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HR Quick Guide for California Employers (formerly HR Handbook for California Employers) simplifies and explains California and federal employment laws in easily understood terms. The Q&A format guides you through the basics, like wage and hour requirements. It also provides tips, flags key information and points out problem areas.
Derm-Tabs ® Extra Strength (ES) are a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support healthy skin and coat, while reducing occasional shedding in dogs. With twice the potency of our Regular Strength, Extra Strength Derm-Tabs ES are a chewable liver flavored tablet that is easy to give your dog to help maintain healthy skin and glossy coat. By nourishing your dog's skin and coat with natural oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, your pet's skin and hair can look its best. The active ingredients Calcium, Zinc, and Folic Acid are important in normal hair growth and retention. Chloride, Niacin, and Choline help your dog's skin maintain healthy moisture balance from within and retain that moisture. Potassium and Sodium help to maintain fluid and mineral balance in the cells of the pet's body. Flaxseed Oil and Magnesium are included to hydrate and help soothe skin in cases where temporary dryness can cause itching. B vitamins assist in metabolizing food sources, providing nutrients to the whole body including the hair and hair follicles. Derm-Tabs ES combines Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, and B-12 to support hair and follicle health as well. Antioxidants like Selenium and Vitamin E reduce free radicals, which additionally keep the skin and hair of your dog healthy and looking shiny. When your dog's skin and hair have the nutrients and moisture needed, it shows, and Derm-Tabs ES can be the chewable tablet to easily deliver those nutrients to your dog. For Use In: Dogs Key Features: For healthy and shiny hair coat Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Omega 3 & 6 Read More Derm-Tabs / Derm-Tabs ES Testimonials!
Design, test, refine, win. Sportful produce apparel of the highest quality, used by Team Saxo–Tinkoff and discerning cyclists the world over. Let it rain. Sportful no-rain ranges use the latest technology to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible, so you can concentrate on the ride. Key Features: Thermo Drytex Plus fabric for a stretchy and highly breathable garment. Soft brushed inner provides great insulation. Second Skin seamless technology is used to create the most advanced warmers on the planet. No-Rain nanotechnolgy water repellent finish makes all but the heaviest rain run right off the fabric. Reflective logos keep you visible in low light conditions.
UPC: 8032725590452
Sportful P/N: 1100781-002-XL
Choose a fast-paced cinematic experience or delve into a deeper, more choice-driven narrative. Either way, intense combat propels the action as you fight to unite a war-torn galaxy against a common enemy.Available languages: EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/PL/RU
Ideal for both visitors and city dwellers alike, this guidebook lets you organize things you want to keep for future reference or for your records such as the names and addresses of restaurants, shops, friends, hotels or tourist sites. The Key Map summarizes the overall layout of the city, including large-scale maps of the city center, an alphabetical street index and a map of the metro system. Up to 76 blank pages gives you all the space you need to write, jot down useful information and record your thoughts, stories and memories. A personal 96-page archive keeps everything that matters most at your fingertips. 12 translucent sticky sheets, to overlay and re-position, allow you to trace your route as you go. Bon voyage with Moleskine City Notebooks, the first guidebook you write yourself.
ISBN: 88-8370-616-1
Color coordinated handles. Ball bearing slide suspension. Quiet drawer and latch mechanisms. HON "One Key" interchangeable core removable locks for security. Safety interlock inhibits more than one drawer at a time from opening. Reinforced wall construction. Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA and ISTA performance standards. Ships fully assembled.
HON P/N: 584L
Vital for breakout-prone skin, this retinol formula, with lilac stem cell extract, strengthens and smooths, reducing and preventing blemishes.Key BenefitsOptimally formulated for breakout-prone skin to increase cell turnover, revealing clear, healthy skinA powerful nightly treatment that creates a clear, smooth and even complexionHighly effective pure retinol delivers visible results in three to four weeks
UPC: 812025012452
PCA Skin
N-acetylcysteine (NAC) for liver support, detoxification, and immune support*. Well recognized for its detoxification capability in the liver*. Known for its antioxidant activity*. Supports good respiratory health by optimizing the thickness of mucus*. Increases glutathione, a key antioxidant and detoxification factor in the body*.
Thorne Research
Students can snap their keys on and off easily with these black lanyards! Choose 3/8" or 1" wide lanyards that are all 36" long. Personalize with your school imprint.
Standard stainless steel duct cover, suitable for all hoods, excluding 2-blower models.About TecnogasTecnogas is a strong company, with its roots in the countryside. It has a history made of ideas, and today, like 60 years ago, it draws its lifeblood from the beauty of its places of art. Its technological passion is driven by the talent of master engineers and the artistic care of the hands of experts. A perfect chemistry of reason and emotion, of respect and pride for the land that we live in. A modus operandi and vision inspired by the age-old ingredients of love for well-made objects, the art of handcrafting and first quality materials. This is traditional manufacturing at its best. Their products and their manufacturing processes represent Tecnogas' pledge to Mother Nature. They live in the countryside, and therefore know why this commitment is important.The work of the men who today are the invisible protagonists of Tecnogas is the legacy of their founders. The environment inspires their workforce to feel their roots in their land and its values. Their key staff are examples of instinct, passion and science. Animated by this human and visionary spirit, Tecnogas encourages freedom of creative expression in its designers, to freely express themselves rather than limit them with marketing constraints. This is why every product has that human touch, from the first draft to the last weld, and always delivers the same character. This is Tecnogas, a core of creative men who love what they do, where they do it, and how they do it.
Tecnogas Superiore
What is Mega Cissus?Mega Cissus is a high potency source of the increasingly popular Cissus Quadrangularis, standardised to 50% Ketosterone. Cissus Quadrangularis is a traditional Indian medicine that has been used for centuries.Benefits of Mega CissusThe active ingredient of Cissus Quadrangularis is Ketosterone and this product is standardised to 50% (400mg) making it many times stronger than most other Cissus products on the market. Cissus is often a key supplement for anyone who participates in intense and regular physical activity.Who is Mega Cissus suitable for?For anyone engaged in a long term physical training plan, getting the right dietary balance is absolutely essential. The body requires the right kind of nutrients in order to perform and develop correctly, and whether these come from food or from supplements, they are needed for many purposes. As a dietary supplement we recommend consuming 2 capsules daily.Please note that the labelling on this product is provided in English as a minimum. French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Finnish may also be present on a product by product basis.
UPC: 5055534366240
Myprotein P/N: P1104USANAVTUB90
Ultra High Energy Density D sized Primary Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery Perfect battery choice for powering wireless alarm, security systems, industrial meters, memory backup for computers, night vision equipment and other devices need long-lasting batteries. Lithium Thionyl Chloridebattery technology providesthe highest energy density, three timeshigher than Alkaline (Zinc Manganese Dioxide) batteries. Widest operating temperature range of -76F to + 185 F, ideal for rough security, industrial and fieldapplications Ultra low self discharge at less than 1% per year at +68F, enabling an effective shelf life of 10 years. Non-flammable electrolyte. Compatible with Saft LS 33600 Lithium cell UL Approved - BBCV2. MH30127. Passed UN transportation tests (T1-T8).Pre-soldered wires for easily making battery packsor other connections Key Technical Data (More details Data sheet of ER34615) Chemistry Lithium-thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) technology Nominal capacity19 Ah ( 19, 000 mAh) Open circuit voltage(at +20C +68F) 3.66 VNominal voltage(at 1mA +20C +68F) 3.6VMax. Continuous current200mA Max Pulse current Up to 400m AStorage (recommended)+30C +86 F max Operating temperature range-55C / +85C Diameter (max)34.2mm(1.4 in) Height (max)61.5mm(2.46 in) Typical weight110g (3.6 oz) Primaryapplications for: Radio communication equipments and other militaryelectronics Building alarms, monitoringand security systems Industrial and residential metering systems Emergency location transmitters and Beacons Global POsitioning Systems (GPS) Computer or server memory back up LED lightingdevices Sonobuoys Compatibalewith andreplaces SAFT LSH20 battery with over 40% more energy Use Warning This batteryis a non-rechargeable battery. DO NOT CHARGE THE BATTERY!Do not use if the battery casing is damaged. Please discharge the battery for a few minutes with 100mA. Don't use different models of battery in series. This is not ahigh drain battery, please don't use it for the applications with discharging current > 200 mA! The storage area should be clean, cool not exceeding + 30°C, dry and ventilate. Download product data sheet here.
Tenergy P/N: 30311
The teacher’s edition contains reproducible student activity pages, and accompanying teacher support, answer key, and skills charts.
ISBN: 1-55799-956-2
Evan-Moor P/N: 175
Key Features Fits Models: all upright or canister Kenmore Progressive and other models using filter# 20 86889 The filter measures 6 by 4 by 1/2 inches It is equivalent to Sears part number 20-86889 Contains 2 filters per pack Captures 99.7% of all Allergens Product Description HEPA Media filter 2 pack #86889 2072-M replacement filter 86889 Progressive Media Filter Replacement Additional Information Item Length: 6.5 Item Width : 4.4 Item Height : 1.3 Item Weight : 1.6 ounces Item model number: 86889 Condition : New
UPC: 608939746985
Officially endorsed by the ACO, 24 Hour Race Technology provides an annual review of the engineering spectacle that is Le Mans, highlighting why certain technologies are to the fore. Both Prototype and GT cars are analysed in depth in this uniquely focused appraisal of the world's greatest twice-around-the-clock race, revealing many secrets of performance. Contents include: · Intro: THE EDITOR - The Le Mans 24 Hours of 2016 certainly didn't disappoint, not only in the LM P1 class but GTE as well · Grid: IN THE NEWS - Early details of some of the latest changes in ERS energy allowance, and a damper development which gives engineers an ‘as and when' option for extra functionality · Dossier: FORD GT - The Ford GT is a prime example of what can be achieved when multiple motorsport specialists pull together. Lawrence Butcher reports · Insight: TRANSMISSIONS - Teams want transmissions with greater durability and less weight. Lawrence Butcher explains how manufacturers are achieving that · Technical Review: LE MANS 2016 - Lawrence Butcher looks at some of the more interesting powertrain and chassis details of the Audi, Porsche and Toyota Le Mans contenders · Insight: LM P1 2016 AERODYNAMICS - Paolo Catone, designer of the Peugeot 908 and BR 01 LM P cars, looks at some of the aerodynamic highlights in the top Prototype class · Analysis: LE MANS 2016 PERFORMANCE - Victory at Le Mans is not just a question of outright pace – strategy and reliability also play key roles, as Paolo Catone shows · Insight: LM P1 PRIVATEERS - In recent years, LM P1 privateer teams have struggled to get near the pace of the works manufacturers. Vehicle dynamics engineer and simulation expert Andrea Qunitarelli examines some of the potential reasons for this · Appendix - The championships, class structures and key regulations in the World Endurance Championship · PS: FORD'S FIRST GT - Victory for the Blue Oval and its partners in the GTE class at the 2016 Le Mans recalls the contrasting development of the original GT40 in the 1960s
After you form your corporation, make sure to call and organize regular shareholder and director meetings, as well as document important corporate decisions. Otherwise, the courts and the IRS might decide that your business doesn't qualify as a corporation - and your shareholders might lose their limited liability status. Luckily, it's easy to protect your shareholders' limited liability while taking care of corporate business when you download Corporate Minutes: Prepare and Document Shareholder & Director Decisions. This eGuide includes step-by-step instructions for all pre-meeting procedures; helps you decide when to hold an actual or a "paper" meeting; and explains in plain English why you should document most major corporate decisions, from entering into a contract to opening a bank account. Plus, this eGuide includes 33 forms to help you get initial and everyday corporate business taken care of quickly and easily, including: Meeting Summary Sheets Call of Meeting forms Meeting Participant Lists Notice of Meeting forms Waiver of Notice forms Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Meeting Shareholder Proxy forms Certification of Mailing forms Minutes of Annual Meeting of Directors Minutes of Special Meeting of Directors Approval of Minutes of Director Meeting Minutes of Annual Meeting of Shareholders Minutes of Special Meeting of Shareholders Approval of Minutes of Shareholder Meeting Authorization of Treasurer to Open and Use Accounts Authorization of Treasurer to Open and Use Specific Corporate Accounts Authorization of Corporate Account and Designation of Authorized Signers Authorization of Rental of Safe Deposit Box Adoption of Assumed Corporate Name Board Approval of Proposed Contract Approval of Lease Purchase of Real Property Resolution Authorizing Sale of Corporate Real Property Board Approval of Transaction Benefiting a Director Directors' Written Consent to Transaction Benefiting a Director Shareholder Approval of Transaction Benefiting a Director Shareholder Written Consent to Transaction Involving a Director Approval of Corporate Tax Year Payment and Deduction of Organizational Expenses Written Consent to Action Without a Meeting Certification of Board or Shareholder Action Affidavit of Corporate Decision-Making Acknowledgment So do it right from the start. Call and organize meetings, authorize key transactions and keep your records up to date with these ready-to-use forms!
ISBN: 0-87337-662-5
7 Times the EGCG Polyphenols As A Single Cup of Green Tea Powerful EGCG polyphenols for optimal health Green Tea (Decaffeinated) is a high-potency, standardized to 98% polyphenols green tea extract. It delivers more than seven times the polyphenols as a single cup of green tea — including the beneficial epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) antioxidant for a wide variety of health benefits. 60 vegetarian tablets Health and Antioxidant Benefits of Green Tea in An All Natural Supplement, with No Caffeine Green Tea (Decaffeinated) delivers all the health and antioxidant benefits of green tea — without the caffeine! Research shows that beneficial compounds in green tea promote cardiovascular health, encourage lipid clearance and glucose tolerance, support healthy body weight and DNA repair, promote prostate and breast health, and favorably influence healthy cell division. (1-7) One cup of green tea delivers roughly 100 mg of polyphenols. (8) One serving of Green Tea (Decaffeinated) delivers 725 mg of a high-potency, 98% polyphenol green tea extract packed with EGCG, the key compound tied to green tea’s multi-modal health benefits. (9) Try this super-convenient, decaffeinated green tea extract today for powerful antioxidant and polyphenol protection that won’t keep you up at night! FAQs What is Green Tea (Decaffeinated)? Green Tea (Decaffeinated) is a concentrated and dual-standardized green tea extract supplement containing 98% total polyphenols and 45% EGCG polyphenol to ensure the highest quality, consistency, and health benefits. Can’t I just drink Green Tea? Yes, green tea does contain the same polyphenols (particularly EGCG), but not nearly as concentrated. You’d have to drink seven cups of high-quality green tea to get the same polyphenol and antioxidant protection of just one serving of Green Tea (Decaffeinated). Plus, seven cups of tea might contain a little too much caffeine! Will Green Tea (Decaffeinated) keep me up at night? Most likely, no. Green Tea (Decaffeinated) contains a maximum of 3.6 mg of caffeine. But just ONE cup of DECAFFEINATED green tea contains at least 9 mg of caffeine! So one serving of Green Tea (Decaffeinated) will most likely NOT induce a stimulating effect. References Harv Heart Lett . 2012 Dec;23(4):7. PLoS One . 2014 May 1;9(5):e96884. J Nutr Biochem . 2014 May;25(5):557-64. Endocrinology . 2000 Mar;141(3):980-7. Nutr Res . 2002 Oct;22(10):1143-50. Int J Cancer . 2004 Jan 1;108(1):130-5. J Agric Food Chem . 2007 May 2;55(9):3378-85. Altern Med Rev . 2000 Aug;5(4):372-5. Genes Nutr . Mar 2010; 5(1): 75–87. [break] Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule Servings Per Container 60 Amount Per Serving Green tea decaffeinated extract (leaf) [std. to 98% polyphenols by UV (710.5 mg), 45% EGCG by HPLC (326.25 mg)] 725 mg Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), rice flour, vegetable stearate, silica. Take one capsule daily with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Each serving contains a small amount of caffeine (max. of 3.6 mg). Since one cup of decaffeinated tea contains at least 9 mg of caffeine, the amount of caffeine in this supplement will most likely not induce a stimulating effect. Caution If you are taking anti-coagulant or anti-platelet medications, or have a bleeding disorder, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product. [break] M-Code: SSWFHGT2499
Suzanne Somers
Anti-lost Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder, Car Finder, Remote Camera Control for iOS and Android
This photo locket is perfect for a Mother's Day gift, Anniversary gift, Birthday gift or any occasion. Solid 14K Yellow Gold Heart Locket can be engraved with a special messages for your loved one to make this locket an even more beautiful gift.CHAIN SOLD SEPARATELY.This is the perfect Wedding Locket., 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch in Solid 14K Yellow Gold
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