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MonoPrice - Active Indoor/Outdoor HD6 HDTV Antenna, 50 Mile Range Compatible Devices Active Indoor/Outdoor HD6 HDTV Antenna50 Mile RangeBreak free from subscription TV with Monoprice's Active Indoor/Outdoor HD6 HDTV Antenna. This antenna's 50 mile range makes it the best option for viewing national networks and local channels without additional monthly fees.This antenna gives you an easy to use option for getting free HDTV broadcasts from channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more. it enables you to reject the cable and satellite TV companies and their high monthly fees for free, everyday, full HD digital TV!The antenna is easy to mount outdoors with the included mounting hardware or the easy to install indoor stand. Note that channel reception will be affected by what is broadcast in your area, your surroundings (mountains, etc), and how far away you are from the towers.Features: Watch HDTV shows for free (no more cable bills!) Receives Full HD digital UHF TV signals Built-in wideband amplifier for best performance Enjoy multidirectional reception up to 50 miles from a tower Mount inside, in the attic, outside, or on a rail Weather and lightning resistant Simple setup out of the box Can be mounted on a wall or rail
An Auburn 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl Game DVD will bring back memories of one of Auburn University's biggest triumphs. The Tigers had to overcome a first-half deficit to the Ohio State Buckeyes and they did so in convincing fashion. These Auburn football DVDs are a commercial-free way to relive part of Tiger history.Auburn vs. Ohio StateOwn this Auburn 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl Game DVD for an unforgettable SEC vs. Big Ten battle! In front of a record crowd of more than 68 000 the Auburn Tigers squared off against the Ohio State Buckeyes. This Auburn football DVD contains the original network broadcast as seen on NBC Sports without commercial interruption. Own the history-making moment of an Auburn victory remembered!Buy an Auburn 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl Game DVD and celebrate the Tigers' most recent championship along with this classic victory.
UPC: 825452501079
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An iconic building. A hilarious TV show. Whatever "30 Rock" means to you, you can display it proudly with this stylish black t-shirt! Either way, it'll be a classic look. Black 100% Cotton Officially Licensed Standard Fit More 30 Rock items: 30 Rock Merchandise Size chart
It's time for your training as a superhero! After all, if you want to protect Metroville from the likes of Bighead and Dr. Brainio, you're going to need a friend of friends to teach you all the secrets of the trade. But, of course, the first step to becoming one half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo is having the right uniform for the job. You can't just head out there to fight crime wearing a pair of khakis and a t-shirt. You need to make sure that everyone knows that your Access's number one guy and that you're ready to save the day. You need a glorious spandex suit that helps you get into the crime fighting spirit. That's what this licensed Gary Costume is for! This Plus Size Deluxe Gary Costume brings you the signature look from the Saturday Night Live sketch! The baby blue jumpsuit perfectly recreates the uniform worn by the animated character. It's made of a spandex and nylon blend to fit your body build and give a form fit. The costume has the giant yellow “G” printed on the front, so everyone will know that you're Access's number one sidekick and the matching yellow gloves and briefs add the finishing touch to complete the look. You'll be feeling like stopping some evil schemes in no time, so just make sure to remember that you don't have all the super powers of the Robert Smigel cartoon character. All characters are property of NBC Studios.
UPC: 889851005033
Fun Costumes P/N: FUN2379PL-2X
"In the spring of 1984, I went to the northwest of France, to Normandy, to prepare an NBC documentary on the fortieth anniversary of D-Day, the massive and daring Allied invasion of Europe that marked the beginning of the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. There, I underwent a life-changing experience. As I walked the beaches with the American veterans who had returned for this anniversary, men in their sixties and seventies, and listened to their stories, I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for all they had done. Ten years later, I returned to Normandy for the fiftieth anniversary of the invasion, and by then I had come to understand what this generation of Americans meant to history. It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced." In this superb book, Tom Brokaw goes out into America, to tell thorough the stories of individual men and women the story of a generation, America's citizen heroes and heroines who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War and went on to build modern America. This generation was united not only by a common purpose, but also by common values-duty, honor, economy, courage, service, love of family and country, and, above all, responsibility for oneself. In this book, you will meet people whose everyday lives reveal how a generation persevered thorough war, and were trained by it, and then went on to create interesting and useful lives and the America we have today. "At a time in their lives when their days and nights should have been filled with innocent adventure, love, and the lessons of the workaday world, they were fighting in the most primitive conditions possible across the bloodied landscape of France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and the coral islands of the Pacific. They answered the call to save the world from the two most powerful and ruthless military machines ever assembled, instruments of conquest in the hands of fascist maniacs. They faced great odds and a late start, but they did not protest. They succeeded on every front. They won the war; they saved the world. They came home to joyous and short-lived celebrations and immediately began the task of rebuilding their lives and the world they wanted. They married in record numbers and gave birth to another distinctive generation, the Baby Boomers. A grateful nation made it possible for more of them to attend college than any society had ever educated, anywhere. They gave the world new science, literature, art, industry, and economic strength unparalleled in the long curve of history. As they now reach the twilight of their adventurous and productive lives, they remain, for the most part, exceptionally modest. They have so many stories to tell, stories that in many cases they have never told before, because in a deep sense they didn't think that what they were doing was that special, because everyone else was doing it too. "This book, I hope, will in some small way pay tribute to
ISBN: 0-8129-7529-4
The Conair® 3/4 inch hot brush is perfect for styling all hair types. It features 10 variable heat settings, a power indicator, an on/off switch, and a ready dot. It also has cool touch bristles, cool tip, a tangle free swivel cord, and a built in counter rest. Model BC48 NBC.
UPC: 074108309334
The Voice Screen Karaoke Make everyone's seats turn around with The Voice Screen Karaoke. This karaoke system lets your inner rock star take center stage with a cool graphic design inspired by the hit NBC reality singing competition. Shine bright on center stage, sing along to all your favorite songs and let your family and friends be the judge and see if you qualify for the next round! Make it a karaoke duo with a 2nd jack input set and ready to go for a second microphone connection (second microphone not included). Product Features: Microphone included to be ready to take center stage System designed with artwork inspired by the reality series 2nd audio jack included for additional microphone (2nd microphone not included) Compatible with most smartphone devices and/or tablets to sing along to your favorite songs Clear color screen display Let Your Voice be Heard! Able to connect to any smartphone device or tablet. Also has easy-to-use knob buttons and an included microphone, you can let your voice be heard! Color Screen Display With user-friendly navigation and a clear, easy-to-read color screen, let the world hear your talents with this fun music machine! Which Team are You? Shine bright on center stage with The Voice Screen Karaoke. Decide if you're team Adam or Blake with this cool karaoke system able to connect to any smartphone device or tablet for hours of musical entertainment.
UPC: 021331576705
The Voice P/N: KTV2000
: BNC Male Plug Q9 to Dual Hook Clip Test Probe Cable Leads Features: 100% Brand new and high quality, soft and durable. Compatible with all NBC interfaces devices, such as the signal source or oscilloscope. Specification : Cable Impedance : 50Ω Highest voltage : 500V Length : 110cm Package included : 1 x BNC test probe Details pictures :
UPC: 016581669024
Grimm: Dark Legacy is a tale of deep, dark exploration, hunger, and blood thirsty combat in a medieval setting.You play the ancestors of the Grimm. Your story takes place inside the Wesen journal featured in the hit NBC TV series.Hunt, gather, craft, and form a ruthless band of Grimm to defeat humongous hordes of Wesen on your journey. Can you survive?Key Features:Online Co-Operative GameplayBuild your own rag-tag team of up to 4 Grimm and work together to raid each country and deal out Grimm justice to the mayhem that lives there.Dark & Twisted WorldThe beautiful game world is inhabited by a coterie of fauna and flora that you need to survive. Each level is generated in real-time meaning there is no end to the unforgiving combinations of blueprints, Wesen, and other mysterious creatures out to get you.Rogue-Lite GameplayCollect loot and craft new gear to survive as long as possible. Death is inevitable, but it isn't the end! Pass your knowledge on to the next generation of Grimm and continue your adventure!The Wesen You KnowAll Wesen in the game are drawn directly from the TV show and are imbued with a range of powers that make hunting them a real challenge.
Stream over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills including Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, YouTube, Amazon Video, NBC, Watch ESPN, Disney, and more over the internet. Launch and control content with the included Alexa Voice Remote. Simply say, "Play Game of Thrones" or "Launch Netflix" and Alexa will respond instantly. Plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more. You just have to ask.
100% Genuine Smok replacement coil Leader Series for RBC SBC NBC MBC HBC EBC GBC bottom coil tank Tumbler aro tank Trophy tank
(Created for the NBC Broadcast of the 1988 Summer Olympics). By John Williams. For orchestra (Score). John Williams Signature Edition. 20th Century and TV. Difficulty: medium-difficult. Full score (spiral bound). Full score notation and introductory text. 22 pages. Duration 4m5s. Published by Hal Leonard
UPC: 073999738315
Hal Leonard P/N: 4490041
Accessory type (casings): Case handle; Colour: Black; Content: 1 pc(s); Dimensions, height: 41.66 mm; Dimensions, length: 108.13 mm; Dimensions, width: 13 mm; Hole spacing: 88.9 mm; Material: Aluminium; Type (manufacturer type): 1427 NBC
UPC: 623980512334
Hammond Electronics P/N: 1427NBC
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