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Clean Eyes Soothing Eye Solution by Cardinal Labs for dogs and cats is a sterile, isotonic solution for cleaning debris and matter from irritated eyes or flushing the eye in case of irritation. This mild irrigating solution gently flushes away foreign matter and relieves eye irritation caused by wind, dust, dirt, sun, air pollution, pollen, ragweed and other irritants. Gently washes away irritants or foreign matter. Reduces redness caused by dust and air pollutants and allergy causing irritants like pollen. Excellent for use After Swimming to wash away chlorine. Features and Benefits: Sterile: does not add germs or bacteria to the eye when used properly. Isotonic: Pharmaceutical solutions that are meant for application to delicate membranes of the body and are adjusted to approximately the same tonicity as that of the body fluids. Isotonic solutions cause no swelling or contraction of the tissues with which they come in contact, and produce no discomfort when instilled in the eye, nose, or other body tissues. Isotonic: having the same osmotic pressure as body fluids.
: 360°;rotating help irrigating the whole garden. Spraying distance is long when the water pressure is suitable. Keep spraying quiet, efficient and water saving. Three nozzles contain 12 small holes. Specifications : Application : Lawn Irrigation, Garden Watering, Roof Cooling Spray Diameter : 8-10m Material : ABS Color : Blue, Black Package Includes : 1 x Irrigation Sprinkler
360°rotating help irrigating the whole garden. Spraying distance is long when the water pressure is suitable. Keep spraying quiet, efficient and water saving.
Few people know that Leonardo da Vinci and Niccol Machiavelli crossed paths when Leonardo worked - ostensibly as an engineer, possibly as a spy - in Cesare Borgia's court and Machiavelli was Florence's ambassador there. Soon thereafter, they formed a friendship and an alliance. Astonishingly, during the rich first decade of the sixteenth century, the pair joined together under the inspiration of one of Leonardo's most fantastic dreams: to build a system of canals that would make the Arno River navigable from Florence to the sea. Under Machiavelli's supervision, the Florentine government tried - and ultimately failed - to realize a portion of this plan in 1504. The first canal in the scheme had a military purpose, to cut off the water supply of Pisa, Florence's enemy - but that was only the beginning. Leonardo dreamed of irrigating the Arno valley and controlling its water in order to fill Florence's coffers with tax revenues. He and Machiavelli foresaw the day that Amerigo Vespucci and other explorers would be able to sail from the city center to the sea, to travel over new lands and enrich Florentine merchants. Had the taming of the Arno succeeded, Florence might have become the center of a great world power. Unfortunately, in one of history's most tantalizing might-have-beens, the plans for the Pisa diversion were altered by the engineer in charge, not enough workmen were hired, and the ditches were not dug deeply enough. Not long after a sudden flood destroyed some of the work, the project was abandoned. It was one of a series of failures for Leonardo, who ultimately would depart Florence for Milan, Rome, and France, newly convinced that political power was essential for an engineer and artist to thrive. For Machiavelli it was another military failure in a roller-coaster political career. If the project had materialized, the Republic might never have been overthrown, and Machiavelli might not have fallen from power and been imprisoned. Roger Masters's account of the friendship between two of history's greatest geniuses starts with this tale of a magnificent lost dream and spirals outward to the art, politics, intrigue, and sexual scandals of Florence. Leonardo's preoccupation with the Arno project explains many of the tantalizing mysteries of his work. It is the reason for the startling bird's-eye view of the valley in the background of the Mona Lisa; it is part and parcel of both his obsession, in the Notebooks, with understanding the dynamics of water, and his work on canals and swamp drainage in Milan, Rome, and France. As for Machiavelli, were it not for his time spent in prison, he might never have been compelled to write The Prince. "Fortune Is a River" is at once a study of genius and a rich and delightful introduction to the wonders of the Renaissance.
ISBN: 0-684-84452-4
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The Gardena Classic Pressure Sprayer comes with a 5-litre tank and makes feeding plants and pest-control a piece of cake. Designed for pressure levels of 3 bar and featuring a pressure reducing safety valve. Comes with a fluid level indicator that lets you check how much you've got left in the tank - without the need to open the tank. Also features a stand with footsteps that faciltiate pressurising the device and prevent the sprayer from keeling over when placed on bumpy ground. The device comes with an innovative nozzle especially designed for covering both front and backside of leaves, enabling stepless spray pattern adjustment (fine spray to jet). Moreover, the sprayer features a padded shoulder strap for increased comfort and an ergonomic D-handle to make pressurising much easier. The trigger can be both on- and off-locked. And an additional wide-angle spray curtain nozzle makes the Classic Pressure Sprayer the perfect choice for irrigating larger areas, such as kitchen gardens, and vegetable patches.
UPC: 4078500082808
GARDENA P/N: 828-20
Results 1 - 6 for irrigating 
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