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Softcover, 312 pp.
The STAEDTLER Triplus® Fibre-tip Pen uses water-based ink in bright colour that washes easily out of most textiles This fibre-tip pen is designed with an ergonomic triangular barrel which makes it very comfortable to use. The STAEDTLER Triplus® Fibre-tip Pen has a fine tip, which creates a line width of roughly 1 mm, making it ideal for works that require precision and accuracy. Its water-based ink produces bright colour and washes out of most textiles. The pen has a ventilated cap for extra safety and its PP barrel ensures a long service life. The pen has a pressure-resistant tip which keeps writing steady and is very easy to use.| Ergonomic triangular barrel for added comfort| Fine tip| Line width: 1 mm| Water-based ink produces vivid colour| Ventilated cap for added safety| PP barrel for added durability| Colours: Assorted neon| Pack of 6.
UPC: 4007817324028
24 x 417',1 roll of gift wrap.,Made of 80 GSM art paper with 20 PP film.,Recyclable.,Made in China.,A shining example of great quality: the Gold Glitter Gift Wrap. All Items sold separately unless noted.
Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo for RJ-45 RJ-11- PrimeCables® Compatible Devices Network Cable Tester with RJ-45 Crimping Tool Do-it-yourself networking! You can save a lot of money when you crimp your own cables! Make and test a wide variety of network cables with this kit. This kit comes with RJ-45 Crimping Tool and 9V battery-operated network RJ-45 cable Continuity Tester. The tester also tests BNC cables. Get yours today! (battery not included) NOTE: As pictured above, the Cable Crimper and the Cable Tester are packaged in separate retail hanging blister packages. Both are shipped together in a plain white box. 2 in 1 RJ45/ RJ11 Crimping Tool with Ratchet 8/6 Pin What we are going to recommend you today is this 6P/8P Modular Crimping Tool Crimping Pliers (200mm). It can help to cut or peel flat telephone wire or round twisted-pair, such as UTP and STP. Using high-quality low carbon steel for manufacturing and dying the surface into black, this pair of pliers is rust-proof for long-term use. What is more, with PP grip handle, it is quite comfortable to grip. Additionally, the spring device makes it labor-saving and precise in crimping. You might as well take this item into consideration if you want to buy a new one! New and in a good condition Superb low carbon steel material along with refined workmanship Good processing of cutter edge, more durable and sharper to use Anti-skid PP handle makes it comfortable and easy to operate Can be used to cut or peel round twisted-pair and flat telephone wires Spring setting on the pliers makes it much labor-saving With a lock function, this pair of pliers is convenient to use Multi-function network and telephone tool crimps, cuts and strips for easy on-the-job tool application. The steel frame gives long term durability and dependability. Provides easier and faster operation. HM-376E for RJ45 RJ11 modular connector with steel frame. RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 BNC Network Cable Tester Operation Instructions: • Connect one plug of cable to Main Unit, and the other plug to Remote Unit. • Choose "OFF", "ON" or "S" to test the cable. "OFF" means Power of "ON" means normal speed "S" means Slow Speed • To read the test results from the LED indications. Multifunctional Network Cable Tester (1). Functions: 1. Can test correspondingly double-twisted cables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8andG, meanwhile Can judge wrong connection, short circuit and open circuit. 2. NS-4688tests BNC, RJH and RJ45; NS-468 tests RJ 11and RJ45; NS-468N tests RJ45 And BNC, ST-248 tests RJ45 and BNC. (2). Test of double-twisted cables; Switch on the power. (s is slow and remote Tester. The lights of the main tester will turn on. Sequentially from 1 to G. Main tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G Remote tester: 1-4-3-2-5-6-7-8-G Following are abnormal connections: 1. If one cable, for example cable NO. 3is open circuited, the two NO. 3lights of The main tester and remote tester will not turn on. 2. If several cables are not connected, several lights will not turn on respectively. If less than Two cables are connected, none of the lights is on. 3. If two ends of a cable is disordered, for example NO. 2and NO. 4, then displays on: Main tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G Remote tester: 1-4-3-2-5-6-7-8-G 4. If two cables are short-circuited, neither of the corresponding lights is on of the remote Tester while main tester remains unchanged. If three cables, including three, are short Circuited, none of the corresponding liaghts is on. (3). If test patch panels or wall plate outlels, two cables which can match each other(eg110 P4 and RJ45)will be connected to the tester. (4). If test cables of the same axes, BNC turns on when the cable works.
>Height Inches: 6->Width Inches: 40->Length Inches: 48->Color Finish: Blue->Brand: Global Approved Vendor
NUK manual breast pump Jolie The NUK manual breast pump Jolie allows you an effortless, gentle but anyhow quite efficient expressing of breast milk. Jolie is simply to use and also suitable for the cleansing in the dishwasher. Nowadays modern mothers want to be independent, flexible and always mobile. Then the breastfeeding is not always possible. But this does not mean at all that your sweetheart has to dispense on its valuable breast milk. Expressing breast milk offers a useful alternative. Feeding with one NUK First Choice+ feeding bottles gives your little darling a pleasant feeling almost similar to the breastfeeding. Thanks to its innovative technology and a well-sophisticated functionality the pump power of NUK Jolie is especially high. The soft supple silicone-pads adapt ideal to the mother breast and ensure a pleasant gentle feeling on the skin. Special naps stimulate the milk-flow. With the NUK manual breast pump Jolie the expressing of breast milk is very easy. The pump lever is ergonomically shaped and especially smooth-running. Through the pump lever the suction-power can be individually adjusted. The more it will be pressed the higher is the suction-power. The expressed breast milk runs directly into the supplied NUK breast milk container from temperature-resistant polypropylene (PP). The container is suitable for the storage, freezing, heating and feeding of the breast milk – to pour it in another bottle is not necessary. Onto the threaded ring of the milk container can be directly placed a NUK First Choice+ teat. Now it is ready for feeding. For a hygienic cleansing can the breast pump be parted into component parts and also simple be mounted again together. Very useful is it that the component parts of Jolie can also be washed in the dishwasher. The NUK Jolie manual breast pump has been developed in close co-operation with experts from the special field breastfeeding and on base of newest medical cognitions to assure an effortless, gentle and efficient expressing of milk for you. All used materials are in the well-established NUK quality of course, absolutely high class, tested for harmful substances and BPA-free. Manufactured in Germany. Product details: * high-efficient manual breast pump * gentle expressing of breast milk and simple handling * soft and supple silicone pads with special naps which stimulate the milk-flow * ergonomically smooth-running pump lever * included foot, breast milk container with treaded ring and closure plate (for storage, freezing, heating and feeding) * BPA-free * Made in Germany
UPC: 4008600176770
NUK P/N: 10.252.090
AVENT Laktator ręczny Natural z butelką125ml PPOpis:Rewolucyjny design. Pracuje delikatnie, szybko i cicho. Jest tak samowydajny jak laktatory elektryczne.Miękka nasadka, z pięcioma masującymi wypustkamidelikatnie stymuluje pierś podczas odciągania pokarmu. Mleko jestmagazynowane w butelce, z której po nałożeniu smoczkamożecie bezpośrednio nakarmić swoje dziecko. Laktator jest bardzo prosty wużyciu.Laktator ręczny AVENT pomoże Ci łatwo odciągnąć mleko z piersibezpośrednio do butelki AVENT, albo do pojemnikówVIA, w których można mleko zamrozić lub przechowywać wlodówce. Dzięki temu istnieje możliwość, że Wasze dziecko będzienakarmione mlekiem mamy nawet podczas jej nieobecności.Laktator AVENT jest bardzo lubiany przez mamy, ale i również przezpersonel szpitali położniczych na całym świecie. Odciąganie mleka dziękilaktatorowi AVENT Natural jest delikatniejsze, spokojniejsze i efektywniejszeniż do tej pory.Tajemnica sukcesu leży w kombinacji nasadki z wypustkamiz silikonową membraną, co podczas odciągania powoduje podobne odczucia jakpodczas karmienia dziecka bezpośrednio piersią. Kiedy zostanie naciśniętarączka laktatora wypustki poruszają się do góry i w dół, dzięki czemudelikatnie masują brodawkę. Masaż piersi umożliwia bezbolesne i naturalneodciąganie mleka mamy.Silikonowa membrana zapewnia niezbędną do odciąganiasiłę podciśnienia oraz częstotliwość odciągania, którą możesz samaregulować poprzez naciskanie na rączkę laktatora.Dzięki temu, że odciąganie mleka jest delikatne i bezbolesne, laktatorAVENT pomoże Ci pokonać problemy związane z początkowym karmieniem.Opakowanie zawieraLaktator ręcznyPojemnik (butelka) na mleko 125mlBardzo miękki smoczek na butelkę odpowiedni dla noworodków.1 pokrywka uszczelniająca.
UPC: 8710103565765
Specification: Quantity:2Pcs Material: PP Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Black Size: Show as the picture Features: -Using PP material, safety and health, non-toxic odorless, green environmental protection -Can catches items before they drop between seats -Opening of product can be compressed and flexible, fits all kinds of different models -Creates extra storage within easy reach -Easy installs in seconds – just slide into position -Helps prevents dangerous distractions -Easy to clean, just wash with soap and water Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Everything in kind prevail. Thank you! Package Includes: 2 x Storage Bags
One of the best all-around strawberries! Large, firm, high quality berries have an excellent flavor. This berry is often grown by U-Pick farmers because of its long yield season and its abrasion resistance which helps it to hold up better under transporting and during storage. Widely adaptable and a consistent producers. Disease resistant and cold hardy. PP 5897
Welcome to refly- Pyrex glass CE3 atomizer 0.3ml 0.4ml 0.6ml 1.0ml e cigarettes Tank pack with PP Bag DHL Free Shipping
p alignleftspan stylecolor ff0010;/span/pp alignleftspan stylecolor ff0010;/span/pp alignleft/pullispan.
Greenlight P/N: 29840
Capacidad de jarra para zumo 500 ml Potencia 400 W Especificaciones de diseño Color: Negro tinta Material de la carcasa: Plástico ABS Material de la jarra: Plástico PP Material del recipiente de pulpa y del empujador: ABS, SAN Especificaciones generales Patas antideslizantes Cierres de sujeción de seguridad Recogecable integrado Una velocidad optimizada: Para todas las frutas
UPC: 8710103642756
suitable for guitar and violin. Colour: Black
Base material: Polypropylene (PP) Seat material: Polycarbonate (PC) Stackable, waterproof, strong, can be load 150 330 pounds, UV protection
SPECIFICATIONS of the PlatyPreserve by Platypus Collapsible containers offer an easy - light-weight alternative to pack and enjoy wine wherever you go Select materials ensure superior leak protect and provide zero taste transfer to your wine Capacity: 0.8 liters / 800 ml Weight: 0.8 oz / 24 g Width: 6.3 in / 16 cm Height: 10.25 in / 26 cm Film: Nylon/PE Spout material: PE Cap material: PP Made in USA
UPC: 040818070710
Cascade Designs P/N: 07071
Avent SCF200/00 Brand New, The Philips Avent SCF200/00 is a set of adapter rings used with Philips AVENT Classic feeding bottle aspart of the Classic two-piece anti-colic system. This ring is made from BPA free material and is suitable for 0-6 months babies. SCF200/00 Features: Made of BPA Free Material Classic Baby Bottle Unique Anti-Colic System, For 0-6m Babies, Used w/ Philips AVENT Classic Feeding Bottle, Includes 3 PP Adapter Rings
UPC: 075020013941
Avent P/N: SCF200
manufacturer-number: UR2(VE100) - Low current connector Model Single-conductor connector, Colour insulation Red, Material insulation PP, Grease filling against corrosion, Core diameter 0,4 . 0,9mm, Max. number of cores 3, Max. outer diameter 0,8 . 2,1mm, Temperature -40 . 140°C Note:Delivery costs and discounts are displayed clearly in the cart (click on icon cart symbol) depending on the currently selected payment methods, mode of shipment and value of goods as well as country and address. - UR2 (VE100)
UPC: 051115262012
3M P/N: UR2 (VE100)
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