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FL-V8, Rechargeable Oral Irrigator. 3-Mode: Normal / Soft / Pulse; 360°rotating nozzle makes an all-round oral cavity clean; Pump Frequency: 1,600/min. for adult only.
Scope of application: Apply to nasal washing, suitable for occupational inhalation of dust, such as daily nasal cleaning and health care. Features: 1. Easy to use, and very practical. 2. It is designed based on human nasal internal physiological structure characteristic, experts suggest to clean the nasal cavity regularly. 3. The Nasal Wash Pot helps to remove dirt, pollenm postoperative residue, dust, etc. it is a practical product for individual daily nasal care. Descirption: Item Type: Nose Irrigator Color: Blue&White/Light Blue&White/Red&White Material: Plastic Size: App 26*7cm Packing size: App 16.5*15*8cm(L*W*H) Bottle capacity: 500ml Weight: App 300g Package Included: 1 X Adult Nasal Wash Head 1 X Children Nasal Wash Head 1 X 500ml Bottle 30 Bags x 4.5g Nose Washing Salt CAUTION: 1 Do not use pure water or salt instead of the nasal washing salt. 2.Children under 12 years of age need to use this product under the guidance of a doctor. 3.Do not talk when cleaning, mouth breathing.
Panasonic EW092, The Panasonic EW092 is a genuine replacement nozzle for portable oral irrigators. It cleans between teeth by gently removing inter-dental debris that your toothbrush misses. This replacement nozzle can be used with Panasonic EW1270 AC EWDJ10A and EW176 WC oral irrigator units. EW092 Features: Replacement Nozzle, Compatible With The Following Models: EW176 EW1270 AC
UPC: 092281123073
Panasonic P/N: EW092
The Panasonic EWDJ10A is the high speed, portable oral irrigator with 165 ml tank capacity. With this irrigator, your mouth can feel clean and refreshed anywhere at anytime. It massages gumlines with just the right amount of pressure and folds down to nearly half its original size for easy transport. Powers away debris in those hard to reach places while being gentle on your gums. Battery operated.
UPC: 037988562541
Panasonic P/N: EWDJ10A
Dimensions: 5.7"L x 5.7"W x 8"H Cleaning Pressure: Up to 90 PSI 3' long air-hose
Don't be afraid of your next trip to the dentist. Practicing good oral hygiene at home has never been easier, thanks to the Power Floss. No batteries or cords Power Floss is powered by air Ideal for braces, crowns, sensitive gums and other dental work
The Panasonic EW1411 Oral Irrigator is the compact complement to your oral hygiene regime. Its water jet loosens food residues from areas where even the best toothbrush can't reach and its gentle, massaging pressure promotes blood flow in the gums. A second pump gives the option of choosing between a powerful water jet and an air-water mixture for cleansing of peridontal pockets and gingiva care. Plaque remover.
UPC: 5025232840519
Panasonic P/N: 5653603
Panasonic EWDJ10A Portable Oral Irrigator - Manufacturer: Panasonic - Mfg Part Number: EWDJ1A - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail
UPC: 037988562541
Panasonic P/N: EWDJ1A
Colour: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue; Dental care type (category): Oral irrigator replacement nozzle
UPC: 4015067999965
AEG P/N: 599 996
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ISBN: 0-87081-950-X
Results 1 - 12 for irrigator 
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