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FEATURES of the Coal Khan Cap This embroidered twill trucker hat is a slimmed down - shallower version of the Hauler that has captured the hearts and noggins of wearers for years Material: Cotton and poly mesh
UPC: 842852178526
Coal P/N: 232803
We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don't, you really can't take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples' bags as creepy little gifts. Now that's using your skull!
UPC: 762543817209
Sunstar P/N: SU81720-ST
The perfect hat for the aspiring Magizoologist! Witches and wizards can accomplish a lot with their sorcery. They can open locked doors with a flick of their wand, disguise themselves as other witches and wizards, plus they can transport themselves to different places without the use of a vehicle. Living the magic lifestyle is awesome, but there's actually no incantation out there to keep their noggins warm when the weather is frigid. So wand-wavers have to use hats just like us muggles!This hat is the perfect option for those who have magical capabilities, for those who aspire to be the next Newt Scamander, and those who just want a sweet hat to wear this winter. The cuff features an embroidered patch and a matching pompom sewn to the top. Throw it on to accentuate your Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them inspired getup or just wear it while you're hunting down those tricky Nifflers!
UPC: 190371341205
Bioworld Merchandising / Independent Sales P/N: BWKC4GLCFAN00PP00-ST
Author Name: Bonnie Marie Barker Publisher: Leisure Arts, inc. Publishing Date: November 01, 2010
Keeping babies warm is so important to their health That's why Glenna Anderson Muse designed these knit hats for babies in the hospital where she works as a respiratory therapist. So that every baby can have a cozy cap, the sweet patterns are written for three sizes of preemies and three sizes of term babies (newborn, 3-6 months, and 12 months). Each of the 19 designs uses medium weight yarn and is based on one of four basic hat styles: Basic Paper Bag Hat, Basic Jester, Basic Beanie, and Basic Cone. Seasonal looks include bunny ears, springy curls, patriotic stripes, and Halloween and Christmas characters, but the hats look just as adorable without a holiday theme. Each design is an opportunity to make gifts of love for the babies who need them
ISBN: 1-60900-215-6
Results 1 - 5 for noggins 
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