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This 14-piece Pyrex® set has dishes to meet all your food storage needs. The dishes are made of durable Pyrex® glass, and each comes with a secure-fitting lid to keep food fresher longer.
UPC: 071160223691
Royall Bay Rhum Cologne by Royall Fragrances 4 oz All Purpose Lotion / Cologne with sprayer for Men Royall Bay Rhum is a classic scent that will make any man feel unbelievably fresh. Made from oil Myrcia Acris from the Dominican, only the finest leaves are used to make Bay Rhum. The exact method of preparation is unknown outside the West Indies.
Royall Fragrances
Say hello to the PERFECT pant! These plus size ankle pants are made of soft and sexy fabric that moves with you. They feature double hook, button, and zip front closure, back slit pockets and faux front pockets to keep you looking smooth.
NEW FORMULA We have made some significant changes to our already superior Basic Prenatal formula to enhance the absorption and stability of the minerals and B-vitamins. Please click to review a side by side comparison of the old and new formulas. A complete nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating women*. Well-absorbed, tissue-ready vitamins and minerals reduce the risk of stomach upset*. Includes iron and the active form of folate (5-MTHF) to help maintain healthy iron and folate levels*. Manufactured without the additives and coatings usually found in mainstream prenatal tablets. Contains well-absorbed iron bisglycinate, which is easy on the stomach and non-constipating*.
Thorne Research
You don't have to be a music therapist to conduct these wonderfully organized sing-along sessions that are perfectly tailored to older groups. Each song is clearly sung by one to three singers, accompanied by piano, and sung in low keys so the elderly can join in on tune! Produced by musical therapists and professionally recorded. Volume 1: Thirty familiar songs and lyric book for 'Alexander's Ragtime Band,' 'For Me and My Gal,' 'Red River Valley,' 'You Made Me Love You' and more. Songs include: 1. Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here 2. Give My Regards to Broadway 3. Alexander's Ragtime Band 4. Smiles 5. School Days 6. My Wild Irish Rose 7. When Irish Eyes are Smiling 8. Shine On, Harvest Moon 9. America 10. Yankee Doodle Boy 11. Over There 12. Oh How I Hate to Get Up 13. There's a Long, Long Trail 14. America, the Beautiful 15. Love's Old Sweet Song 16. You Made Me Love You 17. Let Me Call You Sweetheart 18. For Me and My Gal 19. I Love You Truly 20. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 21. When You Wore a Tulip 22. Oh You Beautiful Doll 23. Red River Valley 24. My Bonnie 25. Bicycle Built for Two 26. Memories 27. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 28. Home on the Range 29. Take Me Out to the Ball Game 30. Till We Meet Again
Set includes a 2.5 oz Body Fragrance Spray and a 8.4 oz Shower Gel. Playboy VIP for Her is intended for girls who are elegant and always glamorous, exuding a playful sensuality that attracts every men under her spell. The fragrance is described as a floral composition that emphasizes femininity. It opens with accords of nectarines and peony, with apple, red fruits and vanilla flower in the heart and the base made of cashmere, sandalwood and musk.
UPC: 7804902030980
Get the 2004 West Virginia Season Football Highlights DVD for compelling hard-nosed football. Get uninterrupted footage that makes for great gifts for sports fans. This football DVD is high quality digital media in a full-screen format for the best viewing. Go Mountaineers!West Virginia football fans awaited the 2004 season with much anticipation. The Mountaineers had plenty of talent returning and were picked to win the Big East conference. Lofty goals and high expectations were placed on this team's shoulders. And the Mountaineers in this 2004 West Virginia Season Football Highlights DVD show they did not disappoint. They stood together knowing that the bonds they made will last long past a football career. In the end this group left every ounce of energy on the football field and played hard- nosed West Virginia football. Buy this authentic 2004 West Virginia Season Football Highlights DVD as a great gift for sports fans of all ages that will impress even the biggest Mountaineers fans.
UPC: 825452501000
Team Marketing
Intensive care to relieve "heavy" feeling legs.Made from 100 % natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils, "Anti-Eau" Oil is effective in helping reduce the appearance of "sponginess" and promoting more refined, lighter-feeling legs.
Three cute penguins party in the snow on this fun Christmas ornament by Irene Chan. This beautiful ornament was made in California.
UPC: 849719047780
Oopsy Daisy P/N: BL_NB44621
Mischievous Wolves Personal Checks feature 4 photographs of wolves in their wild habitats from grasslands to mountains to snow covered terrain. Wolves form family based packs in the wild and are comprised of a mated pair and their offspring. The theory of alpha wolves in packs comes from captive packs made up of unrelated wolves. Wolves have few natural predators other than humans and tigers. They will sometimes clash with bears. Wolves often lose in food fights and win when defending their dens.
Feast your eyes upon the wispy leaves and delicate hues of color that adorn this wondrous flower. Made of the finest material, the majestic beauty of this Lilly is held aloft by bamboo supports rising out of a bed of river rock submerged in artificial water. The sturdy, square glass vase brings this piece together, and gives it a poise that is unmatched.
Nearly Natural
Warning: Our national sovereignty and our freedom are in grave danger. Stealthily advancing, the globalists and socialists at the United Nations, and in the United States itself, are trying to dilute our national sovereignty, undermine our democratic values, and mandate massive transfers of our wealth and technology to third world countries. They want to create a "global governance" where binding and critical decisions are made by the UN and international commissions, instead of by our elected officials. They want to make us citizens of the world, and it means the end of annoying democratic institutions. Economic prosperity will be punished. All countries will be equal, rich and poor, large and tiny, free and enslaved. The Lilliputians will rule the giants. The globalists dismiss democracy as obsolete and surrender us to rule by civil service experts: bureaucrats who are elected by nobody and accountable to no one. They want Congress to ratify a series of treaties and global initiatives that will give them control of the Internet, the seas, our carbon emission policies, our welfare system, and even outer space. They will hobble our ability to go to war and send our wealth to third world dictatorships. They'll attack anyone who tries to stop them. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in May 2012, Hillary Clinton mocked those fighting for American sovereignty as "the black helicopter crowd," belittling those who value freedom and US sovereignty. Ironically, Clinton's sarcastic putdown comes strikingly close to the truth. They call it "global governance." We call it the end of freedom. The homogenization of America. The day when the virtual black helicopters land. So, watch out, the black helicopters are metaphorically on the way.
ISBN: 0-06-224059-5
These wire cutters are designed specifically for removing bonsai wire. Although enthusiasts new to bonsai sometimes substitute standard wire cutters, these are designed with a rounded head to prevent damage to the trunk and branches when removing wires. The jaws of the cutters cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly. Highly recommended for bonsai enthusiast. 8.0" overall.
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam TicketEnjoy a larger-than-life experience at Madame Tussauds and rub shoulders with the remarkably lifelike celebrity replicas! Swoon over the sassy Lady Gaga, strike a pose with the enigmatic Robert Pattinson, enjoy a coffee with George Clooney and lounge on the sofa with Robbie Williams! Take pictures with the wax statues of world-famous figures like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Queen Beatrix and Einstein. Admire the brilliant craftsmanship of the wax works and get up close and personal with prominent figures from across the globe. A visit to Madame Tussauds is now more dramatic than ever, with a number of fun interactive experiences on offer, including Mixing with DJ Tiesto, The Da Vinci Code, Shopping with Jennifer Lopez, I AM ART and Train your soccer skills with Ronaldinho!Amsterdam Dungeon Ticket Experience first-hand, the recreation of Amsterdams 500 years of sordid history at the Amsterdam Dungeon. Learn about the horrific torture techniques of the Spanish Inquisition, see the rat-filled streets during the era of the Plague, climb on board the 17th-century East India Company ship and enter the bone-chilling world of witchcraft! Through 11 shows, live performances and special effects, the darkest episodes from Amsterdams past will be eerily reproduced. Lose your way in the Labyrinth of the Lost and watch the Murder on the Zeedijk, the latest and greatest of the actor-led interactive shows on offer at the Amsterdam Dungeon. Amsterdams past is not exactly a fairy-tale and a visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon is not for the weak-hearted. With this ticket to the Amsterdam Dungeon, come face to face with stuff that nightmares are made of!
Beanie Ballz are a little wild and whacky, toss 'em and they always land on their feet. They are 5" in diameter and are made of Ty's best selling fabric - Ty Silk. For ages 3 and up.
Ty, Inc.
Men's 2.0 oz EDT Spray. An energetic sensual and very masculine fragrance Chic for men unifies elegant and eternally masculine woody notes and spicy freshness. This sophisticated fragrance is made for the intelligent emotional and elegant man who possesses great taste and likes luxury. The top note has the freshness of water and juices brought by citruses: Sicilian bergamot ice-cold lemon Italian mandarin and fresh melon. The middle is warm and gently spicy with the notes of cinnamon and black pepper. Eastern mysteriousness and sensuality are felt in the base notes: sandalwood cedar ambergris musk and Tonka bean.
UPC: 8411061311707
Carolina Herrera
Bravo, Encore! Kids love to get into the act, and this charades game is made especially to put your youngster in the spotlight! In this game, every player gets in the act on every turn, so it's ideal for home or school play. And there is no reading required, so little ones can play without help from Mommy or teacher. Encourage creativity and communication skills while having active fun. It's a game the whole family can play- and enjoy. National Parenting Publications Award and Early Childhood News 100 Best Picks.
UPC: 794764012101
University Games
When you want to break out of the fashion monotony of the 9 to 5 world, you need to find accessories that show off your style while still meeting the expectations of a suit and tie dress standard. This Tense watch is a subtle way to inject your personality into your everyday look. Made of natural solid Maplewood, it's a funky look to add to your everyday work look and it blends seamlessly into your weekend casual attire. It's the perfect treat for yourself or the stylish guy in your life!
UPC: 804718010111
Tense P/N: TENSJ5203M-ST
Most people don't know this about Wookiees, but they are notorious for packing way too much stuff. Just a trip to the grocery store requires a hydrospanner, a fusion welder, a hairbrush, a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo, a toothbrush and, of course, a snack. That's why they made this handy Chewbacca messenger bag. Based after the one the big lug uses in the Star Wars movies, it'll carry enough stuff to make a wookiee happy, so it should be more than enough for your simple human needs.
UPC: 034517740012
Comic Images P/N: CO74001-ST
The best scalp invigorating and volumizing hair cleanser ever made. Perfectly balanced for great thicker-looking, denser-looking hair.
UPC: 859595005385
Botanic Choice P/N: CKIT HVVS 0002
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