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Fully loaded pickguard. This fully loaded pickguard was specd out by Yngwie himself to ensure that with this setup your Strat will deliver The Fury. This prewired setup includes a calibrated set of the YJM Fury signature pickups, and the high-speed no-lube YJM volume potentiometer that meets Yngwies demands for speed and responsiveness. The bridge model is designed to handle Yngwies chordal onslaught, and it delivers a precise, articulate response that has just the right amount of high end without sounding harsh or brittle. The bridge model is wound hotter to provide better balance with the neck & middle pickups.The neckmiddle model is designed to bring out the balance of Yngwies fluid left-hand technique with his broad mix of right-hand pick attack for a tone that is sweet and smooth. There is just the right amount of high end to make this pickup extremely articulate, and especially responsive to dynamics. - Number of Conductors: 4 - DC resistance: 25,7 kOhm - Colour: White.
Seymour Duncan
UPC: 670211513523
This is a brand new high quality guitar. Nature wood. Good materials. It looks nice and sounds great. It comes from technical guitar factory. EMS shipping.Fast, Safe and can be tracked. Top service.The more, the cheaper. Wholesale & Retail. We supply all kinds of guitars. We also accept custom made guitar.Please contact us about the details.
Guitar Lab 50 Shred Licks You Must Know DVD - TF12101 Product Features You'll learn 50 of Beasley's favorite shred licks from many of his favorite guitarists, including Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. These licks have been chosen because of their versatility and application in a multitude of different contexts as motifs for original improvisations. Beasley covers Minor and Major, Major 7th, minor 7th, Pentatonic major and minor, scale and arpeggio motifs, right and left-hand techniques, double-stops, melodic development and a useful variety of picking techniques. Guitar Lab's innovative learning systems employ a hands-on approach where students “play” their way thorough the curriculum using learning tools such as PIP video, practice rhythm tracks, and interactive tab and notation, which allows the student to play along with the tab and notation, at any tempo, without change in pitch. Guitar Lab DVD Special Features* Text Lesson Guide* Standard Notation* Guitar Tab* Power Tab Files* Power Tab Software* Practice Rhythm Tracks* Bonus Material Secure PIN enclosed for quick and easy download of learning tools. Running Time: 176 Minutes System Requirements The Guitar Lab DVD Series will play on any NTSC DVD player (computer NOT required).
Tab transcriptions for 22 tunes from the original shred master who brought the neo-classical style into the forefront of the metal movement. Songs include: Bedroom Eyes * Black Star * Deja Vu * Dreaming (Tell Me) * Eclipse * Far Beyond the Sun * Heaven Tonight * I'll See the Light Tonight * Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4 * Liar * Marching Out * Rising Force * You Don't Remember I'll Never Forget * more.
ISBN: 0-634-04987-9
By Yngwie Malmsteen. Guitar Recorded Version. Guitar tablature. 272 pages. Published by Hal Leonard
UPC: 073999905779
Hal Leonard P/N: 690577
Results 1 - 6 for yngwie 
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