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manufacturer-number: BE-16000.01 - Binary Input to read out floating contacts, LED indicator for each channel, max. input cable length 100m, To connect push buttons or window/auxiliary contacts, 4 integrated logical modules, e.g. interpretation of the inputs, (e.g. window closed or sending of an second object), NO or NC contact operation, sending of contact state, Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation, Forced setting function for each output, Scenes, block communication object for each channel, Operation with short/long button push and 2 objects, Counting of pulses, suitable for 30ms S0 pulses, Cyclical sending, sending after reset, Internal contact voltage 12V, Modular installation device for DIN 35mm rails, Integrated bus coupling unit.
MDT P/N: BE-16000.01
Pepperl & Fuchs Ultrasonic sensor features one program input and PNP switch output with NO/NC connection. It has a sensing range of 30 - 400 mm and adjustment range of 50 - 400 mm. The switching state is indicated with yellow LED. It is housed in nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance. The transducer has epoxy resin/hollow glass sphere mixture with foam polyurethane and PBT cover for durability.Sensor operates at a voltage of 10 - 30 VDC and current rating of 100 milli-Amps. Sensor require
Located only minutes from downtown Brevard, NC, Connestee Falls Golf offers you the perfect golf experience. challenging greens, beautiful layout, scenic views and extremely quiet spectators.
First class Noise Cancelling headphones fine-tuned for travelling
UPC: 028292276958
Dummy Collar Medium Brand New, The Dogtra Dummy Collar is used for dog training system, and it is available in small, medium and in large sizes. Dummy Collar Features: Dummy Collar, For Dogtra Models: Small: 175 NCP, 200 NCP, 280 NCP, YS300. Medium: 2300 NCP, 2302 NCP, 2500T&B, 2502T&B, 3500 NCP, 3502 NCP, Large: 7000M, 7002M, 7100H, 7102H, 1800 NC, 1802 NC, 1803 NC, 1804 NC, 1900 NCP, 1902 NCP
Dogtra P/N: Dummy-M
Our patent pending combination fabric introduces a revolutionary offering for personal and property fire safety. Rated to exceed all ASTM-1930 and NFPA-701 standards for fire protectant blankets, the FR-Xtreme fabric provides emergency and preemptive protection for industrial and residential applications. The thermal qualities provided by FR-Xtreme technology afford maximum burn protection for people, property, and our planet. Applications: The FR-Xtreme fire blanket can be used in emergency situations to aid in personal safety such as car accidents, where victims are trapped and fuels could ignite, structure fires, hospitals, hotels, office complexes, manufacturing plants, school buses, airplanes, wild land fires, oil field drilling and production operations. Emergency first response Manufacturing plants Commercial buildings Multi-story Hotels Hospitals Schools Warehouse Oil and gas production Homes Description: FR-Xtreme has a proprietary blend of fabrics with each layer working for a specific purpose. Our patent pending blend is not only fire proof, but also prevents flammable liquids from penetrating the surface and allowing them to burn off. The inner layer provides thermal protection from radiant heat giving maximum protection. Weighing only 9.5 pounds, our 58" x 78" rectangular blanket, complete with eyelets along outside edges, inner pockets for added protection, and handles in all four corners for easily carrying or dragging a victim to safety. Thermal barrier: Wool synthetic blend inner layer for superiorthermal Fire proof: Woven fireproof middle layer for protection fromflames Liquid proof: Liquid proof outer layer for protection from oil, gas, acid, etc. Performance: This technological breakthrough of fire proof and liquid proof materials far exceeds ASTM-1930 and NFPA-701 standards for fire protectant blankets. Testing was performed at NC State University’s PyroMan thermal protective clothing analysis system using a 3-layer skin model. Test results show on a six second burn only 1.75% of the body had third degree burns using our blanket, while our competitors were 63.14%.
Fire Fabrics
This 17.5x40.5, wool, Classic College pennant is handcrafted and appliqued to prominently display North Carolina at Chapel Hill's current mascot design.
UPC: 674088531109
Winning Streak Sports
Welcome to the Land Rover Experience Driving School, a unique opportunity to take advantage of the unparalleled capabilities of a Land Rover at the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.Start on a challenging off-road obstacle course where you will learn to properly navigate steep ascents and descents, pick the right line on side tilts, and maintain vehicle control on log bridge crossings. When driving off-road the speeds are slow, but there's no time to relax. No matter how slowly you drive things happen fast when you're descending a steep, deeply rutted two-track trail or when you're managing a tight, hairpin turn with trees encroaching on both sides. Even at a single mile per hour, you're sure to feel a surge of adrenaline as you drive over a pile of logs with just three wheels touching, and only one with traction! Whether an off-road enthusiast, seasoned adventurer or curious novice, this Land Rover experience is guaranteed to excite.
This 62mm Nikon brand Neutral Color Filter provides protection to the surface of your lens and the multi-coated surface helps minimize flare and ghosting.
UPC: 018208024803
NIKON P/N: 2480
Install this heavy duty switch as an affordable Insteon 220V/240V Solution for controlling hot water heaters and other high current devices.
UPC: 813922010381
Insteon P/N: SMH-2477SA2 R1.8
Great a bright and bold Calculator with the Casio MS-20 NCThis MS-20 NC Calculator is great for the classroom, office and home. Keep it to hand to help your figure out the numbers whether it be Profit margin, tax and scientific calculations. This Calculator used both Solar and Battery technology making this product long lasting Product Type Desktop calculator - LCD - 12 digits Features 3 memory buttons, key rollover Basic Functions Percent, backspace, double zero, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division Scientific Functions: Square root Financial Functions: Profit margin, tax calculation3-Digit Punctuation: Yes Power Source Solar panel, battery Colour: Orange.
UPC: 4971850087410
PrimeCables® RG59/U-Crimping BNC Male Connector Compatible Devices RG59/U-Crimping NC Male Connector Features Two-Piece BNC Crimp Compatible with RG59/U Cable Type Impedance : 75 Ohms Construction : Zinc Body Copper Contact Specifications Connector 1 : BNC male Connector 2 : Cable crimp (RG59/U type cable)
Meet the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless The HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless offers just about everything music aficionados with active lifestyles could wish for: Bluetooth 4.0 technology, intuitive ease of use, exceptional wearing comfort and stunningly powerful sound. This elegantly minimalistic closed-back around-ear headset also features Sennheiser Noise Gard active noise cancellation letting you enjoy music, movies or phone calls in peace - everywhere. Signature Sennheiser Sound Proprietary drivers used in the HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless deliver powerful, detailed and well-balanced sound with satisfyingly dynamic bass. Listening sessions are pure joy - no matter the music genre. Wireless Freedom The HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 featuring aptX codex compatibility providing wireless freedom of movement and exceptional sound quality. Noise Gard Active Noise Cancellation Noise Gard active noise cancellation virtually eliminates unwanted ambient sound. Whether on a plane, train or noisy street Noise Gard provides a comfortable listening experience allowing you to relax and focus on the music, not the noise. Instant Pairing via NFC Hassle-free Bluetooth connection is accomplished using Near Field Communication (NFC) with compatible smart devices. Intuitive Controls Intuitive ear-cup mounted controls make adjusting volume, changing tracks, and managing incoming calls via the integrated microphones a breeze. Long Battery Life Enjoy up to 19 hour battery life with Noise Gard active noise cancellation engaged and up to 25 hour battery life with Noise Gard switched off. Passive, battery-free listening mode is also possible via a supplied detachable cable when the headset is out of power. Great Wearing Comfort Soft leatherette covered ear pads provide exceptional wearing comfort for long listening sessions. Perfect Portability With its side-swivelling ear cups and a robust foldable headband design, the HD 4.50 Wireless can be easily and compactly stored in its supplied protective case. Product Details Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technologies to deliver exceptional wireless sound quality. Noise Gard active noise cancellation to reduce ambient noise levels improving the listening experience. Intuitive ear-cup mounted controls for changing tracks and for making calls via the integrated microphone. Up to 19 hour battery life with Bluetooth and Noise Gard activated and is supplied with connecting cable for battery-free listening 2 year warranty Technical Specifications Wearing Style - Around Ear Transducer Principle - Dynamic, Closed Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0 / NFC Pairing Frequency Response - 18 - 22,000 Hz Impedance - 18 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 113 dB (Passive: 1 kHz /1 Vrms) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) - 0.5% (1 kHz / 100 dB) Battery Life - Up to 25 Hours Weight (headphones) - 8.4 oz. (238 g)
UPC: 615104266964
Sennheiser P/N: 506783
3.2 Inch TFT LCD Display Module Touch Screen For Raspberry Pi B+ B A+ Features: -Support access raspberry pie, easier to use -Support Raspbian system that allows your system: -Support for video playback (MP4 and other formats) -Support for touch control camera (17 kinds of camera mode) -Support soft keyboard (mouse and keyboard can also be controlled from the system) Specification: Type TFT SPI Interface Touch panel control chip XPT2046 Levels Index 65536 LED backlight Resolution of 320x240 (Pixel) Size ratio 4:3 Power consumption TBD Backlight current TBD Operating Temperature TBD Question: How much power does this consume? Answer: 1A 1) Brightness of display in NITs ? At face of touch screen.- 250 lumens 2) Display Transmissive or Transflexive or Reflective ?- Reflective 3) Display Temperature range ?- -20~70°;C 4) Display pixel response time ?- us Level 5) Resolution of touch screen ?- 320x240 (Pixel) 6) Touch screen 4, 5, 7 wire ?- 4 -wire Resistive Touch Interface definition Pin No. Symbol Description 1, 17 3.3V Power supply + (3.3V power input) 2, 4 5V Power supply + (5V power input) 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 22 NC NC 6, 9, 14, 20, 25 GND Ground 11 TP_IRQ Touch Panel interrupt, low level while the Touch Panel detects touching 12 KEY1 Button 13 RST Reset 15 LCD_RS LCD command control, command / data register select 16 KEY2 Button 18 KEY3 Button 19 LCD_SI/TP_SCK LCD display / touch panel SPI data input 21 TP_SO Touch panel SPI data input 23 LCD_SCK/TP_SCK LCD display / touch panel SPI clock signal 24 LCD_CS LCD chip select signals, low-level selection LCD 26 TP_CS Touch panel chip select signal, choose low touch panel Note: 1. Please allow 1-3cm errors due to manual measurement. 2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. 3. The Raspberry Pi board does not includes. 4. Due to inventory shortages, blue board, green board will random delivery, both of them are the same function. Package included: 1 x 3.2inch RPi LCD Board 1 x Touch Pen
3D, CAPE HATTERAS, NC, Sterling Silver, 1/8 x 5/8 in
The EC head is consisted of two heating wires vertically placed in parallel, which can handle up to 80W(0.3ohm) and 100W(0.5ohm).
Maiden collection NC from local hardwoods Painted black with clear protective coating
Conexión fija 4 niveles de temperatura Acabado PVC impermeable 3 Tiempos programables: 45, 60 y 90 min Autostop de seguridad después de 8h de uso continuado Calentamiento rápido en 5 min. Descenso automático de la temperatura a los 90 minutos de uso continuado Funda textil Dimensiones:40 x 15cm Potencia:35W
UPC: 8422160003356
Grandfathers connect us to the past and give us the wisdom we need to face the future. That's why this artfully designed keepsake offers grandfathers their own special vehicle for sharing their lives with the youngest generation. The contemporary styling and irresistible format-featuring helpful questions written from the grandchild's perspective-make it wonderfully easy to explore family history. There's space to mention favorite relatives, jot down beloved stories, and pass on the important lessons that Grandfather learned from his parents-and grandparents. He can recount details of his childhood and teen years; reminisce about how he met Grandma; and reflect on his own experiences with fatherhood. Because the grandchild is also the star, there are questions to inspire Grandfather to remember when he first saw his grandchild, reveal what he likes best about being a grandparent, and relate how being a grandparent has changed who he is as a person. And of course, this essential volume has plenty of room to paste in precious photos and mementos.
ISBN: 1-60059-093-4
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