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Ahh, the majestic Ringtail Lemur, native to Madagascar: one of the noblest creatures in all the animal kingdom. Solemn and graceful, they are known for their quiet dignity and decorum. Oh wait—that's not true at all! It says here that males literally have stink fights where they use their tails to wave their musk in each other's faces. And just look at those wild orange peepers! How did we get these little guys so wrong? They're lewd, crude, and hilarious! And do yourself a favor right now: go search for a video called lemur bouncing down the hall. What boundless energy! What incredible talent!You have to wonder why somebody would make an Adult Lemur Pajama Costume when these critters behave just like they have pure caffeine coursing through their veins. Then again, the look of this hooded jumpsuit is so impish and charming that we're hardly complaining. Whether you plan on wearing these bad boys to bed or sprinting down the street like a primate out of heck, you'll be doing it in authentic lemur style!And if you haven't already, take a few minutes to read about these fascinating (and endangered) animals. They're some of the weirdest and most wonderful denizens of our amazing planet! Ever heard of a toothcomb? A vomeronasal organ? Hunker down with some relevant literature and prepare to be astounded. Then strap on these wacky pajamas and live like one of the nimble tamarind-munching lunatics who inspired this outstanding outfit!
UPC: 4582235845268
Sazac P/N: SZKG2749-ST
There's a new thief on the planet - Jefferson Sancarlos. He and his gang of B.I.L.E. (Boys and girls involved in Lewd Enterprises) Henchmen are stealing every romantic and symbolic landmark, building, and natural resource they can grab. The only way to stop Sancarlos and his crew is to get the Chef and the ACNE detectives on the case to cook up a plan to catch them. Join the ACNE detectives and start returning the stolen loot by catching Sancarlos and his Henchmen. To win, be the detective to retrieve the most valuable stolen treasures! This game is not related to any other thieves who travel the world and is designed as a parody.
UPC: 794764019841
Sababa Toys
The time is now. We are in a small room with the vampire, face to face, as he speaks-as he pours out the hypnotic, shocking, moving, and erotically charged confessions of his first two hundred years as one of the living dead. He speaks quietly, plainly, even gently carrying us back to the night when he departed human existence as heir-young, romantic, cultivated-to a great Louisiana plantation, and was inducted by the radiant and sinister Lestat into the other, the "endless," life learning first to sustain himself on the blood of cocks and rats caught in the raffish streets of New Orleans, then on the blood of human beings to the years when, moving away from his final human ties under the tutelage of the hated yet necessary Lestat, he gradually embraces the habits, hungers, feelings of vampirism: the detachment, the hardened will, the "superior" sensual pleasures. He carries us back to the crucial moment in a dark New Orleans street when he finds the exquisite lost young child Claudia, wanting not to hurt but to comfort her, struggling against the last residue of human feeling within him We see how Claudia in turn is made a vampire-all her passion and intelligence trapped forever in the body of a small child-and how they arrive at their passionate and dangerous alliance, their French Quarter life of opulence: delicate Grecian statues, Chinese vases, crystal chandeliers, a butler, a maid, a stone nymph in the hidden garden court night curving into night with their vampire senses heightened to the beauty of the world, thirsting for the beauty of death-a constant stream of vulnerable strangers awaiting them below We see them joined against the envious, dangerous Lestat, embarking on a perilous search across Europe for others like themselves, desperate to discover the world they belong to, the ways of survival, to know what they are and why, where they came from, what their future can be We follow them across Austria and Transylvania, encountering their kind in forms beyond their wildest imagining to Paris, where footsteps behind them, in exact rhythm with their own, steer them to the doors of the Theatre des Vampires-the beautiful, lewd, and febrile mime theatre whose posters of penny-dreadful vampires at once mask and reveal the horror within to their meeting with the eerily magnetic Armand, who brings them, at last, into intimacy with a whole brilliant and decadent society of vampires, an intimacy that becomes sudden terror when they are compelled to confront what they have feared and fled In its unceasing flow of spellbinding storytelling, of danger and flight, of loyalty and treachery, Interview with the Vampire bears witness of a literary imagination of the first order.
ISBN: 0-394-49821-6
UPC: 639857813398
This is a luminous condom, a box of 12 pieces, a luminous penis in the dark, is it very exciting and full of passion?.
Results 1 - 5 for lewd 
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