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Keep trade secrets safe with a nondisclosure agreement for visitors Though there was once a time when guests could freely wander through business offices, times have changed. Businesses have learned that nowadays, visitors can walk out of the building with trade secrets that could be extremely valuable to competitors. That's why it's important that each visitor to your offices sign a nondisclosure agreement. Use Nolo's Visitor Nondisclosure Agreement to: record essential identifying information about each visitor lay out the trade secrets that must be kept confidential establish a confidential relationship with the visitor Don't worry about your business's secrets being leaked! Make sure visitors sign this easy-to-use legal form and protect your business. This form has been specially designed to be simple and easy to understand - that is, no visitor should object to signing it.
Nowadays no one leaves home without their trusty iPhone. Back in the 80's, cell phones were way less inconspicuous and resembled a brick more than our popular idea of a cell phone. Educate everyone on what a retro portable phone looks like with this Inflatable Mobile Phone. This is a great accessory for any 80's costume!We can still remember the days when soap and drama stars walked around with their cell phones and we through they were just the coolest. A phone you can carry with you? How rad is that!? But you couldn't really carry them with you. They were quite big and cumbersome (does anyone remember the bag phone?).This inflatable cell phone accessory does the idea of cell phones in the 80s and 90s justice by being oversize and hilarious. Think of yourself sitting in the back of a classroom making calls on this thing. It's quite comical to think about, isn't it? It goes well with any 80s costume for a fun look this Halloween.
UPC: 5020570352632
Smiffys P/N: SM35263-ST
Brass Handmade Chains, Unwelded, Nickel Free, Antique Bronze Size: Ring: about 6mm in diameter, 1mm thick; 3 Shape Clasp: 5.5mm in diameter, 1mm thick, about 10m/roll. Nowadays, chains are more and more widely used in all all kinds of situation. As long as you notice you will find they are used as bag chains which may increase its fashional element, bracelet chains, belts and so on. It can be used for decoration individually or match with other ornaments, such as jewelry beads or pendants.
The dress is considered essential to a perfect wardrobe. Its special bohemian style is always popular nowadays. It also features crew collar and sleeveless design. Just throw it over a pair of knee high tassel boots to show your unique beauty.
While you're probably streaming your music nowadays, one cannot forget about the roots of transmitting music. Our Transistor Radio Schematics will let you channel some old school vibes. If you listen carefully, you might just hear some Beach Boys. Imported.
Wild Ties
BabyBjörn high chair Nowadays in a stressful time eating meals together with the whole family is an important event and valuable time for all. The better it is that your little sweetheart may comfortable and safe enjoy these meals in the BabyBjörn high chair together with you. The high chair was developed together with parents and pediatricians and is suitable for your sunshine from an age of approx. 6 months (as soon as your darling is able to sit alone) up to an age of approx. 3 years (max. body size 95 cm). The high chair is also adaptable to the current body size of your growing angel of course. Thanks to the enclosing, curved backrest your treasure will sit upright and convenient. The adjustable, shell-shaped attached eating-board can be used as tray or retaining bail which prevents standing up or dropping down of your little wild tiger. You even do not need a safety-belt and the two-level safety lock cannot be opened neither from your sweetie nor from older siblings. Due to its special shape it will for you be facilitated lifting your honey into the seat and out of the seat. The eating-board of the high chair is equipped with a smooth surface which is wipe able with a wet cloth and has none slits where left-over could be stuck. Furthermore is the board particular positioned close to the belly of your little bunny so left-over rather cannot fall down into its lap. The board is even dishwasher-safe. All these facts let the high chair be very hygienic. The used material (plastic and varnished steel) is easy-care, stable and durable as well as PVC-free and BPA-free. Another advantage is its space-saving shape and easy handling. The high chair is quickly foldable, stow able and transportable. So it is assured that you will have a safe and comfortable seat opportunity for your little sparrow even on longer journeys and short trips. Please take special care that the safety lock is always closed correct before you lift your honey into the seat. Make also sure that you do not leave your little mouse in the chair without your supervision please. So can you and your little cutie enjoy eating all meals together. Product details: * suitable for babies / children from approx. 6 months up to 3 years (max. body size 95 cm) * childproof, two-level safety-lock * curved backrest which encloses the body of your sweetheart * adjustable easy cleanable eating (safety) board * smooth surface without slits where left-overs could stuck * stable, durable materials, PVC-free and BPA-free * net weight: approx. 5 kg * height during use: 83 cm * height/width/depth folded: 50 x 44 x 25 cm * effortless mounting without any tool
UPC: 7317680670212
Baby Björn P/N: 067021
Our blue tee reads: "For all those men who say "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Here's an update for you. Nowadays, 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage." 100% cotton. Imported.
The all-in-one protective phone case with hinged back for built-in storage that clicks shut to keep your personal items-cash, credit card, i.d. - securely in one place. Specifications: Fits Samsung GALAXY S/4 Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.9" x 0.8" Hinged back for built-in storage space Holds three bank cards and cash comfortably Comes with enclosed mirror Kickstand feature for watching videos and Face Time chatting Easy access to phone and all ports/controls Form-fit feature protects screen Made with high quality polycarbonate to protect phone and valuables Rubber coating for sleek finish and secure grip Phone easily slides into case About EYN: eyn was developed as a simple solution to an everyday problem: having the freedom to walk around with just your phone and a few necessities - a couple credit cards, some cash and your i.d. We felt that most people nowadays don't want to carry much more, so that's why we created eyn (pronounced 'n') - which stands for everything you need. While designing eyn, our goal was to create a built-in storage area within the case that clicks shut and keeps your personal items hidden and secure, so you can carry everything together all in one place. No more. carrying a bulky wallet or oversized bag (unless you want to) shoving your credit card and cash in between your phone and case exposing your personal items on the exterior of the case taking your phone out of its case just to make a call And we've also included a mirror for quick touch-ups. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the eyn case - the phone case that holds everything you need.
UPC: 097914304515
EYN P/N: eyngalaxyS4camouflag
WAW is a unique game concept which aims at simulating in one single system ALL conflicts throughout the world (and beyond) from Prehistoric times to nowadays, from grand massive wars to asymmetrical conflicts. And it will work also on non-historical, alternate history, fantastic or SF titles. The key is the use of a single system of rules and situations which works in all cases.
No teenage room decor is complete nowadays without at least a hint of woodgrain or chevron. Get both with this tragically hip canvas wall art!
UPC: 846418071849
Wheatpaste P/N: BL_NB6408
The commonly seen one strap backpack is very popular nowadays among young people! The fashionable design of backpacking backpacks makes them so charming and cool, to show the young energy, the function of personalized backpacks is also growing to be more considerate, which can be shown from the small packages on the hunting backpacks for little items. Wholesale gregory backpacks are cheap, and of good quality, you can buy a new army backpack for yourself and go for a mountain climbing maybe!
USB 3.1 Type C Male to Female HDMI Charging Adapter Cable Converter Descriptions: In nowadays' Internet or newspaper, the concept of Type C was advertised as a magic story. However, the truth is that most of the present Type C interface is actually, so called USB3.1 Gen 1 ( 5Gbps). To be a new concept interface Type C is inevitable associated with traditional USB3.0, USB2.0 interface. Here we made out the following Type C Interface plug to HDMI female adapter to meet the basic needs of Type C interfaced machines users. Features: Sleek & Slim Design With its premium aluminum exterior and compact design. Reversible plug orientation & Cable direction-The Type-C supports positive and negative plug, without fear of misplugging. USB 3.1 Type C is backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0 Use smaller but stronger elements. Amazingly simple, delicate, small and handy. Easy to put into your bag when you are at work or on business trip. Anti-Electromagnetic Wave Interference. Stable Data Syncing. Specifications: Product Name: Type C to HDMI Charging Cable Adapter Interface A: USB Type C Male Interface B: HDMI Female+USB3.0 Port+USB-C Compatible with: Type-C interfaced device Maximum transmission rate: 5GP/S Material of Shell: Aluminium Alloy Material of Wire: Pure Copper UL Size: 62 x 52 x 12mm/2.5 x 2.0 x 0.5 inch Cable length: 60mm/2.47 inch Color: Gold/Silver/Gray Package Included: 1 x USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Female Cable Adapter
Clear Creek Golf Center and Tennis Shop is the best place to improve your swing or start learning the game of golf. It's the best instructional facility in the Shelbyville golf community, and many Louisville golf enthusiasts make the quick drive east for tee times at Clear Creek. Clear Creek even began as an addition to a driving range, the time-tested destination for golfers to improve their swings. Nowadays, it's a fully-functional Shelbyville golf facility with a 9-hole course that spans 1,669 yards from the longest tees for a par of 30, a course rating of 28.8 and a slope of 84. Any great golfer will tell you, you can never be perfect at this classic game, and that's why we have places like Clear Creek.
Back in the early 90's, it was pretty rare to see a kid with a cellular phone. Nowadays it's more common than finding them with a pencil in hand! If you remember the day and age when the only kid you knew with a cell phone was Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell, why not show it off with pride? This inflatable cell phone is the perfect costume accessory for anyone looking to complete either a Zack Morris costume, Saved By The Bell costume or just a 90's costume! Silver inflatable 12 inches More Saved By the Bell items: Saved By the Bell Merchandise
Costume Agent
Under pressure to get a tasty, nutritious dinner on the table in a flash? Like the idea of preparing fork-tender beef stew in thirty minutes and pot roast in under an hour? All this and more is made possible by the pressure cooker, a magical appliance that produces soul-satisfying, homemade food in one-third (or less) the standard cooking time. In "Pressure Perfect," Lorna Sass, the country's leading authority on pressure cooking, distills her two decades of experience into one comprehensive volume. First learn everything you need to know about buying and using today's 100% safe cookers. Then enjoy more than 200 recipes for preparing soups, meats, poultry, grains, beans, vegetables, and desserts in record time. How about whipping up a savory risotto in 4 minutes, chicken cacciatore in 12 minutes, or a delectable chocolate cheesecake in 25 minutes? Because the pressure cooker tenderizes tough cuts of meat quickly, you can prepare fall-off-the-bone beef short ribs or lamb shanks on weekday nights instead of waiting for a special occasion. The pressure cooker also allows you to make delectable one-pot meals in minutes. Among the many innovative recipes and techniques, you'll learn to cook meatloaf and potatoes simultaneously in 10 minutes, and meatballs, pasta, and sauce at the same time in only 5 minutes. Many recipes also suggest Cook-Along ideas for preparing vegetables and grains along with the entree. To further help those cooking under pressure (and who isn't nowadays?), each chapter contains timing charts for quick reference. Tips and Pressure Points in every recipe ensure optimum results. This ultimate guide to pressure cooking is a must for all busy cooks, boaters, brides, college students, and anyone looking for a great way to make irresistible, healthy, home-made food fast.
ISBN: 0-06-050534-6
This map pack adds three action packed levels to your game!Chasm The Chasm was going to be a hub of transport and mining operations. The plan was to create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the living standards of the people of Elysion One. The Chasm was a good sign of a great future for humanity but nowadays it's abandoned. Half-built transport roads and mining stations stand lonely while Skye prepares for the marauding hordes. Invasion Ever since the bioluminescent aliens first.
Coffee Stain Publishing AB
It used to be quite a big deal to be a Bannerman of House Stark. You got to serve one of the mightiest (and noblest) houses of Westeros, and they even gave you a scarf just like this one for your loyalty. Nowadays, things aren't so hot in the North. But we have a feeling everything is going to turn around! You can outfit your favorite riding outfit with this authentic Game of Thrones knit scarf, and you'll feel ready for a trip all the way to Winterfell. With a stylish stripe pattern so you'll look sharp out on the King's road, but it will keep you warm and toasty too. With that kind of combination, Lord Stark himself would be proud!
UPC: 020841009789
Concept One Accessories P/N: CEETGT1033-ST
Men's 3.3 oz EDT Spray. Lalique is celebrating 20 years in the fragrant business and many more in the business of providing precious crystals for perfumes. In order to mark this important anniversary they launched a new masculine fragrance aboard the luxurious Orient Express.The spot chosen couldn't be more laden with historical memory - Not only had René Lalique decorated several of the legendary train's wagons with his ornate creations but his grand-daughter Marie-Claude launched the first feminine scent by the house of Lalique Lalique de Lalique on the Orient Express herself in 1992. Nowadays Lalique counts 9 fragrances in their catalogs 5 for women and 4 for men distributed in a selective circuit of doors.Homage A L'Homme (Homage to Men) the newest Lalique fragrance is a spicy woody fragrance for men which reads as a "niche" scent developed by acclaimed perfumers Christine Nagel and Mathilde Bijaoui. Hommage A L'Homme was launched in 2011.
UPC: 3454960026483
Official Emoji Brand, Golf Accessories, Gift Set, Emoji, Bright Yellow, Crying with Laughter, Golf, The Iconic Brand, Divot Tool, Ball Marker, Golf Balls, Golfing Towel, Wooden Emoji Golfing Tees. Emoji is a part of everyday life nowadays. This gift set is the official emoji brand. Great gift set for occasions, Fathers Day, birthday, Christmas gift. Stand out from the crowd with your bright yellow emoji accessories. Comes with a 100% cotton black emoji towel also includes a divot tool and ball marker. Size: H64cm, W54cm, D49cm.
UPC: 5060292987880
Emoji P/N: 7362497
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