hunge
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Christian Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Essence has the following features: Pure. Just one drop is enough to irrigate the epidermis and optimize its energy flows. This concentrate of natural goodness deeply reinvigorates the skin by boosting the circulation of water right down to the heart of its cells. The skin is revitalized. The skin appears healthier, in harmony with its environment and full of life.
Calla's Lily Pond is a serene garden play area for fairy fun! The set includes everything needed to set up a play area. Plant all around the leaves and create a fun scene with the teacup house, stream, and bridge. Water your garden by slowly pouring water into the top leaf and watching it travel from leaf to leaf and then into the stream, to irrigate the soil! Children can add other flowers or plants if they want, too! It's a fun growing and play set!
UPC: 093514036511
In Farming World you’ll own and run your own farm tending a range of livestock and growing crops on rented fields. As you progress, you’ll earn money from selling your animals and harvest at the market which will enable you to then purchase land and machinery to expand your business. Like any farmer, you’ll also need to manage buildings, vehicles and your farm workers as well as a dairy and butchery. Key Features: Grow over 40 crops including vegetables, cereals, citrus fruits, nuts, berries, pomes and drupes. Rear sheep, pigs, goats, cows, chickens, ostriches, ducks, horses, geese, turkeys and rabbits and attend to each one’s specific needs Play against AI competitors Operate a range of machinery for watering, milking, cheese production, pasteurisation and for the packaging of your productsMake sure you harvest before bad weather and irrigate before droughtsSell your goods at market and your own farm shop at the highest price by storing them whilst the price is low Buy the most fertile fields before your competitors do Increasing difficulty levels see bank lending rates rise higher, weather less predictable and wholesale prices lower Feedback allows you to make informed agricultural and commercial decisions
Easily irrigate 7 plant pots and 3 planters on your balcony or patio with this incredible micro-drip watering system. The kit gives you everything you need to water your plants including a range of different fittings and attachments. Unique connection system for fast fitting, can be changed easily after installation. Full range of fittings for endless possibilities. Size H43.5, W11, D44cm. Weight 1.9kg. 2 year manufacturer guarantee.
UPC: 4078500018401
gardena P/N: 6078483
Turn water scarcity into water abundance Earthworks are one of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective ways of passively harvesting and conserving multiple sources of water in the soil. Associated vegetation then pumps the harvested water back out in the form of beauty, food, shelter, wildlife habitat, and passive heating and cooling strategies, while controlling erosion, increasing soil fertility, reducing downstream flooding, and improving water and air quality. Building on the information presented in Volume 1, this book shows you how to select, place, size, construct, and plant your chosen water-harvesting earthworks. It presents detailed how-to information and variations of a diverse array of earthworks, including chapters on mulch, vegetation, and greywater recycling so you can customize the techniques to the unique requirements of your site. Real life stories and examples permeate the book, including: How curb cuts redirect street runoff to passively irrigate flourishing shade trees planted along the street How check dams have helped create springs and perennial flows in once-dry creeks How infiltration basins are creating thriving rain-fed gardens How backyard greywater laundromats are turning awastewatera into a resource growing food, beauty, and shade that builds community, and more How to create simple tools to read slope and water flow More than 225 illustrations and photographs
ISBN: 0-9772464-1-8
Double Styrene Tray Container Type Latex-free Double styrene tray makes it easy to wash hair, dress head wounds, or irrigate ears without moving the patient or wetting the pillow
Size:Length 13cm; width 5cm Materials: PVC Weight: 40g Color: Clear, Green (Color random send) Style: As shown in the page color properties, optional Using: injection the water into the device fully, and insert it into the soil, that's all, so easy, the device will irrigate the plants everyday. Summary: High-quality PVC material, non-friable, good permeability, can clearly see the amount of water inside, filled with water directly into the soil plant wat
The Start Set Planted Areas is designed to irrigate flower- and vegetable beds up tp 40m².
UPC: 4078500018524
GARDENA P/N: 13015-20
Results 1 - 9 for irrigate 
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