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Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses from Ciba Vision are the first lenses with the unique Triple-Action Moisture Technology for perfect moisturising throughout the whole day.Triple-Action means lubrication, moisturising and refreshment. These lenses lubricate in the morning, moisturise throughout the day and refresh every time you blink. Comfort until the end of the day.If you have ever had problems with dry eyes, try Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses and feel the ever refreshing difference.
Hylox ™ Soft Chews for dogs were designed with all aspects of joint, connective tissue, and bone health in mind. It contains the highest quality active ingredients: Glucosamine, MSM, Creatine, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, Tumeric, Sodium Hyaluronate, EPA, DHA, Boron, and a long list of Antioxidants. These powerful active ingredients combined with natural liver flavor create one tasty, soft chewable that enhances bone and joint health. Glucosamine is an easily absorbed natural substance that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissues. Glucosamine also helps to maintain synovial fluid that lubricates the joints and helps sustain joint mobility. EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) are vital to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints and help ease the stiffness and soreness from normal daily exercise or activity by cushioning tissues. MSM, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, and Tumeric play an important role in enhancing tissue pliability by helping to maintain a normal imflammatory response. These acids were selected especially for this formula to target tissue that surrounds joints. Another ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate, is similar to the fluid that surrounds the joints in your pet's body, and fluid acts as a lubricant and natural shock absorber for the joints. Antioxidants like Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin C help your dog's body by reducing damaging free radicals and allowing the body's cells to flush them out. Boron is important because it not only addresses tissue around the joint, but full health and strength of bones. Creatine is included to enhance exercise tolerance by supporting stamina and endurance as well as normal muscle recovery. Hylox was formulated with all key aspects of muscle and joint health: lubrication, healthy non-inflamed connective tissue, support of bone health, and ultimately joint mobility. It can be used with prescription drugs For Use In: Dogs
Whether you are just starting out with crossover steering or going full hydro, these arms are meant to handle it all and give you options as well! Paired with our optional Knuckle Bolt Kit (sold separately), the exclusive design of these arms not only allow you to set how you attach your steering links but where as well and increase overall knuckle and steering strength at the same time. Rather than use the factory kingpin springs, the knuckle is held together with a springless design that uses a set screw to adjust the torque required to hold together. This eliminates some of the slop that is commonly found in axles that receive moderate off-road abuse. The hardware for a springless conversion is included and consists of a 3/4 set screw, jam nut, grease zerk, .250 thick load washer, and upper kingpin bushing for each arm. Studs and nuts are NOT INCLUDED and are available for purchase separately. Please Note: Wheels with extremely large backspacing should not be used in conjunction with this high steer arm. These arms have been confirmed to fit 17, 4.75 backspaced wheels. Will NOT work with factory backspaced H1 wheels. The bulge on the side of the arm measures 1.25 from the spindle mounting surface. Please confirm you have adequate space between arms and wheels/tires before purchasing. Image is for illustrative purposes, you will receive a 5 bolt high steer arm. Driver side;Fits 5 hole OEM and Reid Dana 60 knuckles;Clear zinc plated;Machined black to allow customizable tie rod location;Proper 9°angle to compensate for knuckle kingpin inclination;Springless designCNC machined from 1.25 inch thick 1018 cold rolled steel;Grease zerk fitting for kingpin lubrication;Sold individually
Artec Industries P/N: HS6030D
Mist Coolant Lubrication Spray System Metal Cutting Engraving Machine Cooling Sprayer Specification: Material:plastic+metal+brass Fit for 8mm air pipe Size:36.5cm(L),hose about 1.5M. For CNC Lathe Milling Drill Machine. Cooling stone/metal/ceramic tile engraving machine. Feature: 1. Do not use liquid-corrosive. 2.Air flow and spray mist volume adjustable design, easier to use. 3. In the liquid without pressure output required to ensure that the air pressure in the range 5-7KGF / CM2 (atomization and gas, associated gas pressure). 4. Use the liquid viscosity at 68cSt or less. 5.Save 60-80% lubricants compared with the oldest lubrication tube. Package included: 1X Mist Coolant Spray System More Details:
The Red Line 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Additive promotes better fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication.
Red Line P/N: 70802
The Rexel Shredder Oil Sheet distributes the right amount of oil each time to ensure proper lubrication of the shredder Lubricate your paper shredder to keep it working efficiently with this shredder oil sheet. It prolongs the life of your shredder by distributing the required amount of oil, ensuring the different parts of the shredder operate smoothly. This oil is safe for use with all shredder models Shredder oil sheet Ensures correct distribution of oil Prolongs the life of the shredder Compatible with most shredder models Format: A5Comes in a pack of 12.
UPC: 5028252248020
Gillette Fusion5 ProShield mens shaving razor with lubrication before & after the blades shields from irritation while you shave. It features a razor handle with FlexBall technology which responds to contours and gets virtually every hair and 5 precision blades for incredible comfort vs. Mach3. With Gillettes thinnest and finest blades first 4 blades vs. Fusion5 ProShield allows less tug & pull vs. Fusion5. The Precision Trimmer on the back is great for hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose.
UPC: 047400656062
The WORX Jaw Saw electric limbing and trimming chainsaw is the perfect tool for storm debris or tough pruning jobs. The Jaw Saw takes the hassle out of using an ordinary chain saw, while making heavy-duty limb and brush clean-up safe, quick and easy. With the included Extend pole, the Jaw Saw is two tools in one! Forget the ladder - the extension pole attachment, extends the Jaw Saw's reach up to 12-feet, making it perfect for pruning and cutting hard-to-reach limbs. The extension pole requires no tools to attach and can be removed in seconds. The WORX Jaw Saw is powered by electricity, so it produces no noxious emissions. Different from gas-powered chain saws, our electric Jaw Saw doesn't require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult start-ups. It also features an automatic oiler that provides constant lubrication to both the bar and chain. Product Features: Cut or trim materials up to 4-inches in diameter Innovative auto-tension feature guarantees optimum tension at all times Blade housing allows for safe cuts directly on the ground Electric pruner/chainsaw with extension handle for cutting extra-tall branches Cuts limbs up to 12 feet high
UPC: 845534009323
Worx P/N: WG308
No electricity! No batteries! No power except light! The brighter the light, the faster it turns. Runs up to 3000 rpm. Used in science classes for experiments. Partial vacuum in glass globe where 4 vanes spin on needlepoint bearing. Spins continuously from sun or light bulb. No fuel, no lubrication, no repairs.
CO2 cartridges with silicone lubrication 12 grams each Each cartridge contains 0.80 grams of silico
A pair of elegantly designed cuticle scissors With ultra-sharp thin pointed tips & curved blades Helps trim ragged cuticles or hangnails precisely Made of stainless steel for durability Keep a little oil in joint for lubrication Wipe clean after use
Ultimate Dana 60 High Steer Arms Fits 6 hole with Keyway Solid Axle knuckles;Clear zinc plated;Machined black to allow customizable tie rod location;Proper 9°angle to compensate for knuckle kingpin inclination;Springless design;CNC machined from 1.25" thick 1018 cold rolled steel;Grease zerk fitting for kingpin lubrication;Sold as a pair Artec Industries Artec Ultimate Dana 60 High Steer Arms - HS6026 HS6026 High Steer Arms
Artec Industries P/N: HS6026
Keep your garden in shape with the McCulloch CSE 2040S electric chainsaw. It is a well-balanced powerful corded chainsaw, fitted with a durable, mid-length 40cm bar, perfect for cutting firewood or general maintenance. Its tool-less chain tensioner allows you to assemble and maintain the bar and chain quickly without any specialist tools. Its transparent oil tank window, means that its easy to check when additional chain oil is required. The McCulloch CSE 2040S features a visible chain brake indicator so you know when its engaged. A cable clip is provided to help keep the power cord out of the way when in use. Chainsaw features: 2000 watt motor. Chain bar length 40.64cm. Cord length 4m. Chain speed 13.5m/s. Automatic chain lubrication. Oil level indication. Quick stop chain brake. Rapid reaction kick-back brake. Features a safety trigger, safety guard and hand guard. Blade protection cover. Tool free chain assembly allows for simple fitting and chain adjustment. Weight 4.8kg.
UPC: 7393089148170
McCulloch P/N: 5231238
Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two, a high profile tubular wheelset which is great when aerodynamics are everything. Where the need to reduce aerodynamic resistance is fundamental, where only the chronometer counts and where hundredths of a second make a difference, the right wheel can only be a high-profile Campagnolo. Rim profiles derived from fluid dynamics and low-turbulence spoking architecture for integrating a mechanical device with human propulsion. A wheel which is the transformation of energy into speed, the excitement of power. For a race against time Bora Ultra Two is the must-have for specialized professional use and those looking for that extra competitive edge. These wheels have been conceived for those looking for the maximum aerodynamic performance, in time trials and in triathlons and feature the smoothest hubs in production. Key Features: Carbon hub bodies with variable sections to increase stiffness without adding unnecessary weight. Rear hub with oversize right-hand flange in light alloy and fitted with monolithic FW body. CULT Ceramic Bearings, The usual silicon nitride (ceramic) balls are paired with extra-hard and corrosion resistant Cronitect martensitic steel race, the new CULT bearings require only light oil for lubrication. Cup and cone bearings are simple, precise and easily adjustable for the perfect rolling wheel. Dynamic balancing rim design for a lighter, more efficient and more aerodynamic wheel. Hollow 50 mm carbon rim. Weight: 565g (front),745g (rear) (Manufacturer claimed nominal weight*). * The nominal weight refers to the lighter specification among the available options. The weight of the wheels does not includes the quick-release. The nominal weight does not take account of the sometimes considerable quantities of grease used in the assembly of the products.
Campagnolo P/N: WH9BOTFRX
Women's . Blades meet & cut at the very tip Sharp cutting edge ensures complete cut Double spring for smooth action & no breaking Made of quality Rochard stainless steel for durability Keep a little oil in joint for lubrication Wipe clean after use To use: Push back cuticle & trim dead skin around nail. Also cut hangnail. Not suitable for acrylic nails
UPC: 407920000019
manufacturer-number: RR125C - Conduit mounted ventilator 480m³/h 62W Mains frequency 50Hz, Rated voltage 230V, Material housing Steel plate, Flow rate 480m³/h, Nominal power 62W, Nominal width 125mm, Air handling temperature -40 . 70°C Centrifugal fan with 2 speeds to be installed in-line in circular ducting. For medium to smaller air flow volumes against high resistances. Casing made from galvanised sheet steel with spigots which fit standard duct sizes. Radial impeller with backward curved blades of plastic. Directly pressed onto the motor and dynamically balanced as a unit. Low noise, high efficiency. Single-phase AC external rotor motor, closed design, maintenance-free, built-in thermocontacts, sealed, low-noise ball bearings with long-term lubrication. Power control: by means of an electronic actuator or stepped transformer or two-stage operation with type DS 2/2 (SKU No.: 1267). Fan data (standard) Flow rate at 0 Pa 439 m3 / h, Max. Pressure 300 Pa, Conveying density 1.2 Kg / m3, Conveying temperature 70/70 degrees Celsius, Speed, 2480/1655 rpm, absorbed power 0.062 / 0.04 (A), voltage 230 V, current consumption 0,27 / 0,18 Ampere, frequency 50 Hz, insulation class F, protection class IP 44 Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - RR 125 C
UPC: 4010184056553
Helios P/N: RR 125 C
Long-lasting, heavy-duty lubrication and protection Won't freeze, melt, or run-off Ideal for metal-to-metal applications
High quality and new brand. Easy to use and very convenience to carry. Effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning.
Norelco Smart Clean Cartridge, The Norelco Cleaning Cartridge for the Smart Clean system effectively clean, lubricate and refresh your shavers. Its dual filter system cleans hair, foam and gel whereas the unique double filter prevents hairs from blocking your shaving heads. The cleaning cartridge has active lubrication system that helps to reduce friction and wear on shaving heads and blades, keeping your shaver performing like new for longer. Plus, the alcohol-free, skin-friendly formula protects against skin irritation and also gives you a fresh and hygienic shave. Cleaning Cartridge Features: Cleaning Cartridge - For Convenient Cleaning, Active Lubrication - Reduces Friction & Erosion, Dual Filter System - Cleans Hair, Foam & Gel, Double Filter - Prevents Clogging of Shaving Heads, Cleans up to 10x Better Than Water, Oil-Removing Formula, Alcohol Free, For all Smart Clean Systems
UPC: 075020041388
Norelco P/N: JC302 (2-Pack)
Renewing the oil filter with a new, correct specification item will help ensure the lubrication system does not let you down. The job of the filter cannot be overstated, failure of this item could mean catastrophic engine failure, would you want to take that chance! .
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