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Imported giant Oriental flowers!Live for centuries!More Beautiful each year!Big double blooms up to 7'' wide!As many as 200 blooms per plant!We honestly believe these are the most beautiful plants ever to bloom in the garden. Fully double goblet-shaped flowers measure up to 7 inches wide! Petals have the rich gleam of Oriental silk and a transparency unknown among lesser peonies! The White Tree Peony foliage is a lush deep green. They bloom with royal lavishness, producing up to 200 huge, fragrant flowers per plant. Start to bud even before snow leaves the ground! While the frost is still on the ground these glorious White Tree Peonies begin active growth. In April you'll see their buds shoot out.Folks will drive miles just for a glimpse of your garden. Live for generations, add beauty year round!Unlike ordinary peony varieties, these woody bushes do not die back to the ground in winter - instead grow larger and more beautiful each year! The bush seldom grows higher than 4 feet; but spreads gracefully each succeeding year until it reaches as much as 5 feet across. Like the Giant Redwoods, they live for generations - for a century or even more! So amazingly hardy, living blooming plants of 200 and 300 years old are reported from China and Japan!Pure white flowers up to 7'' across light up every garden. Brilliant golden centers and strong stems make this one of the best.
Beloved for their attractive, lacy foliage and rapid growth, the Dawn Redwood Tree is a magnificent piece of history that is easy to grow and care for. Preferring moist, healthy soil, Dawn Redwoods can reach heights of 50-60 feet in ideal conditions over 30 years! This complete growing kit makes a refreshing, commemorative gift for any occasion. Included in this Gift Dawn Redwood Seeds - with proper care, seedlings emerge within 15-30 days. Coir Seedling Pot and Soil. Terra Cotta Saucer. Detailed Growing Instructions. Aluminum Hang Tag with Free Personalization. Presentation Gift arrives presentation-ready in a gift box. A complimentary card with your personal greeting or message is included with your gift. GiftTree Personalization Free Personalized Hang Tag! Complete the personalization option and we'll add a personalized hang tag to your gift. Enter up to 10 characters in the personalization option during checkout. Gift Dimensions Measures 8" x 3''.
The most exciting of the Redwoods is the Dawn Redwood, a native of Manchuria China. They were thought to be extinct, but re-discovered in the 1940's. The Dawn Redwood is a true Redwood and like our Redwoods, they are a living fossil, an isolated "relic" species from a long time ago when there were vast forests of them. Seeds were introduced in the U.S. in 1948, and they have become increasingly popular as an ornamental tree. The foliage is more lacey than our native Redwood and unlike our native Redwood, they are deciduous. In the fall the light green sprays turn yellow, then bronze, and fall off. Only the Larches do that. Keep outdoors
The California Wine Country is less than an hour drive away from San Francisco and it's one of the area's most beautiful and popular attractions. This Muir Woods & Wine Country Tour is a great way to see both of these classic Bay area sites. You'll enjoy the morning exploring the spectacular Redwood Sequoia trees at Muir Woods, then relax in the afternoon while your guide introduces you to the California wine country. Your tour includes 3 wine tastings and 2 visits to wineries in Napa and Sonoma Valley. You'll also stop at the famous Sonoma Plaza, spending 45 minutes or more at each stop. All of the wine tastings are included in the tour. Your day will end with an optional stop at the Golden Gate bridge for a scenic photo op. Get away from it all and spend some time exploring giant Redwoods and sipping fine wines - the main ingredients to a classic Northern California day! Upgrade option Take your wine country experience to the next level by indulging in an exclusive 3-course gourmet food and wine experience. This upgrade option includes a combination of delicious food paired with a collection of local wines in the renowned Sonoma Plaza. A one of a kind experience!*See FAQ's for lunch and wine pairing menu
The magnificent beauty of Northern California is everywhere from its dramatic coastline and serene giant redwoods to its stunning peaks in the high Si
Discover California's treasures as you put together this 1000 piece puzzle. Everything from the Hollywood sign to the towering redwoods is included in this California shaped puzzle. Enjoy vibrantly colored endearing scenes from the Golden State in this challenging jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle dimensions are 27 x 35.
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Hidden away in foggy, uncharted rain forest valleys in Northern California are the largest and tallest organisms the world has ever sustained-the coast redwood trees, " "Sequoia sempervirens. Ninety-six percent of the ancient redwood forests have been destroyed by logging, but the untouched fragments that remain are among the great wonders of nature. The biggest redwoods have trunks up to thirty feet wide and can rise more than thirty-five stories above the ground, forming cathedral-like structures in the air. Until recently, redwoods were through to be virtually impossible to ascend, and the canopy at the tops of these majestic trees was undiscovered. In "The Wild Trees," Richard Preston unfolds the spellbinding story of Steve Sillett, Marie Antoine, and the tiny group of daring botanists and amateur naturalists that found a lost world above California, a world that is dangerous, hauntingly beautiful, and unexplored. The canopy voyagers are young-just college students when they start their quest-and they share a passion for these trees, persevering in spite of sometimes crushing personnel obstacles and failings. They take big risks, they ignore common wisdom (such as the notion that there's nothing left to discover in North America), and they even make love in hammocks stretched between branches three hundred feet in the air. The deep redwood canopy is a vertical Eden filled with mosses, lichens, spotted salamanders, hanging gardens of ferns, and thickets of huckleberry bushes, all growing out of massive trunk systems that have fused and formed flying buttresses, sometimes carved into blackened chambers, hollowed out by fire, called "fire caves." Thick layers of soil sitting on limbs harbor animal and plant life that is unknown to science. Humans move thorough the deep canopy suspended on ropes, far out of sight of the ground, knowing that the price of a small mistake can be a plunge to one's death. Preston's account of this amazing world, by turns terrifying, moving, and fascinating, is an adventure story told in novelistic detail by a master of nonfiction narrative. The author shares his protagonists' passion for tall trees, and he mastered the techniques of tall-tree climbing to tell the story in "The Wild Trees"-the story of the fate of the world's most splendid forests and of the imperiled biosphere itself. "From the Hardcover edition."
ISBN: 0-8129-7559-6
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By Rossano Galante. G. Schirmer Band/Orchestra. Grade 4. Published by G. Schirmer
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