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Bussmann 8-Pole Double row standard terminal block in black color features nuclear grade noryl construction that provides durability. Brass terminals are plated with nickel that provides resistance to corrosion. Standard block comes with shorting strap and four shorting screws. It has voltage rating of 600 Volts and current rating of 60 Amps. The distance between the barriers is 0.437 Inch and has 0.625-Inch pitch. It accommodates copper conductors of size 22 - 6 AWG. It has 10-Inch 32 screws an
UPC: 051712583824
Suunto MB-6 Global Brand New Includes 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, Product # SS014889000 The Suunto MB-6 Global is a combination of a hand bearing and base plate compass in a highly resistant Noryl matchbox style case and is ideal for marine use. This mirror compass has Adjustable Declination Correction Scale which is useful when working in areas of large magnetic variation. Suunto compass is designed with Single Zone System, there are only one balance zones to consider, the northern hemisphere. This MB-6 Global Compass has sighting compass with the mirror which makes it perfect for marine use. You can view the compass dial in dark condition as it is designed with easy-to-read luminous markings. MB-6 Global Features: Feature Packed Compass, Clinometer, Single Zone System - Balanced for Northern Hemisphere, Globally Balanced Needle - with Jewel Bearing, Adjustable Declination Correction Scale - Ensure Precise Measurements, 20°;Tilt Margin - for Easier Readings, Sapphire Jeweled Bearing, Sighting Compass w/ Mirror, Highly Durable Matchbox Style, Easy-To-Read Luminous Markings - Help to Use Compass in Dark Conditions, Highly resistant case
UPC: 045235901142
Suunto P/N: MB-6 Global(Single Pack)
Material: Plastic headgear with noryl crown For use with protective caps, F400 4 in crown with adjustable 5000 Speedy Loop Attach to cap series hard hats
Proxxon 38706 Transformer NG 2/SProduct Features Very compact design. Noryl casing (heat resistant - a necessity for transformer enclosures). Capacity 2,0A at 16 Volt open circuit - and 12 Volt under load = 24 VA (DC). Primary supply 110 - 120V. Polarized socket for MICROMOT plug. Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) element prevents overload, plugged in tool will not automatically restart. After cooling down, the AC wall plug should be disconnected briefly to reset the adapter. Modern design with holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tool ready for use. Tool and accessories not included.
In a rugged Noryl housing. Resistant to weak inorganic acids and bases, alcohol, oils - also suitable for air and gas flows. An arrow on the housing indicates the direction of flow. Applications· Mains water control· Power shower· Central heating systems· Circulation pump protection· Cooling systems
UPC: 2050000366949
TE Connectivity Sensor P/N: FS-01
FLOW SWITCH NORYL DC 1L/MIN 10BAR; Flow Rate:0l/min; Flow Rate Max:1l/min; Pressure Max:10bar; Supply Voltage DC Min:-; Supply Voltage DC Max:200V; Accuracy %:-; Port Size:19.05mm; Product Range:FS Series; Contact Configuration:SPST; Contact Current AC Max:1A; Lead Length:1m; Material:Noryl; Operating Temperature Max:85°C; Operating Temperature Min:-30°C; Thread Type:BSP
CONCATENATE(GETPART(FLOW SWITCH NORYL 250VAC 10BAR; Flow Rate:0l/min; Flow Rate Max:1l/min; Pressure Max:10bar; Supply Voltage DC Min:12V; Supply Voltage DC Max:15V; Accuracy %:-; Port Size:-; Product Range:- ";" 1) " - " FS-01)
Results 1 - 8 for noryl 
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