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manufacturer-number: TMS17x8T - Multi switch for communication techn. Number of subscribers 8, Number of inputs 17, Terrestrial input Passive, Number of trunk line outputs 17, Power adaptor None, Control signal 14/18 V, DiSEqC, 0/22 kHz, LNB feed 12 V, 22-kHz generator Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - TMS 17x8T
UPC: 5702663016088
Triax P/N: TMS 17x8T
Adaptaflex Locknut in silver color is made of brass to offer enhanced durability. It has M20 metric thread size and has 1/2-Inch thickness. It is suitable for metallic conduit fitting applications. It has an elegant nickel plating to offer superior corrosion resistance. Locknut is RoHS compliant.
UPC: 020963001395
ANTOP Coaxial Cable Splitter Ultra Mini Distribution for Satellite TV Antenna Signals 2GHz Compatible Devices Antop® Coaxial Cable SplitterUltra Mini Distribution for Satellite TV Antenna Signals 2GHzLow insertion loss, high return loss and isolation for satellite and over-the-air HDTV signal• Splits a coaxial cable signal source (cable/satellite/antenna) to two destinations• 5-2050MHz (2GHz) frequency range for compatibility with all digital ready RF signals• Precision zinc die-cast with 18K gold-plated chassis for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance• High shielding structure for lower digital noise and higher signal qualityThe ANTOP 2-ways TO 8-ways Splitter splits a single incoming coaxial signal, such as satellite signal, over-the-air HD (digital TV) antenna signal, into two outgoing signals to eight outgoing.Precision zinc die-cast with 18K gold-plated chassis for maximum signal transfer, corrosion resistance, and reliable connectivity.All ports DC Power Passing enables DC power from all outputs to pass the power to the input (or in the opposite direction). Thus all satellite receivers can supply LNB power, while all amplified outdoor antenna or masthead amplifier can be powered from the interior power supply devices. Care should be taken to ensure the input of a receiver will not be damaged by power from another receiver. Reverse powering protection is provided in many receivers and systems. All ports female F connector 75 Ohm All ports DC power pass Light weight and compact size Zinc die-cast with 18K gold-plated Low insertion loss, high return loss and isolation for satellite and over-the-air HDTV signal Two pieces of screws attached Technical SpecificationScreening factor: 5-300MHz≤¥75dB,300-470MHz≤¥75dB, 470-1000MHz≤¥65dB,1000-2050MHz≤¥55dBInsertion Loss: 4dB (5-47MHz), 4.5dB (47-1000MHz),5dB (1000-1750MHz),6dB (1750-2050MHz)Isolation: 20dB (5-47MHz),22dB (47-2050MHz)Return Loss: 12dB (5-2050MHz)Receiving Range: TV/SATImpedance: 75ΩAll Port DC Pass: 24V/200mA (max.)
This CKU band LNB and LNBFs are the newest line of satellite LNB & LNBFs in the world.
UPC: 034405000761
Terk P/N: TV44
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Plastic: ABS Metal: Aluminum Alloy Adjustable: Support 24, 33, and 39 inch dishes: Support
Digital Sat Satellite Signal Finder Meter Strength DIRECTV DISH TV This digital sat is microprocessor-controlled and thus reliable and accurate. The digital sat-Finder is very sensitive and can detect the lowest signals, the strong signals (strong satellite, large plants) can for a better.Thorough optimal adjustment, interference can be prevented by weather conditions. Ideal for satellite installation in the home and mobile equipment (caravan, camping, boat). Specification: 1. Input frequency: 950-2150 MHz 2. Min. input level: - 40dBm 3. Maximum input level: - 10dBm 4. Input impedance: 75 Ohm F-connector 5. Output impedance: 75 Ohm, F Connenctor 6. Betriebgsbereich: 52 - 60dB 7. Power supply: DC 13-18V 8. Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 44 mm Working process: 1. Switch the receiver on. The digital sat turns on automatically. 2. Roughly align your incorrect on the desired satellite. 3. The SAT has a variety of signal strength 0% display (critical point) 4. Move the dish slightly vertically and horizontally. The higher the scale value of Satfinders, the better the satellite signal. The scale indicates the highest value, you can classify the signal into a smaller level button with the "ATT". Repeat the move of the dish until the maximum value is shown again and a highest buzzer sounds. 5. Check you have found on your TV device, whether the right satellite. 6. Remove the cables on the sat and again connect the LNB to the receiver. Notes: To avoid the full beating out the needle, you put the SAT does not directly in front of the bowl. Please use a 5 dB attenuator, if you use an LNB (such as E.g. high gain) with more than 60dB. If you have no satellite receiver on hand, you can connect a 13-18V DC power supply with a F-plug at the connection socket of the receiver, to take the sat in operation. Package includes: 1 x Digital Satellite Finder 1 x F81 Connector 1 x User Manual Details pictures:
Colour: Black, White; Connector (PC/multimedia): F plug; LNB features: with switch; LNB feed size: 23 mm; LNB type (category): Quad LNB; No. of outputs: 4 x; No. of participants: 4; No. of satellites: 1; Noise factor: 0.2 dB
UPC: 5453002611685
Raymarine 37 STV Satellite TV Antenna System Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The Raymarine E93017 37 STV satellite television antenna system brings Raymarine performance and quality to on board entertainment for boats 25 feet and larger. The E93017 provides uninterrupted satellite television reception in almost any condition. The fully automatic, marine stabilized antenna quickly identifies compatible DVB (digital video broadcast) satellites, using a unique wide range search (WRS) algorithm . The E93017 achieves highly accurate satellite tracking dynamic beam tilting technology, ensuring a clear picture in the most challenging conditions. It also features conical scanning for maintaining the strongest possible signal, and a unique rotating sub-reflector the minimizes the need for constant dish movement resulting in much quieter operation than competitive units. E93017 Features: Satellite Television Antenna System, Part Number: E93017, 37cm Stabilized Antenna, Dual LNB Design, Wide Range Search Algorithm - Quick Satellites Identification & Acquisition, High Definition (HD) Compatible w/ Programming, Dynamic Beam Tilting Technology, Compact & Lightweight, NMEA 0183 GPS Position Input, Supports DIRECTV, Dish Network & Express Vu Satellite TV Services, Includes: 37 STV Antenna, Antenna Control Unit, Interconnect Cables, Mounting Hardware
RayMarine P/N: E93017
Say hello to unbelievably good satellite TV ; with no contract. All the tear-jerking, mouth dropping, hiding-behind-cushions, whooping-for-the-winning-team telly you're used to. And all for no monthly cost with Freesat. Over 200 subscription free TV and radio channels with 13 in glorious HD. The Freesat digital TV recorder from Bush also allows you to pause and rewind live TV so you'll never miss a moment, as well as record and store up to 300 hours of your favourite shows with 500gb of storage space. Freesat. HDMI, USB. Freesat receiver: Freesat SD. Freesat HD. Digitally interactive. Digital text. Auto setup. 14 day electronic programme guide. Audio description compatible. IPlayer compatible. Connectivity: LNB in. 1 HDMI socket. 1 USB port. Ethernet connection. General information: Upscales to 1080i and 1080p. Remote control AAA (included) . Size H4.75, W27.5, D20cm. Weight 1050g. Energy efficiency information: On mode power consumption 40 watts. Standby power consumption 0.5 watt.
UPC: 5055862306338
Bush P/N: 4558730
Multi switch distribute satellite TV signals to multiple receivers from a single dish and LNB Has three antenna input, eight antenna output interface for better data transfer Has a frequency response of 40 - 806 MHz (antenna), 950 - 1700 MHz (satellite)
Results 1 - 13 for lnb 
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