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Mystères Magazine vous propose de découvrir les arts occultes (magie, astrologie, divination), les sciences occultes et secrètes (sorcellerie), ainsi que leurs pouvoirs. Mystère Magazine vous invite à explorer ce monde tellement secret mais au combien passionnant. De Nostradamus, en passant par les secrets du pendule, du pouvoir des sorcières au pouvoir des Anges, découvrez les pratiques et les rituels d’un monde fascinant.
BOOK TWO OF THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE SERIES More Mind-Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts* Hidden Underground Cities* Energy and Creator Beings* Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions* Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth* Characteristics of the New Earth* The Universal Language of Symbols* Splinters and Facets of the Soul* Life on Other Planets
ISBN: 0-9632776-3-4
UPC: 056775007492
1566 - Salon de Provence - FranceThe court of king Charles IX is making a frand tour of France. Catherine de Médicis, his mother, victim of strange curse, decides to pay a visit to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus.But he is too fatigued to come to her assistance, and it is his daughter Madeleine, under a false identity, who offers her services to the queen mother.Between the intrigues of the court of France, which Catherine de Médicis holds in an.
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Author: Nostradamus, Gabriel HARD COVER BOOKS (168 pages) Publisher: Old House, July 2014
Results 1 - 5 for nostradamus 
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