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The acclaimed Tamron 18-270mm Di II PZD ultra zoom for APS-C DSLRs features the innovative PZD (Piezo Drive) an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on an advanced piezoelectric design. The result is a lens thats considerably lighter and noticeably shorter and slimmer than any previous lens in its class and provides faster quieter auto-focusing. Signature features include a 28-419mm equivalent (15x) zoom range and macro focusing to 0.49m (19.3 inches) throughout and of course superlative imaging performance.
UPC: 689466860795
TAMRON P/N: AFB008S-700-72781-Kit
Tamron AF18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD AF Lens for Nikon Compatible Devices The World's Lightest, Smallest 15x Zoom, Tamron's Best seller The Tamron AF18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD AF Lens for Nikon is a 15x high power zoom lens designed exclusively for digital SLR cameras using the more compact (APS-C) digital size image sensors. The focal length of this lens is equivalent to approx. 28-419mm in 35mm format. Designed as an "all-in-one" lens, it will meet almost all photographic opportunities without changing lenses. The addition of PZD (Piezo Drive) ultrasonic autofocus motor helps make this lens lighter, short and slimmer than any previous lens in this category, and provides faster, quieter auto-focusing. The VC (Vibration Compensation) mechanism allows the use of shutter speeds that are much slower than otherwise possible, with no perceptible increase in image blur. It automatically detects movement of the camera and compensates for camera shake when shooting a moving object. This feature is a must in a lens with this longer range of focal length. This lens will focus down to 19.3" (0.49 m) throughout the zoom range. This lens is designed exclusively for DSLR cameras with smaller-size sensors. It is NOT compatible with 35mm film cameras and DSLR cameras with image sensors larger than 24 x 16mm. -Compact, lightweight 15x zoom lens -For use with Nikon digital SLR cameras -For APS-C image sensor cameras -Vibration Compensation (VC) system is incorporated into the lens -A new level of compactness, performance, and speed is achieved with the addition of PZD (Piezo Drive), an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on an advanced piezoelectric design Special Glass Optimized for Digital SLR Three hybrid aspherical lens elements and two LD (Low Dispersion) glass elements are used to accomplish effective compensation of on-axis and lateral chromatic aberrations, a critical factor to enhance the optical quality in digital photography. Di-II Series Design Design has been improved by adding a gold-colored band between the focus and zoom rings to enhance the appearance and make it stand out as a Di II lens. The rubber patterns of the zoom and focus control rings have been improved at the same time to compliment the digital camera design style and to provide better handling.
Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II PZD Lenses, the world's lightest, smallest 15x zoom optimized for use on APS-C- DSLRs, continues the pursuit of the ideal all-in-one™ zoom lens. Combining prior award-winning achievements with new engineering breakthroughs yielded the remarkable 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD (Piezo Drive). Special piezoelectric technology now delivers faster, quieter precision autofocusing. Tamron's exclusive tri-axial VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization, featuring three pairs of driving coils and low-friction ball bearings placed around the VC optical group, combats camera shake-related image blur. It's Tamron VC that allows handheld shooting at as many as four shutter speeds slower than otherwise possible with a dramatically stable viewfinder experience. Compactness and light weight are preserved, thanks in part to the VC mechanism's newly-developed moving coil mechanism. Defining compositional freedom the 18-270mm Di-II VC's incredible 15x zoom range provides a 35mm picture angle equivalency of 28mm to 419mm, with image fidelity assured by advanced optical design featuring LD glass and aspherical optics, working in concert to render crisp, colorful and faithful images. *The S0NY mount does not include the VC image stabilization functionality, as the body of the S0NY digital SLR camera includes image stabilization functionality.
UPC: 4960371005560
MAIN FEATURES World's first and greatest zoom ratio of 15X, covering 28-419mm 35mm-equivalent angle of view Going back to the basic concept of one lens covering everything from wide angle to telephoto, engineers at Tamron took up the difficult task of expanding the zoom range of Tamron's high power zoom lenses even further. Their unstinting efforts to extend the telephoto end beyond previous limits while retaining the wide-angle end at 18mm has borne fruit as an ultra high power zoom lens tha.
UPC: 725211008019
Tamron P/N: AFB008C-700
Spanning an ultra-wide spectrum of focal lengths, the all-in-one zoom lens is a supremely versatile photographic tool. Now, Tamron sets a new standard with a revolutionary new 18.8X zoom lens for APS-C sized digital SLR cameras. This single lens covers 16mm to 300mm and provides macro focusing. It combines our latest advances in optical design - including the deployment of aspherical elements and newly developed glass - with multiple layers of coating to produce clear, sharp images while maintaining compact dimensions. Imagine the creative possibilities embodied in this latest breakthrough from the pioneer in high-power zooms! Zooming from 16mm (35mm equivalent:24.8mm) to 300mm (35mm equivalent: 465mm), at its widest-angle setting this lens can shoot sweeping panoramic landscapes and intimate interiors, and as a telephoto it can capture powerful close-ups of distant subjects. Macro focusing down to 1:2.9 is also provided.
The Tamron 16-300mm VC PZD features an extraordinary 18.8X zoom range with high speed Piezo Drive for whisper quiet autofocusing. Coupled with Tamrons state of the art Vibration Compensation System, the 16-300mm VC PZD is a lens you can rely on for crisp, detailed wide angle to long telephoto shots, even in low light conditions. Moisture resistant construction helps prevent moisture from penetrating the lens. Model B016N. Nikon lens mount. Aperture range of f/3.5 to f/40. Manual and auto focus. Image stabilisation system. Silent wave motor. 67mm filter. Super zoom lens. Diagonal angle of view 82. Includes lens cap, hood. Weight of 540g. Manufacturers 5 year parts and labour guarantee.
UPC: 4960371005836
Tamron P/N: 3212613
SCREWDRIVER SET ESD POZIDRIVE/PLN; Kit Contents:3x75 3x100 5x135mm PZ0 PZ1 PZ2; Product Range:-; SVHC:No SVHC (07-Jul-2017); Kit Contents Descriptive:Slotted 75 x 3 100 x 3 125 x 5 PZD/SDV 0 1 2; Screwdriver Type:Pozi Slotted
CONCATENATE(GETPART(SCREWDRIVER SET ESD POZIDRIVE/PLN; Kit Contents:3x75 3x100 5x135mm PZ0 PZ1 PZ2; Product Range:-; SVHC:No SVHC (07-Jul-2017); Kit Contents Descriptive:Slotted 75 x 3 100 x 3 125 x 5 PZD/SDV 0 1 2; Screwdriver Type:Pozi Slotted ";" 1) " - " T4741ESD)
Results 1 - 9 for pzd 
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