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Rome Country Club is a strikingly beautiful and very challenging championship course carved from the foothills of the Adirondacks. Completely irrigated (roughs, too) through a state of the art computerized system, Rome CC is always in perfect shape regardless of mother nature's baking sunshine. Rome CC stretches to over 6,800 yards from the back tees yet plays to a manageable 6,300 yards from the middle (white) tees.
The GARDENA EasyControl, is connected directly to the tap and reliably controls irrigation according to the selected duration and frequency. This means that you don't have to worry about watering. Four keys for four functions: watering duration, frequency, start time preselection and confirmation. With a gardena water computer, your garden will be reliably and conveniently irrigated ; even when you are not home. You win more free time and have a lush, green garden and beautiful, healthy plants. With the automatic irrigation in the early morning hours or evening, less water evaporates. This saves money and allows targeted, optimal irrigation. Size H11.3, W15.7, D16cm. Weight 0.66kg. 2 year manufacturer guarantee.
UPC: 4078500188180
gardena P/N: 6819305
Colour: Orange; Hose connection: Hose connector; Hose length: 7.5 m; Irrigated area (range): 7.5 m² (max.); Irrigation type (category): Hose sprinkler; Type (lawn sprinkler): Hose
UPC: 4078500099509
GARDENA P/N: 995-20
1. Come with a solar battery, and charged by the sun 2. Brushless DC water pump, pump water easily 3. 3 different water outlet caps 4. Save water as far as possible 5. Wide irrigated areas 6. Keep the soil wetted and give a cool environment
Now in paperback They called the river the Red Bull. Desert silt gave the Colorado its distinctive color, but it was its power and unpredictability that made its fierce reputation. Speeding down from the high Rockies, the Colorado would flood without warning, wiping out any farmer foolish enough to settle near its banks. But what if the Red Bull could be tamed? Farmlands irrigated by the Colorado's waters could bloom in the desert. Cities electrified by the Colorado's power could grow and prosper. The Hoover Dam grew from this dream and with it much of the modern American west. Built in the middle of The Great Depression, the Hoover Dam was set in an unforgiving landscape whose climate defied habitation much less intense, backbreaking physical labor. Yet, during those hard times and in that desolate place, there rose an extraordinarily sophisticated feat of modern engineering. The Hoover Dam is the dramatic story of the danger, suffering, courage and genius that went into the building of one of America's most famous landmarks. "Wonders of the World" series The winner of numerous awards, this series is renowned for Elizabeth Mann's ability to convey adventure and excitement while revealing technical information in engaging and easily understood language. The illustrations are lavishly realistic and accurate in detail but do not ignore the human element. Outstanding in the genre, these books are sure to bring even the most indifferent young reader into the worlds of history, geography, and architecture. "One of the ten best non-fiction series for young readers." - Booklist
ISBN: 1-931414-13-0
Results 1 - 5 for irrigated 
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