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Va-va-voom! Become a fiery pin-up girl with 50s style when you wear this Pin Up Girl Red Wig. Prove everybody wrong: let it be known that redheads actually have the most fun! Perfect for dressing up as Jessica Rabbit, Ariel, Carmen Sandiego, or Kathy Griffin, this Pin Up Girl Red Wig is as versatile as it is… red. Which is very.Pin-up art started around the turn of the 20th century as wholesome images promoting fitness and cleanliness that were enjoyed by members of both sexes before becoming more associated with suggestive material aimed at men, diverging into “good girl” and “bad girl” art as decades passed. Some feminists argued pin-up art degraded women as little more than eye candy for men, while others championed pin-up art as promoting freedom and fun for women and challenging Victorian social mores that associated the female body with impurity. Wow, so much has changed! With this Pin Up Girl Red Wig, you can go as a babe in the woods or a sultry femme fatale, a good girl, bad girl, or anything in between––as long as she has red hair!
UPC: 019519028702
California Costume Collection P/N: CA70408-ST
A color maintaining shampoo for chemically treated hair Produces a rich foam to gently cleanse & condition without overloading hair Delivers exceptional moisture & luster to hair Repairs hair damage from sun smoke pollution & chemical treatments Shields & seals in color Leaves hair soft smooth & healthy-looking with brilliant color Ideal for Dumb Blondes Racy Redheads & Buxom Brunettes
UPC: 615908423082
Women's 2g/0.07oz . An eyebrow perfecting powder Provides a brilliant luster of color Glides on smoothly & naturally Perfect for warm blondes & redheads Rigorously tested to ensure ultimate quality & color accuracy
UPC: 152469000012
Billion Dollar Brows
Competely handmade, this clock is great on desks, window sills, shelves, and counter tops. Great for the office next to your computer. Collection - Redheads.
Still Life with Woodpecker is a sort of a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes. It reveals the purpose of the moon, explains the difference between criminals and outlaws, examines the conflict between social activism and romantic individualism, and paints a portrait of contemporary society that includes powerful Arabs, exiled royalty, and pregnant cheerleaders. It also deals with the problem of redheads.
ISBN: 0-553-34897-3
UPC: 617742004427
Results 1 - 6 for redheads 
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