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30x60 ft In-Ground 8 Mil Blue Solar Blanket is Most Efficient Way to Heat Your PoolA pool solar cover is an economical and environmentally friendly approach to heating your pool Tiny air pockets in the solar cover capture the sun's energy, transferring that energy to your pool as heat Solar cover can raise your pool temperature by up to 10°(F)8-mil thick solar blanket is great for climates that don't get very cold at night during the swim season Blanket is lighter and easier to use than thicker solar covers Pool blanket fully insulates your pool to retain more warmth for longer Prevents water evaporation and pool chemical loss Saves you money on pool chemical costs and time on pool maintenance Lengthens your swimming season in the spring and fall Swim more comfortably earlier and later in the day Can be used along with a pool heater3 Year manufacturer's warranty
UPC: 074931983060
Midwest Canvas P/N: S1965
BuyXikar Executive Single Jet Torch LighterOnlineXikar Executive Single Jet Torch Lighter was developed for customers seeking high quality functionality and sophistication in every facet of their smoking. Xikar Executive Torch Lighter design places the trigger along the body of the lighter so ones finger no longer needs to be perilously close to the flame. The over-sized adjustment wheel ensures a quick flame adjustment for any occasion. A simple push on the side of the lighter simultaneously opens.
Meduro 243 Ash Wood Baseball Bat. Constructed from top of the line pro grade wood, the Meduro 243 Ash Bat delivers the performance and durability players seek in a wood baseball bat. Ash bats provide a lighter feel than maple along with more give and flex in the barrel for a more forgiving sweet spot. The 243 uses a large 2 9/16'' barrel for greater power on contact. A very slightly flared handle and cupped end complete the professional design of the Meduro 243.
Meduro P/N: 7106
Mesh/synthetic upper combined with a responsive REVlite midsole. The innovative REVlite midsole provides premium responsiveness and durability at a 30% lighter weight than other foams with comparable performance.
New Balance
Exclusive to Verizon, the Tech21™ Evo Wallet Active Edition for the iPhone 7 provides ultimate device protection for today's busy lifestyle. The super-slim, extremely lightweight case helps guard your phone from potential damage, while a handy flip-over, expandable screen cover is ready to hold your earphones, credit card, ID or keys. Advanced drop protection. This highly effective case includes a three-layer impact absorption system as well as FlexShock™, an ultra-efficient material which guards against drops up to 9.9 feet,* so you can concentrate more on living your life, and worry less about protecting your phone. Detachable, expandable pocket. Looking for a place to stow your keys or cards while you're out for a run? The Evo Wallet case has a secure, expandable fabric pocket that's ready to assist. A microfiber lining protects your screen when your case is closed. And when you don't need the storage, use the quick release tabs to remove it. Super slim and lightweight. Our phones accompany us wherever we go, from home to the gym or on a night out with friends. Up to 30 percent slimmer and 60 percent lighter than other cases offering similar protection, Evo Wallet Active Edition offers superior device protection without adding noticeable bulk to your device. Unobstructed user experience. The Evo Wallet Active Edition is designed so that the performance of your iPhone 7 is flawless. Not only does it provide a secure fit and feel, it also offers comfortable and exact access to all ports and buttons. And unobstructed access to your Lightning connector makes charging easy. Easy on. Easy off. No damage. Feel free to take the case off to give your phone a quick clean or switch between cases to suit your look or the occasion. The Evo Wallet Active Edition case is easy to install and remove so this process is quick and hassle-free.
The reference in the touring tyre. The ultimate tyre for touring cyclists – Handmade in Germany. Thanks to the distinct centre tread and bionically designed, siped shoulders, it guarantees outstanding handling on all types of surfaces. The new, further developed tread mixture is super-fast and at the same time, durable and skid-resistant. The foldable version makes it even lighter and easier-tomount. The fine, cut-resistant nylon carcass, the practically impenetrable Vectran™ Breaker and real German handwork all remain in this updated version. Click Size Guide To Enlarge
UPC: 4019238521276
Continental P/N: 100441
Our "Personalized 11x13 Bamboo Cutting Boards" are absolutely stunning. Hand-crafted from solid bamboo and laser engraved, these cutting boards will be the show-piece of your kitchen. Choose from 11 designs including "Jenson", "Harrison", "Anderson", "Grayson", "Nielson", "Carter", "Fletcher", "Hamilton", "Robertson", "Southard" and "Thomas". It will add the perfect balance of beauty and sophistication to your home, whether on display or in use! They are also perfect gifts for any time of the year.Bamboo cutting boards are environmentally friendly as they come from a replenishable source, and are one of the most durable and best types of wood for cutting boards. One side of the cutting board is personalized for display and the other side is used for food preparation. Board measures 11" x 13" (3/4" thick).DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of wood products, the actual shade and color of our engraving may vary slightly from lighter to darker than shown in the example photos.
Experience the feeling of love with SOUFEEL Classic Charm Bangle. Special Alloy material makes it lighter and sturdier. With your combination. a bit more freedom to try. through your imagination. all sorts of different types of beads together. design your unique charm bangle from Soufeel Jewelry. Whether it is romantic sentiment. family motifs. hobby or an array of other themes. you can always find the perfect gift ideas to personalize your - or someone else’s jewelry for The Feeling of Love”.
The IPV3 Li is the newest edition to the Pioneer4you family. It’s a newer edition in the IPV Line. Ithas the same outershell as the IPV 3 but internal, it’s constructed and designed differently. The IPV3 Li is a165watt, and will soon be upgradeable to 200watts, with temperature control. It as well uses a YiHi Chip (temperature control chip.) On the original IPV3, you would have to unscrew 2 screws to access thebattery ports, but on the IPV3 Li, it’s attached to magnets! It’s now more convient for you to take out/put in the batteries for you now! As well as the old IPV3, the touch sensor was not available to use, but now the touch senor on the IPV3 Li is activated. IPV3 Li Features: 165watts (can be upgraded to 200watts) YiHi SX330-V3SL Temperature Control Chip Dual port for 18650 batteries Touch Senor (that works) Redesigned Internals Magnetic Battery Cover (no more screws!) here is the latest information about the IPV3 li upgrade: for smaller size and lighter wight and cheaper please check out the latest ipv d2
FEATURES of the Selle Royal Mano Moderate Grip Positions Grip is available in 3 lengths suitable for most types of shifter and handlebar configurations Through removable rings and two-piece body construction Allows you to customize the grip to the particular handlebar and the shifting system that you use Ergonomic clamp design for increased comfort Integrated stainless steel end cap Torx head screws with anti-rust finish Lighter weight: up to 15%/25 gr lighter than comparable models
UPC: 8021890368027
H2 P/N: S1900509
Bringing together the best that Dynamic Entry® has to offer, the Tactical Entry Kit #3 features the non-sparking, electrically non-conductive Monoshock Ram™, with the now standard Tactical Backpack Kit™ and the revolutionary Break-N-Rake™ for less than conventional manual tactical entries. In addition, the kit also features the new Mobile Home Breacher™, the first tool designed specifically to tackle every breachers worst nightmare - the outward opening door. The easily deployable Dynamic Duo™ is also included. All tools are electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC. With this kit, Nothing Shall Stand in Your Way™ DE-MS MONOSHOCK RAM™ The flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line Expert breacher's ram of choice Non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC Semi-flex handle system absorbs most of the impact stress Unique design allows for maximum force from a lighter weight tool DE-MHB MOBILE HOME BREACHER™ With minimal force, the Mobile Home Door Breacher will allow for safe, rapid and effective entry into outward opening mobile home doors during tactical operations. D-handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC Designed with Dynamic Entrys legendary standards of excellence to withstand years of abuse DE-TBK-B TACTICAL BACKPACK KIT™ (INCL. DE-SOB, DE-TM, DE-BM AND 60ME00BK) Quickly becoming the new standard for most breaching operations Features a Boltmaster, a Thundermaul, and the newly redesigned Special Operations Breacher Constructed of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon and heavily padded with closed cell foam, the backpack has pouches and retention straps for each tool and fully adjustable chest and waist straps DE-BR BREAK -N- RAKE™ Specifically engineered for window entries Head constructed of carbon steel Reinforced laser cut hook effectively removes curtains, blinds and other obstructions, Serrated blade aids in removing glass and window tines Three 12 raking fins designed to clear glass and other debris left in the window frame D-Handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC DE-DD DYNAMIC DUO™ (INCL. DE-TS, DE-TB AND DYNAMIC DUO QUIVER) Features the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge with counter-angled friction ridges Counter-angled friction ridges also provide stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage a fety-guard hand grips reduce the possibility of the operator's hands slipping onto the working end of the tool Handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC DE-TS THUNDERSLEDGE™ Sure-Grip handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC Handles will not absorb glass shards and are self-extinguishing Drop forged, high carbon steel head DE-TB THE BREACHER™ Features a heat-treated, stainless steel wedge for added strength Wedge features non-skid friction ridges for added stability Handles will not absorb glass shards, are electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC and self-extinguishing
Bb gold lacquer trumpet - the perfect starter instrument for students. The main focus for the design was on a light and easy to play trumpet with a great sound and perfect intonation. Yamaha design instruments with an emphasis on the ergonomics so that they offer beginners optimum support thereby greatly assisting learning, progress and creativity. To help create a lighter instrument, the YTR-2330 has been designed without a brace on the main tuning slide and benefits from the ideal thickness two-piece yellow brass bell. The monel alloy pistons are well known for their good, consistent action and minimise the need for maintenance.
Skip toxic lighter fluid and instead light up your grill quickly and safely with this high-heat wand. It can ignite charcoal, wood chips, chunks, pellets, and more, and comes with two simple switches: one to ignite, one to blow flames.
UPC: 050016741107
This shelf is trimmed with Beechwood a lighter more eco-friendly wood. Please check the description of the EuroCave Wine Cellar it will be used in or call 800.377.3330 to verify what shelves should be used. The EuroCave Rolling Tasting Shelf** rolls out and holds 20 bottles* upright for easy access. There are no tools required for installing moving or removing the shelves. *These are for the EuroCave Performance (excluding Built-In) Comfort Digital Comfort Elite and Premier series. **Bottle capacities are approximate maximums when using standard Bordeaux 750mL bottles.
CAPTURE CAMERA CLIP V2 with Standard plate Compatible Devices WHAT'S IN THE BOX: The new ergonomically redesigned, ultra-light Capture® Camera Clip v2 is a camera holstering solution for all photographers, with an attractive price to match. The kit includes everything you need to begin carrying your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag: 1 Capture® Camera Clip 1 standard quick release plate 1 microfiber pouch (for storing your clip) 1 4mm hex wrench (for secure plate installation) FEATURES: Holds any camera: Full-frame DSLR, Crop-sensor DSLR, compact mirrorless or point-and-shoot. Mount GoPro cameras with the POV Kit (sold separately). Attaches to any strap or belt: Works with straps up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) wide and 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) thick. Strong enough for any physical activity: Quick-release lock withstands over 200 lbs. of force. Works with tripods: The standard quick release plate works with most ARCA-type tripod heads. Change lenses with ease: Your camera locks into Capture in 4 directions, allowing fast lens changing. Button safety lock: Twist the quick-release button to prevent theft and accidental drops. Plate lock: Rigidly secures the quick-release plate in the clip for stabilization while taking POV video. Ultralight, ultra-durable: Weatherproof powdercoated aluminum construction with glass-filled nylong backplate. Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design STANDARD VS. PRO: Deciding between Capture and CapturePRO? Here's are the key differences: Glass-reinforced nylon backplate - Capture's backplate is lighter and made of glass-filled nylon. CapturePRO has an aluminum backplate with a tripod-mounting hole that lets you use CapturePRO as a tripod clamp. Standard quick release plate - The quick-release plate that comes with capture is die-cast, powder coated aluminum with a coin/hex-drive screw. CapturePRO comes with 1 of 3 PROplates, which are machined and anodized, and have more features. Price - If you're on a budget, Capture is a little easier on the wallet.
Our Back Half Frame Kit is designed to allow TJ, LJ, and YJ owners to get rid of the clunky back half of their stock frame to allow clearance for coilovers and/or larger heavy duty axles. By narrowing the frame, you are able to run coilovers without notching your factory frame and weakening it. Plus since it doesn't hang as low as the factory frame in the back, you can do a stretch with that one-ton axle and have better up-travel. This DIY kit includes only the transition pieces because we know you can get straight pieces of 2x3 tube locally, so why make you pay for that AND shipping for it. But these aren't just some generic pieces of steel that make the transition. This kit has been specifically designed to compliment the factory frame, yet look distinctly hardcore. It is also engineered for maximum strength and easy assembly with jig and key holes so you can't put it together wrong. Just another example of the FUSION OF FORM AND FUNCTION from Artec. CNC laser cut and bent from 1/4 inch thick steel;CAD designed with models directly from Chrysler to Interlocking Jig and Key holes for Quick, One-Way-Only Assembly;Maximum weld surface area with weld holes and fish mouth ends;Stylish curved design compliments factory style and increases strength at transitions;Utilizes lighter weight 2 inch x 3 inch tubing for straight tube sections (not included);Easily customized since you can make it as long as you want;Made in the U.S.A
Artec Industries P/N: FK0002
Smallest in class This is the world's smallest interchangeable lens digital still camera (as of April 2010). We removed the conventional mirror box, AF sensor and viewfinder, reducing the flange back distance from 44.5 mm to 18 mm. The result has all the quality of an a DSLR, but is 48% smaller and 49% lighter than our a230. Interchangeable lenses Compatible with Sony's E-mount series of smaller, lighter lenses designed specifically for a compact interchangeable lens cameras. Opens up a world .
UPC: 027242797680
Sony P/N: NEX3K/R
Silver dome ring with dark underlay and lighter, rising dots.
UPC: 618786305150
A strong musky base of amber, patchouli and sandalwood is accented by a lighter cocktail of floral and fruity fragrances - Italian mandarin, apple, and nectarine, jasmine and iris. Introduced by Liz Claiborne in 2011, the Curve Appeal scent for women is fresh and energetic, bold yet soft and seductive.
UPC: 719346590891
EA Fragrances
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