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Cheyenne Filtered Classic Light 100s Cigars 10x20 PackCheyenne Filtered Classic Light 100s have a creamy smooth taste and an invigorating aroma and are admired by all cigar lovers across the world. These cigars are made of a homogenized wrapper and a short filler of high-quality tobacco made in America. These superior ingredients orchestrate a sublime smoking experience and are sure to elevate your spirits after a long work day. The cigars can make a perfect gift to your husband on his birthday or.
Cheyenne P/N: CHLT
Limited Quantities - Signed Bookplate Signed by author Lois S. Dubin Deluxe Edition comes with a Slipcase Be dazzled! This magnificent opus relates the remarkable story of Navajo jewelry—from antiquity to the present—through the sublime work of the Yazzie family. Exceptional jewelry makers for nearly eight decades, their extraordinary art is showcased in breathtaking photographs accompanied by lively and illuminating narratives in Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry and the Yazzie Family.
Smithsonian P/N: 10682
Nothing can be more thrilling than cruising along picturesque roads in a sleek and sublime crimson Ferrari California! Enjoy sightseeing in Barcelona in one of the fastest and hottest cars in existence- the blue-blooded Ferrari! Hear the sound of the engine purring and the luxurious feel of the leather against your skin as you drive to the picturesque Montjuc Mountain and enjoy fabulous panoramic views of the port of Barcelona. Drive a Ferrari on the old F1 Circuit and feel like a million bucks! Enjoy driving through the beautiful La Barceloneta beaches on this truly stylish tour of Barcelona. With a little guidance from your guide, who will be accompanying you during the drive, enjoy a racing experience at the F1 Catalunya Circuit used in the Spanish Grand Prix in 1969, 71,73 and 75. Live out the ultimate dream of going on a joy ride in a Ferrari on the F1!
Handmade Artisan Sterling Silver 925 Earrings with unique one of a kind 4.20 grams of marvelous handcrafted jewelry design. Only one piece available ready to ship! It's unique worldwide earrings - simply piece of art in world of fine jewelry. Sublime Two Tones Sterling Silver earrings EARRINGS DETAILS: Weight: 4.20g; Material: Sterling Silver; Dimension: L- 1 1/2, W -5/8, T -3/16 inch; Backing: Hook; Stamp / Mark: 925; Condition: New; Main color: blue; Shape: drop; Collection: Bali; Item Code: 23-lis-15-22
SilverRushStyle P/N: 23-lis-15-22
Created in 1992 For bright glowing and intensely feminine Designed by Jean Kerleo Contains the floral accents of rose jasmine lily orange blossom sandalwood vetiver oakmoss vanilla mandarin and ylang-ylang
UPC: 5050456020522
Jean Patou
Swissbel Vitamin B12 Cream+ Moisturizing Cream is a light, advanced moisturizing Vitamin B12 cream PLUS+ visibly hydrates, tightens, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenates, smooths new and old scars, reduces redness, uplifts and firms the face and neck to rebuild skin's youthful and healthy appearance. The upgraded unique formula helps empower skin, repair skin's moisture barrier. Skin looks and feels happier, healthier. Oil-free.100% Fragrance-free. Paraben-free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologically tested. Clinically proven.A unique process created by Swissbel Laboratory Dermatology, with the enriched ingredient Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) delivers a new customized action on the skin needs. It contains valuable vitamins and other substances specially selected for anti-ageing properties. Its effect is visible from the first application. Intensely regenerated and deeply revitalized, skin glows with captivating radiance. Sublime beauty and youth.This enriched formula combines with natural Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, that goes to the skin's hydration needs and soothes skin from sensitive and pressure. With ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Salicylic Acid (BHA), Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, delivers a new customized action on the 'life factors' responsible for the key signs of aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness, radiance and moisture, and unevenness of skin tone), based on individual skin needs. Intensely regenerated and deeply revitalized, skin glows with captivating radiance. Sublime beauty and serenity radiate from within. Ideal for daytime use.
Sublime Perfume by Jean Patou 1.6 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. Launched by the design house of Jean Patou in 1993, SUBLIME is classified as a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of flowers, musk and vanilla combined to create an elegant, sophisticated scent. It is recommended for evening wear.
Jean Patou
The whisky glass from Les Impitoyables collection is designed to enhance all whiskies and eaux-de-vie such as Cognac and Armagnac. With a distinctive wide bowl this technical glass will reveal the subtleties in the whisky bringing out the aromas for an utterly indulgent tasting. The metal base is designed to chill the spirit for at least 30 minutes without upsetting it or creating a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of the scents and without the use of ice. For better results leave the metal base in the freezer for a few hours. The latest addition to Les Impitoyables tasting glass collection is a fine concept invented by Peugeot that offers one varietal specific glass one chilling base and one leatherette coaster . A modern take on a classic nosing glass used by whisky producers to fully savor the aroma of a whisky this new special glass will reveal the most sublime notes from a wide range of liqueurs including Whisky Cognac Armagnac and Rum The clever metal cooling base is designed to chill the spirit for at least 30 minutes and prevent temperature shocks from ice or cold water; for best results leave the metal base in the freezer for a few hours before using The smaller tapered opening allows for an increased concentration of the scents of the whisky No need for water to open up the whisky; the stylish curves help release the subtle aromas while the central dome divides the liquor and prevents an overpowering elevation of alcohol vapors to the nose The refined coaster emphasizes the design and makes tasting a moment of perfection •Engraved this glass makes the perfect gift for weddings and special occasions Use: the pour of whisky should be lower than the central dome Includes: 1 Whisky glass 1 Metal cooling base 1 Leatherette coaster Dimensions: 4' H X 3- 3/4' Dia Capacity: 13 fl oz
UPC: 4006950266097
Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Cream is a rich and nourishing cream that works to plump and firm the skin, restoring a healthier, younger-looking appearance.
UPC: 8004698171594
Comfort Zone P/N: 10785
Women's 1.7 oz EDP Spray. Floral-Oriental Spicy. Created by Jean Patou in 1992 Sublime for women is an elegant oriental floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of citrus rose jasmine and is accented with ylang-ylang amber and sandalwood making Sublime perfect for evening use.
UPC: 3346400000484
Jean Patou
The Sony T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA features renowned Carl Zeiss contrast and resolution brings out the best in Alpha full frame E-mount bodies. The T* coating works with an innovative optical design to suppress internal reflections for sublime contrast from highlights to deep blacks. In keeping with the Sonnar concept a large f/1.8 maximum aperture can produce beautiful full-frame background bokeh but you also have the option of stopping down for extended depth-of-field. A bright lens like this is also an advantage when shooting indoors or outdoors in low light. Linear motor driven internal focusing is smooth and quiet and a dust and moisture resistant design ensures consistently reliable performance.
UPC: 027242868175
There is more to Napa than just wine tasting! Welcome to the first culinary tour in Wine Country, for those who know that California cuisine is just as sought after as its wine. This tour will delight your taste buds as you explore revitalized downtown Napa with fellow foodies. You'll learn the fascinating history of this beautiful riverfront town, one where celebrity chefs intermingle with organic farmers and boutique winemakers. Your tour will begin at the new Oxbow Market, where a seasonal bounty of California specialty foods and produce awaits you. Your tour will cross the Napa River and visit 19th century historic buildings that weathered Prohibition to showcase the latest trends in California food and wine. You'll leave your tour with a carefully curated list of Wine Country restaurant recommendations and recipes for your next meal. Taste a wide variety of gourmet foods which may include (subject to change):A sublime, seasonal selection of the best Californian artisan cheeses Breakfast tacos from an innovative and sustainable tacqueria Artisan salumi from the "first couple of charcuterie" and organic bread Sought after tastes from a historic multi-winery tasting room Award-winning California extra-virgin olive oil Mediterranean appetizers and a local craft beer Wine infused chocolates, brittle and ice cream from local brother/sister chocolatiers
The provocative frosted bottle swirl vase matched with an imposing sahara stem and complementary velvet and silver hoses make the Twisted Sublime a commanding companion for any affair.
This perfume was designed by Jean Kerleo and made a harmony of notes resourceful with sweet freshness brought in by bergamot, tangerine, and coriander along with green accords. The heart notes are attached by floral caresses of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang along with neroli oil. The base notes sensually bring vanilla, sandal, cedar and civet.
UPC: 5050456020508
Jean Patou
UPC: 9990000856954
These two bridal rings are exquisite. Both bands feature intricate engraved detailing and sparkling diamonds that catch the light superbly. Made with 14K white gold the engagement ring features three dazzling central stones that catch the light perfectly. With a trellis setting and sublime detailing these rings are a brilliant selection.
Guitar reverb type pedal emulating a true reverb chamber. Keeley have incorporated the RS106 filter which had points at 600Hz high pass filter and a 10K low pass filter. In the studio, music (or your guitar) was filtered through at these points before being sent to the speaker in the echo chamber. This made for a tighter, more defined sound to be present in the chamber. You can easily set the Decay to determine the length of the reverb. The Pre-Delay is used to match the classic sounds of vintage recordings, going from extremely fast doubling in the reverb to a slapback type of sound. The Brilliance Control allows you to have the same types of tools to filter and fine tune the reverb, which allows for soft reverbs, deep and sublime reflections, bright and reflective ambience–whatever you chose. You are now the studio engineer to your own sound!
95 days. “Tastes like heavenly orange sherbert!” “Succulent, melt in your mouth flesh.” “Sublime flavor.” “Sweetest melon ever!” - Bidwell Casaba melon continues to win rave reviews by all who grow it. The huge, football shaped melon reaches 14-16 lbs! Develops in late season during hot weather with flesh that is creamy, sugary and very aromatic. Bidwell Casaba was developed through trials and selection in Chico, CA by the late General John Bidwell during the late 1800
FEATURES of the Black Crows Anima Freebird Ski Fat - double rocker and classic camber - your partner in crime for non lift-access pow hunting Bigger dimensions and low weight - black crow rules the bc roost 15mm Width for sublime float in powder Double rocker - easy to handle and control Short classic camber - classic camber underfoot with a short ski contact - better manoeuvrability Longitudinal flex - easy ski distortion in powder
UPC: 3662481020686
Black Crows P/N: 100671-182
A Sonnet, once romanticized by Shakespeare, may be defined as a 14-line verse poem but this Sonnet by Parker is nothing in comparison to a poem. But like these poems this writing instrument is timeless. The Sonnet is a modern pen that is one of Parker's most successful collections ever. It combines timeless beauty with a contemporary design that makes it perfect for the workplace. The Sonnet writes beautifully, feels comfortable, and looks sublime. Sonnet, the definitive Parker style.
UPC: 3501179315409
Parker Pens P/N: 1931540
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